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“Kitty Rabbit, did you undergo plastic surgery!” “Is that a fairy” “Oh my god, Im stunned!” “There is such a beautiful person in the world…” “Dont say anything.

Fap first!” “Type with your both hands to show innocence!” “Are you typing with your feet” “No, my tongue!” “You men are really filthy! Sister fairy, I want to be one with you.” “Oh, girl.” “Beautiful, you are mine!” “This is a true beauty!” “Thats right! Look at those internet celebrities after undergoing plastic surgery, they look as if they were mass-produced! How could they ever compare to a natural beauty” “Comparing those roadside goods to Princess is an insult to her!” “Yes, yes!”

Upon seeing Yaegers appearance, the comment bullets seemed to shoot off like they were in the middle of a warzone.

Countless comments flew across the screen.

Kitty Rabbit looked at her channels rising popularity and those exaggerated comments, and her heart burst with joy.

She was not a jealous woman, she also appreciated the beauty of Princess.

As the saying goes, its better to admire something with others than alone.

Revealing the beauty of Princess to the audience would not only allow more people to see what true beauty is, but also boost her channel.

This was killing two birds with one stone!

“Ah! That smile is so dazzling.

My heart cant take it anymore… ” “Dammit, whats this throbbing feeling in my heart!” “I am sick with a disease called love!”

Those watching the live stream, witnessing Yaegers alluring smile, felt their heartbeat quicken immediately.

Someone decisively closed the bullet-filled chat screen, quickly took a screenshot, and then posted it on Weibo.

《This is the most beautiful woman in the world.

If you dont agree you can come fight me.

No, if you dont agree then just shut up for this daddy and accept it!》

“The worlds number one beauty” was undoubtedly a very eye-catching topic and it immediately attracted a bunch of members of the beautiful-persons club and a large number of bystanders.

These people originally planned to look at who was so shameless to name someone the worlds number one beautiful woman! However, after seeing Princess alluring smile, everyone was infatuated.

She was not the worlds number one but the universes number one!

The screenshot of Princess appearance was repetitively, furiously forwarded to new recipients.

Not long after, it flooded the whole internet.

Not only domestic, but it also caused a sensation abroad.

USA, New York, the top floor of the Empire State Building.

Leon just got ready to enter the game but he suddenly saw a trending search pop up on the newly changed monitor.

When he opened it, his eyes almost popped out: “Oh my god!”

As the owner of the Empire State Building, Leon who was worth trillions naturally saw countless girls but he had never seen such extraordinary beauty.


He fell in love at first sight.

However, when he looked at the second time, his eyebrow jumped: “Princess!”

Thats right, Leon saw the blood-red word on Yaegers head when he looked at the picture for a second time.

He had never imagined that the stupid Chinese closed beta player was so beautiful!

Should I forgive her or not

Leon was deeply conflicted.

Japan, Okinawa, in a villa.

Honda Yu looked helplessly at the terminal.

She originally planned to enter the game a little later so that it would not be too conspicuous.

However, after Yaeger sold equipment in the game in such a high-profile manner and provoked players all around the world, the officials announced their information.

Now, there was no way to keep a low profile.

And attempting to use her sexual appeal to advance was even more impossible.

The moment she entered the game, every single Japanese player would be staring at her.

“That damned Princess, I will make her pay sooner or later!” Honda Yu yelled out as she panted with rage and then her eyes fell on the terminal.

Just as she was about to enter the game, a message popped up on the phone.

When she opened it to take a look, it was a screenshot of Princess smiling.

“Its decided.

You will be my elder sister in the future.”

Honda Yus eyes soon turned into heart shapes.

Southwest Asia, Siberia.

Gulliver returned to the Newbie Village happily.

After grinding, he finally got enough experience to upgrade all basic skills to level 5.

As a closed beta player, Gulliver had also received many benefits.

His blue and green outfits were shiny so he naturally attracted a lot of gazes while walking on the streets like a firefly in the dark night.

As a matter of fact, there were hundreds of eyes staring at him.

Feeling the sight around him, Gulliver felt his blood run cold and then his anus tightened.

He found that these eyes were full of greed that could not be concealed.

Do they want to invade my body!

“Guys, what is our faith” “Marxism-Leninism!” “Now someone wants to devour all of the benefits alone, what should we do” “Divide it up!” “Very Good, Soviet warriors.

Lets go!” “Long live!” “Long live!” “Long live!”

At this time, Gulliver finally felt that something was wrong.

He had previously been addicted to grinding and couldnt free himself from it.

He didnt even pay attention to the system notifications so he didnt know about the recent incident.

Seeing the players closing in on him with excitement, Gulliver turned around and ran.

“Dont let him run away!” “Thats the wealth of the common people!” “Long Live!”

A fierce, bitter, desperate chase started.

As he went through the forum information, Gulliver finally knew why he was targeted.

His rage immediately skyrocketed and he vowed to tear Princess into pieces.

However, after seeing the picture of Princess, Gulliver resolutely decided to forgive her and immediately became one of Yaegers admirers.2

With the rapid spread of information on the internet, Yaeger became unexpectedly popular and soon got a title: [The Worlds Finest Princess].


In the game.

Rakshasa suddenly became excited: Princess, now the whole forum is discussing you!

“Let me see.” Yaeger was very curious, thinking that it was the follow-up impact of the incident.

After she saw all kinds of bootlicking posts in the forum, her mood became worse.

I am a man!


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