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“Miss, all available intel about Yaeger has been repeatedly combed through by our intelligence department, and no suspicious points have been found.”

At dawn, Snowy handed a report to Nangong Lin who looked puzzled after browsing it.

Its not surprising that there were omissions on the first run through, but after repeated screening and investigation, the chances of missing something were almost negligible.

Yaeger was indeed just an ordinary person!

He had an ordinary background and grew up in an ordinary environment.

There was nothing special except his handsome appearance.

“Miss, Yaeger definitely has no special backing, otherwise the incident that occured last night wouldnt have happened.”

Snowy asserted her opinion.

Nangong Lin lightly bit her lip: “The question is how does he know a lot of things about me.

Is it possible for ordinary people to know such things”

“I have no idea about this either.” Snowy shook her head.

“But apart from that, this Yaeger is nothing special.

If he was from some special force, there will inevitably be something that gives him away.

The problem is that there is nothing.”

“Until I figure out why and how he knows my private information, raise his threat level higher for the time being.”

In fact, Nangong Lin had basically determined that Yaeger had no background when he was surrounded by Wenzel and other gangsters.

If Yaeger really had any background, he wouldnt have called out to her for help!

The only suspicious point was that he knew many of Nangong Lins secrets.

How did the other party obtain this much information Snowy and Nangong Lin couldnt figure it out no matter how hard they racked their brains.

“Understood.” Snowy conveyed Nangong Lins order on the phone and then looked at her, “Miss, that game is about to start a public beta.

Why dont you take a break first”

Nangong Rin looked at the time, it was 7:00, just one hour away before the Saint Demon Worlds open beta.

It was because of this game that Sachiel Luo met Yaeger.

“Even in the game, I wont let you touch Sachiel!” Nangong Lin looked at the terminal on the table and said firmly.

Inside a cheap hostel.

“Ah!” Yaeger woke up again, dreaming that he was surrounded by a group of fat and ugly looking rich women.

1 These rich ladies were all carrying their Three Essentials Set – the Ball of Joy, the Rod of Delight, and the Flames of Ecstasy.


They were holding these horrible weapons with a smile on their face.

It was so horrible.

Just when these rich women caught Yaeger and were about to try these toys on him, Yaeger woke up.

“Wenzel, Sister Red, you just wait and see.

After I get strong enough, then it would be the time for you two to go to hell!”

Yaeger hit the bed with a fist.

His facial expression was full of resentment.

After calming down, he looked at the time.

It was 7:35, just 25 minutes before the open beta commenced.

After freshening himself up, Yaeger ate some dry jerkies and the hands of the mechanical clock fell at 8:00.

“Its time.”

He lay in the bed and said to himself, Enter the game.

The terminal immediately emitted a faint white light that wrapped around him.

Opposite the apartment, Nangong Lin also entered the game at this time.

In Roc city, Rakshasa happily laid on the bed, letting white light engulf her.

Inside the Luo family manor, Yaeger still hadnt messaged Sachiel Luo.

After shouting that all the boys are lowlife pigs, she also entered the game.

At this moment, regardless of country or region, all players entered the white space, even Yaeger and Sachiel Luo were no exceptions.

Immediately after, everyone saw a set of immersive stereoscopic images.

This was the opening animation of the game.

First introduction was that it was a magical world.

There were thousands of races who could use magic and bla bla bla…

Then the battle of the saints and demons followed.

The magnificent battle scenes made many people excited.

Nangong Lin, who had no interest in the game, couldnt help falling into a trance when she saw the beautiful elves charging into the battle!

When Yaeger witnessed the countless demons surging out of the space crack, his heart throbbed with pain and his eyes were full of murderous intentions that could not be concealed any longer.

The hatred and blood from his past must be repaid!


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