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Upon seeing Yaegers return, Rakshasas expression immediately became happy: Princess, you have returned!

“Well, Im back.

Nothing bad happened, right” Seeing more and more players flooding the area and staring at them, Yaegers eyes flashed with solemness.

If so many people rushed in to loot and rob them, it would become somewhat troublesome.

Nothing bad happened!

Rakshasa looked at Yaeger and quickly replied with this message with an expectant expression on her face.

Her expression seemed to be saying, I have worked hard to take care of equipment, why arent you praising me

If she had a tail behind her, it must be wagging happily now.

Yaeger was slightly amused,Are you a child

She then stretched out a beautiful jade-like hand, patted it on Rakshasas head, and gently stroked it.

The latter squinted her eyes with enjoyment, looking happy.

Watching this scene, Nangong Lin was envious and jealous:I want to enjoy such treatment too!

Kitty Rabbits eyes gleamed and a word popped up in her heart:Yuri!

The live broadcast channel was completely lit up with excitement.

“I seem to smell the sour smell of love!” “The lilies are blooming!” “Yuri season is here!” “Her Highness Princess is so gentle!” “Seeing this pair, I feel like Im going to melt from the sweetness!” “Eldest sister Princess and sister Rakshasa are both awesome!” “Two such beautiful girls are actually lesbian.

What a gigantic waste of resources.

So hateful~” “Go away.

I would rather see Your Highness Princess and Sister Rakshasa being single for a lifetime than to be spoiled by you vile men!” “Exactly!” “So angry!” “By the way, I never expected that Rakshasa who looked so icy-cold would be behaving so gentle and warm in front of the Princess!” “Yes, yes, just like a cat!” “Why do I feel that Sister Nangong seems to be left out in the cold…” “Wait, whats with that look of envy and jealousy” “Could it be…” “Yes, thats it! Im sure that this is a love triangle!” “It was my first…” “To hell with the White Album series!!”

Yaeger didnt know that currently, netizens have begun viewing the relationship between her and Rakshasa as yuri.

After rewarding Rakshasa with a head pat, Yaeger glanced at all the players in the vicinity in front of her.

It seemed that no one wanted to buy any equipment for the time being.

Hehe, if you dont buy it now, you will regret it later! Yaeger sneered in her heart and then opened the forum to check for any recent updates.

《This game is dangerous! Forfeit to ensure your safety!》

A post with the prefix of [Newbie village 101] attracted Yaegers attention.

When she clicked on it, the corners of her mouth curled upward slightly, showing a scheming smile.

It turned out that this player named [Worlds Greatest Stone] received a one-star difficulty task to drive mushrooms eating boars out of the field.

He thought that he could complete this task easily.

However, as soon as he arrived in the field, he was kicked to death by just a boar!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, have you ever seen a level 10 boar! Not only have I witnessed one, but Ive also been kicked to death by it! That boar came charging over, it felt like a truck slamming into me.

It was really painful!”

“Dont let me know who developed this broken game, otherwise I will hack him to death!”

Below the post, a large number of players responded.

[Pure Lil Mushy]: What a scam.

I have done this task before, the mushroom eating boar is only level one, all right It ran away obediently after a few prods.

[Song Fairy]: Yes, yes, the original poster, are you kidding me [Carefree Bro]: People nowadays are impetuous.

They can make up anything just for the sake of gaining popularity! [Morning Breeze]: Scorn be on you! [Eat My Shovel]: It is strongly recommended that the administrator permanently ban this kind of guy who deliberately attracts peoples attention with clickbait posts! [Worlds Greatest Stone]: *F**k! What I said is true! If you dont believe me, I will show you screenshots!*


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