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Hearing the commotion over there, the players immediately looked over.

They were all dumbstruck, seriously doubting whether there was a problem with their eyes.

Otherwise, how could they see so much equipment appearing for sale in the empty stalls!

[Orc] and [Tilapia]s jaws dropped in surprise and their eyes almost popped out.

They were far more shocked than those players!

Especially [Orc], he collected a lot of information in the forum and performed some precise calculations.

He ‌concluded that the drop rate of this game was extremely low, so he was willing to purchase Yaegers equipment at a high price.

If it werent for [Tilapia] catching him off guard, [Orc] would have monopolized the market of Newbie Village 101.

Because in his opinion, Yaeger and Rakshasa got that batch of equipment after a lot of work, there could be no more equipment farmable!

However, looking at the enormous pile of green and white tier equipment on the ground, he even had the urge to rub his eyes.

How can it be possible!Fake, it must be fake!

[Orc] closed his eyes and kept screaming inside his heart.

Obviously, he denied the reality that was occurring right in front of him.

[Tilapia] rubbed his eyes vigorously and then looked at the pile of equipment on the ground.

He suddenly felt dizzy.

Is it possible that weve been fooled

Nangong Lin found it hard to believe.

From where did they get so much equipment

The closed beta test only lasted for 24 hours.

Even if you didnt eat, drink or sleep, you couldnt grind so much equipment!

Also, the equipment drop rate of this game was so low…

However, the piles of equipment in front of them were really there, proving otherwise.

No science could explain such an illogical situation!

No, its just magic! It has to be!

Could it be that Princess and Rakshasa robbed the entire city guards equipment warehouse clean!

This was the first thought ‌most people had in their minds.

But they immediately discarded entertaining the notion.

It was because most of the equipment worn by the city guards were of average quality.

The elite guards who had come to arrest Princess earlier did not even wear green tier equipment.

From this, they could see that this equipment was not owned by the city guards.

However, that made it impossible to explain how Princess and Rakshasa hoarded so much equipment.

Could it be that… they were really dropped by monsters Just as this thought crossed some players minds, they broke into self-ridiculing smiles.

Who would believe that!

Cheating! She has to be ‌cheating!

All players agreed in their hearts, but there was no evidence to support this notion.

Yaeger and Rakshasa didnt care about them at all.

They were concentrating on arranging the equipment.

Nangong Lin wanted to help, but she was rejected instantly.

In fact, she really couldnt be of any help.

Because Yaeger and Rakshasa were sorting different equipment in accordance with their respective jobs and categories.

As a complete novice, Nangong Lin could only stare from one side.

On the other side, [Orc] and [Tilapia] looked at each other.

Their complexion was hideous and a strong feeling of being scammed erupted.

They bought their equipment from Yaeger, thinking they were all Yaeger had.

They planned to sell them at a high price after buying them to defraud these damned players.

But now Yaeger took out more equipment to sell again, and they were the ones who got cheated!

They sold their equipment at such a high price, who would buy them!

They shot themselves in the foot!

[Orc] and [Tilapia] had flames in their eyes.

They had been goblin merchants for so long, and this was the first time they had been cheated so badly.

It would be strange if they were not angry!

At this moment, the two of them wanted nothing more than to beat Princess to vent their hatred.

However, they were also afraid of Princess red name status.

Although the two had bodyguards to protect them, swords and arrows had no eyes.

If Princess arrow accidentally hit them during the battle, the attack damage of nearly 10,000 points could definitely kill them nearly a hundred times over!

Death was not a horrifying affair.

What was ‌horrifying would be that their equipment may drop on death.

[Orc] and [Tilapia] gritted their teeth and felt unreconciled, but they still kept their patience and watched the situation.

The two of them suddenly noticed that many players were looking at their side, showing mocking smiles one by one.

Some players even gesticulate while talking and laugh heartily as if they were saying: These two idiots think they can con us Look at these two fools getting conned by Princess.

[Orc] and [Tilapia] were furious!

These damned salted fish dare to mock us!Kill them!

The rage was burning in the chest of [Orc] and [Tilapia].

Even if they were considered spendthrift and foolish by Princess, these salted fish even ridiculed them.

They couldnt stand it anymore.

Just when they were ready to call the bodyguards to teach those players a lesson, a clear and beautiful voice sounded.

“Selling equipment, selling equipment.

Dont miss this chance!

Today, the distributor is doing a limited-time promotion.

Originally, green equipment was sold for 108,800 at the shopping malls sales counter, but now it only costs 58,800.

The quality remains the same, but the price is much lower!

A stress-free purchase, a safe product! We are offering it in an exquisite equipment set known asWhite and Green are perfect! We only have limited stock! Now sold for only 68,800!

We have prepared 50 sets of equipment at such an affordable price.

Listen, there are only 50! If you miss this opportunity, there will be no next time! Hurry ‌and pick up your phone… No, take out your wallet and give me money!”

Listening to such a shocking advertisement, everyone looked dumbfounded.

First, you sold us bamboo rats.

Now, youre trying to push us to buy from the shopping channel.

Do you think were idiots


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