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Feeling the ice-cold killing intent, the surrounding players shuddered and quickly withdrew 10 meters.

Some people really couldnt figure it out.

Princess was already invincible in the newbie village.

Why were those two fools provoking her Were they tired of living

However, as soon as they saw the [Orc] and [Tilapia], they suddenly realized that these two fools werent present when Princess showed off her power and they hadnt combed through the online forums.

They thought they could be arrogant in front of Princess by bringing along two NPCs.

It was like two ants flaunting their might in front of an elephant.

No one was there to remind them, and players even displayed schadenfreude behavior.

For these two unscrupulous businessmen, death was not worth mentioning!

“Nonsense, how can we have no opinion” [Orc] said with a malevolent face.

As a businessman who regarded money as his life, money was more important than beauty.

No matter how beautiful Princess was, once money was involved, a beautys worth was only the same as fleeting clouds!

“Princess, we all are doing business here together.

Even after you have enough food and drink, you still smashed our pot.

Isnt this too much!”

[Tilapia] had an expression that was as black as ink and his voice was gloomy and cold, making it uncomfortable to listen to.

“Your pot Haha, me smashing pots of black-hearted merchants like you, who cheat players, is a righteous act and is a responsible act for all players.”

When players heard Yaeger declared so righteously, they couldnt help but shout in their hearts: I have seen many shameless people, but this is the first time I have seen someone as shameless as you!

When it came to being black-hearted, there was no rival to Princess!

To sell her equipment and props, this unbelievably beautiful lady turned the entire newbie village into purgatory on earth.

Everyone was miserable!

Femme Fatales are not as poisonous as you, okay!

[Orc] and [Tilapia] were furious, but they also found it laughable.

Strictly speaking, they were also victims.

However, if they were not greedy and didnt have crooked thoughts, how could they be fooled

“Hmph, Im too lazy to talk nonsense with you, Princess.

Either you compensate us with 1/3 of the benefits, or wait to be beaten severely by NPCs hired by us!”

[Orc] held his head high and crossed his both hands over his chest as he said arrogantly.

In his opinion, Princess was indeed ‌powerful, but no matter how powerful she was, it was only the peak level of the player.

How could it be comparable to the NPC adventurer

Also, the one he hired were not ordinary adventurers, but elite adventurers of the Black Iron rank, with 5,000 HP and 500 attack power.

It could be said that he had far more HP and his attack power was also high, far exceeding the players level!

Even if Princess had purple-tier equipment, she couldnt be the opponent of two black iron rank elite warriors!

Originally, they didnt want to shed all pretenses of cordiality with Princess.

After all, it was too risky to fight.

If Princess arrow accidentally hit them, then they could only kiss the world goodbye!

But now, she had ruined all business opportunities for them.

Not only would they go broke, but all of their stock would also go to waste! She was just a rotten bully!

It was unbearable!

Everyone looked at their confident appearance with a look of bewilderment on their faces.

They all shook their heads slightly and then smiled.

These two idiots would soon know what despair was!

They will have a taste of utter cruelty and despair!

“After compensating our losses, ‌ sign a commercial cooperation treaty with us to jointly set the prices of goods!”

[Tilapia] fiddled with the black bangs on the front of his forehead and thought ‌he was very smart.

He held his chin with his hand as he proudly made those declarations.

Princess could get so much equipment, she must have her own special channel.

As long as they forced her to sign the alliance under the city, they could make a lot of money!

Hearing this, everyone became angrier.

As expected, black merchants would always be black merchants.

Even now, they still wanted to join forces and manipulate prices!

Every pore of a capitalist was filled with dirty blood!

Everyone was so angry that they could not wait to rush up to tear these two to pieces.

However, as soon as they saw the two powerful level 10 NPC warriors, the anger in their heart quickly shrank and finally disappeared.

Whether in reality or in the game, the vast majority of people were the exploited class.

There was no way to resist at all!

Many people realized this in an instant and couldnt help but feel powerless.

At this time.

“You want to make special arrangements” Yaeger showed a professional smile, gently opening and closing her glossy cherry lips.

“Huh” [Orc] and [Tilapia] blinked and looked puzzled, not knowing why Princess suddenly asked this.

“Are you even qualified” Immediately afterwards, they saw Yaegers expression turn to her usual cold self as she said indifferently.

Hearing this, everyone understood instantly and then almost screamed in their hearts at the same time: How are they even qualified to!

How could these two dog-like persons think they are worthy to even negotiate terms with Princess!


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