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While Yaeger was not in the game, Nangong Lin suddenly remembered that she had not contacted Sachiel Luo and felt guilty.

She quickly opened the communication interface and searched thelooking for a friend function.

Both she and Sachiel Luo logged into the game with their original appearance and original name so the search results would pop up immediately after searching.

It took less than three seconds to add her as a friend.

The verification process was quite convenient.

Sachiel Luo: Little Aunt, are you in-game Which village are you in Nangong Lin: Well, Im in Newbie Village 101.

What about you Sachiel Luo: Im in Newbie Village 92!

Nangong Lin did not reply to the message but searched again on the communication interface.

Soon several people passed the verification.

Nangong Lin sent a message to each of them: In which village are you in

These people responded to messages almost instantaneously.

When Nangong Lin found that someone was in Newbie Village 92, her eyes lit up: Take care of Little Luo for me, dont let any man approach her!

After sending this message, she replied to Sachiel Luo: If so, then we can only play together on the main server.

One of the reasons why Nangong Lin played this game was to prevent those bugs from approaching Sachiel Luo.

Another reason was that she was so preoccupied some times and had no time to accompany Sachiel Luo.

Now, playing the game with her could be regarded as compensation.

Sachiel Luo sent over a message: Hmm! Lets quickly raise our levels! Oh, by the way, little aunt, have you seen… Never mind, forget I said anything! Nangong Lin: Alright.

After sending this message, Nangong Lins eyes narrowed slowly.

How could she not guess what Sachiel Luo wanted to ask

She just wanted to ask if she had seen Yaeger!

“I will never let you two meet each other!” Nangong Lin suddenly felt uncomfortable when she said this quietly.

Suddenly, she felt that there were many eyes gazing at her.

When she raised her head to look around, she found that many players were gazing at her.

No, they werent just staring at her.

Their gaze shifted from side to side.

They were actually looking at her and then switching their gaze over to Rakshasa for a while!

Right at the moment, during Kitty Rabbits live broadcasting channel.

“These two girls are so beautiful!” “How come only now did I discover these two flowers!” “Oh my god, their beauty is out of this world!” “Must do the ritual first!”1 “Licky licky licky!” “You men are really disgusting! Elder Sister Nangong, Elder Sister Rakshasa, I want to kiss you!” “……” “Such a familiar-looking style, what a familiar-looking taste! It seems our tastes match perfectly girl!” “As good as yuri can be, yuri cant make children!”2 “Why the hell are you on about yuri, this is a female bootlicker! You dirty b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!”

“By the way, when Princess was here just now, I really didnt notice these two flowers!” “There is nothing that can be done about that.

Princess is just too dazzling, like the sun in the sky.

Any woman standing with her will just be ornaments, like stars to a moon.” “Right, her presence is so strong that these two beauties become the background ornaments.” “Its decided.

From now on, I will be a diehard fan of Sister Rakshasa!” “Sister Nangong, I love you!” “Mixed-race is the best!”3 “Princess is the best in the world!” “I only love Princess!” “Long live Princess!” “By the way, what the hell is the green mosaic after Princess flashed past” “I love you, I love you, I love you, your highness!” “Sister Nangong, kiss me!” “Typing with both hands…”

Countless bullet comments flew past.

Not to mention that these live audiences ignored Rakshasa and Nangong Lin, even the anchor Kitty Rabbit only just noticed these two big beauties.

“Sigh, both of them really got upstaged by Princess.” She pursed her lips and couldnt help sighing.

Playing the game with Princess was simply a nightmare for all beautiful female players.

A star could not outshine the moon.

What a pity!

As the saying went, there was no harm if there was no comparison.

After seeing Princess, almost all players had an enlightened understanding of beautiful women and now ordinary women could hardly impress them.

Of course, Rakshasa and Nangong Lin were exceptions.

If an ordinary beauty was figuratively nine streets away from Princess, then Nangong Lin and Rakshasa might only be one street away.

There was no doubt that both of them were top beauties!

Moreover, each of them had their own characteristics and charm.

Rakshasa was not as thick-skinned as Yaeger.

She felt like she was being pierced under the gaze of so many people.

In short, she was really uncomfortable.

Nangong Lin hated the males gaze very much.

Her pretty face was so cold that it could freeze hell over.

When her gaze swept across everyone, it became even icier.

Many people couldnt help avoiding her sight but some people stepped up to the challenge and did not back down at all.

Their bodies were trembling with excitement.

It could be seen that these people enjoyed being abused…

Not all the players at the scene were looking at Nangong Lin and Rakshasa.

These players gaze had never left the equipment placed on the ground from the beginning.

Especially after they came to know that someone had been selling green equipment for 50,000 RMB per piece on the forum.

If they could lay their hands on this equipment, they would make a fortune!

There were more than a dozen players with eyes full of greed and whose hearts started to get restless.

If Princess was still here, even if they had evil intentions, they would not have the guts to do it.

However, now there were only Rakshasa and Nangong Lin here, the situation was very different.

For Nangong Lin, they didnt pay much attention to it.

She was just a beautiful level one weakling.

However, they were afraid of Rakshasa.

After all, she was one of the worlds 10 closed beta players.

Even if her strength was not as great as Princess, she couldnt be a pushover.

If they couldnt unite and suppress her with numbers, it would be a fools dream trying to get that equipment.

Now the question was, how many people want that equipment How to incite them into fighting

Just as these dozen or so players were thinking up schemes, another group of new players appeared in the Resurrection Square numbering around 1,000!

“This degree of realism is truly breathtaking.

No wonder the industry says this game is the next hot thing for esports players.” One of the players with [Sky] on his head pushed the non-existent glasses frame and exclaimed.


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