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“You…!” [Orc] glared at Princess.

How dare she look down on him! Anger swelled in him.

“Fine!” he spat out.

“Since negotiations are a no-go, then well fight!”

“Princess, youll regret this!” [Tilapia] was also fuming in anger.

The two of them stepped aside and the NPC behind them understood that it was time to take action, so they walked forward together.

“My name is Kahn, the disciple of the great warrior Kahardor! Beautiful adventurer, please give up!”

The rugged-looking warrior pulled out the sword around his waist and pointed it straight at Yaeger.

His eyes shone brightly, showing that he was very calm.

He was not at all charmed by Yaegers beauty.

He was a true swordsman with only a sword in his heart… No, there was also room for money‌.

“My name is…” Another NPC adventurer was about to introduce himself, but was interrupted by Yaeger.

“Who cares what the names of small shrimps like you Just get lost from here if you dont want to die.”

Before they even had time to finish speaking, the adventurer saw an energy arrow flying towards him at an amazing speed.

He couldnt evade it at all!

With an ear-piercing sound, this energy arrow grazed his left cheek and continued flying in a straight line.

It missed the target! Princess arrow ‌missed the target! Some people were surprised.

However, someone soon noticed that a shallow wound had appeared on the face of the adventurer and blood was seeping out.

The unknown adventurer touched his face, and when he saw the blood on his hand, his entire body trembled unconsciously.

He knew that Princess deliberately missed the shot!

The pressure created by the arrow slicing through the air still hurt him.

This arrow was enough to make him understand the gap between himself and Princess!

The difference in their strength was worlds apart!

“Farewell!” If he ‌wanted to fight, he would definitely be slapped to death.

He knew that he was no match for the opposite party so if he still went up to court death, thats not bravery but the act of a fool!

Therefore, this unknown adventurer immediately turned around, leaving everyone behind with a rapidly receding figure into the horizon.

Escaping so fast!

“Crap! Refund me my 100,000 right now!” [Tilapia] almost jumped up in fright on the spot.

The adventurer he hired fled without even putting up a fight.

It was ‌a fraud!

[Orc] blanked out for a moment, and then he immediately looked at the adventurer named Kahn.

The other party was unmoved.

He had a firm expression on his face, standing as straight as a spear and holding the sword in his hand.

He stood motionless.

Fortunately, the adventurer I hired didnt cheat me!

“Timid like a mouse.” Kahn commented about the unknown adventurer and then looked again at Yaeger intently, “You may be fast, but not as fast as my sword.”

Yaeger put the bow away and rubbed her hands.

Looking into Kahns eyes, and with an audible snap, lightning flashed between them.

Well, this was what the onlookers who were only interested in the fight imagined.

In fact, Yaeger looked lazy and ‌unenthusiastic.

With her current strength, fighting with a level 10 NPC was more like bullying.

“Have you ever tasted the Communist Iron Fist” Therefore, Yaeger didnt even use a weapon.

She just clenched her fist, stepped out on her slender thighs and walked toward Kahn.

A cool breeze blew, making Yaegers black hair flutter.

She was as beautiful as jade, completely peerless!

Kitty Rabbit felt her whole body sway and wobble at the sight of Yaeger.

The live broadcast room once again in an uproar.

“Your Highness is so beautiful!” “Super beautiful!” “Princess is beautiful!” “No way… Im in love.” “Princess, I love you!” “Ah, I want to have a taste of Princess iron fist!” “Dont leave the pervert in front of me, wait for me!” “You all are hopeless! Obviously, Princess is already my wife.

You are still there shouting.

Its so noisy!” “Shameless!” “Im smelling the foul stench of shamelessness!” “Sisters, kill him!”

Resurrection Square.

A lot of players fell into a trance.

Previously Princess image as a black-hearted merchant was so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, they almost forgot that this worlds first princess was so graceful!

If Princess got rid of her shortcomings, she would be the perfect goddess.

The height of 175 cm, the perfect body proportion, snow-white skin, a pair of proud long legs, the graceful posture and the peerless face.

Each and every one of them was infatuated.

Every move she made could seduce you!

Nangong Lins legs went soft, and she almost could not stand.

Her almond-shaped eyes turned into the shape of a heart.

Rakshasa was not in a good mood and glared at her coldly.

She then immediately set her gaze on Yaeger and her face flushed slightly: My princess is so beautiful!

Without knowing when, she started thinking of Yaeger as her own.

“You mean, you would not use a weapon” Kahn frowned, looking very displeased.

The other party made it clear that she looked down on him.

“My fist is more than enough to deal with you, but ‌to show respect to you, I wont do such an excessive thing.”

Yaeger said lazily.

“Looking for death!” Kahn had never seen such an arrogant person.

He immediately clenched the hilt of the sword with both hands and quickly took a step with his left foot.

His body shot out like a cannonball.

He then raised the sword above his head and fiercely slashed straight down at Yaeger.

As a disciple of the great warrior Kahardor, how could he be humiliated!

Kahn slashed out in anger, so he naturally used his best skill as he vowed to split Yaeger into two!


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