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This was the first time players had seen an NPC actually in action.

In their view, what they saw was Kahn appearing in front of Princess like a flash of lightning in the blink of an eye and then raised his sword high above his head.

From that fierce posture, it felt like he ‌wanted to split Princess in half alive.

Princess did not dodge.

Some people couldnt help but think ‌she was being overconfident.

This NPC fighter was really impressive!

In the absence of that purple bow, Princess was most likely not his opponent.

If Princess was holding the purple bow, she could have used its special effects to swat away this NPC, but now how could she deal with a fully armed opponent with her bare hands

Some people were secretly delighted, thinking ‌if this NPC could kill Princess, maybe they would get the purple tier equipment that would be dropped!

There were ‌several players who harbored such ideas.

Nangong Lins heart tightened as she was anxious about Princess safety.

Meanwhile, Rakshasa was indifferent, and her gaze was locked on Yaeger.

“Take this!” Kahn yelled, and the sword blade glowed with a faint red light.

His power immediately exploded out and his sword slashing at Yaegers head, releasing shockwaves!

Feeling the oncoming sword wind, Yaeger merely smirked.

Seeing this smirk, Kahn couldnt help but had a bad feeling.

At the next moment, Yaegers clenched fist blasted out like an artillery shell.

An unbelievable scene appeared.

Yaeger ‌punched the sword which was slashing down at high speed!


Kahns sword and Yaegers fist collided with a loud bang, sending a circular shock wave sweeping out into the surroundings, like frenzied gale ripping through fallen leaves.

Immediately afterwards, the sword was parried, and Kahns figure retreated violently.

He could only stand still after staggering over ten steps backwards.

His sword wielding arm trembled and his eyes looked at Yaeger as if he just saw a ghost.

As for the witnessing players, their mouths were open so wide that one could fit a casserole-sized fist into it and their eyes almost popped out.

They felt like what they saw just now was a dream with no sense of reality.

They had seen people catching a blade in their hands on television and movies before, but this was the first time they were seeing someone striking a sword with her bare fists.

If there was some scientific basis for the first two moves, then the latter one was in the realm of fantasy and was not scientific at all!

However, it happened right in front of them and they had no choice but to acknowledge the cold hard truth.

Someone rubbed his eyes and saw Yaeger slowly retract her fist.

Kahn still hadnt recovered from the shock.

“Oh, my God, parrying away a sword with a single punch, has Princess transcended the limits of human beings”

“No way… I remember that the strength of the Warrior class was much higher than that of a Ranger class.

How could Princess make the warrior retreat with one ‌punch so easily Her punch landed on just his sword, not him directly.

Isnt this a bit too weird”

A player rubbed his chin and mumbled in disbelief.

“Is this the real strength of Rangers”

In many peoples opinion, Ranger was a survival based job with average stats.

Usually stats could only reveal two things.

One was overall mediocrity while the other was comprehensive abnormality.

Obviously, Princess was completely, totally, abnormal.

Otherwise, how could one beat a swordsman back with just one punch! But after putting more thought into it, they thought ‌this was impossible.

Because of the limited number of upgrade points, players who chose the Ranger Class ‌could not develop in an all-round fashion and ultimately preferred to skew their growth towards Agility based growth.

Only Rakshasa at the scene knew that Yaeger was a well built all-rounder ranger and all her stats were terribly high.

Especially her Agility, which now stood at 129 points!

The second highest stat she had was Strength having stood at 84 points.

After combining the equipment bonus stats with the [Purple Sky Crossbow], it was now 104 points, which was higher than many level 10 warriors!

She also had the special effect of halving physical attack damage.

Therefore, Yaegers punch pushing back the warrior was just a basic move in Rakshasas eyes and there was nothing to be surprised about.

Nangong Lin, a complete rookie, could not make sense of just how amazing the scene was that she witnessed just earlier.

She could only shout in her heart: Princess is awesome! Go, Princess!

Just like salted fishes who could only shout you are so sick….

Kahn stood up straight.

He took a long breath and his eyes flashed again.

He had to admit that he really underestimated Yaeger just now.

Unexpectedly, this alluring girl was so powerful!

He had no choice but to get serious.

“Very well, you deserve my all-out effort!” Kahns expression looked more serious than ever before.

He gripped the sword in both hands and a very sharp aura surged from his body.

“If you want to do something, then hurry‌.

Dont waste my time.” Yaeger had no interest in bullying the weak.

She just wanted to resolve this issue in the shortest time possible.

“Let me show you my swordsmanship.” Kahn was not upset by her attitude and opened his mouth softly, “Secret sword.”

As soon as the voice fell, Kahns pupils widened and the power from his body burst out in an instant.

Then all of which was injected into the sword.

The sword blade suddenly flickered with gaudy red light!

“Sky Moon Chop!”

The three words bellowed like spring thunder, hurting everyones eardrums painfully.

Then Kahn suddenly swung his sword, and his huge sword streaked like a crescent moon.

Seeing this sword rapidly approach her eyes, Yaeger couldnt help being surprised.

She didnt expect an ordinary NPC to have a special skill!

She could be 100% sure that this was definitely not a basic warrior skill.

The sword was like lightning, its extremely sharp aura inducing a sense of danger to be vomited from the depths of her heart.

This technique could not be countered head on!

Yaegers toes dug into the ground, and she jumped to the left.

In the next instant, the sword missed her side, and created a huge gash in the thick wall behind her!

“Flame Slash!” ‌Kahn jumped into the air, holding a burning sword in both hands, and slashed down at Yaegers head.

Before the attack even ‌arrived, Yaeger felt a heat wave.

She was currently unarmed and defenseless, putting her at a disadvantage.

She could only continue to dodge.

Just as she was about to dodge the attack, the in-game system notification rang in her ears.

“Ding, you have triggered a hidden quest.”


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