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It was very lively in front of the stall.

Since Yaeger and Rakshasa took out a large amount of white equipment and marked the price of 200 RMB per piece, the whole public square had been in an uproar.

Nangong Lin also acted as a salesperson ‌and received money until her hands went limp with exhaustion.

Previously every equipment was sold for a minimum of 10,000 RMB per piece, but now it was only 200 RMB.

Although each person was limited to three pieces, it was still ‌affordable.

Even those onlookers and casual players couldnt help but also pay up to buy equipment.

One could save up about 600 RMB just by not watching a few movies and buying two games less, so why not buy it right now and then

Many players put on white equipment and had an inexplicable urge to cry tears of joy.

It was ‌difficult for them.

Many players couldnt help but praise Princess for turning over a new leaf.

In Nangong Lins opinion, these people were ‌loyal, willing slaves to Princess.

As long as they were given a little favor, they would be extremely satisfied and grateful for all the wrong reasons.

If a picky man were to exploit them like this, she was afraid that the players would have raised the banner of revolution instead.

A Beauty can really do whatever she pleases!

Nangong Lin couldnt help but think in such a way.

Rakshasa: Princess is a fantastic person.

Look at those poor players, ‌every one of them is smiling with happiness just like the lush green Chinese chives in the fields.

Its exceptionally scenic.

“…” Hearing this description, Yaeger immediately rolled her eyes, “I am not a devil.

I dont do things like breaking the bones to suck out the marrow.”

Yaeger didnt intend to scam these ordinary players too hard from the very beginning because she was also from an ordinary class.

Her conscience would hurt if she did that.

As for those wealthy players or profiteers, they were going to be scammed to death ‌to achieve the great goal of common prosperity.

At this moment, Yaeger sincerely thanked these spendthrifts and fools for letting her embark on the road to prosperity.

In short, her first goal had been achieved, and the survival crisis was temporarily lifted.

Then there was the second goal.

Get abilities or equipment that could be brought back to reality!

The trap was set up from the start, just for this reason.

It lay waiting for a kind bystander to jump in and help her sweep away the obstacles before her.

Rakshasa: Well, Princess is a good person.

(This message is worth 50 cents.

Please delete the content in brackets before sending.)

“Little girl, are you looking for a beating” Yaeger glanced at her and then rewarded her with another flick to the forehead.

Rakshasa covered her head and pouted her small mouth: Bullying people again…

Nangong Lin looked at the close interaction between the two and felt a burst of envy, jealousy and hate: That position is mine! It can only be mine alone!

Rakshasa felt her gaze and immediately looked over.

She noticed the envious expression in Nangong Lins eyes and the corners of her mouth gently curled upward, drawing a mocking smile.


Nangong Lin almost exploded on the spot, but she still suppressed her fury.

She didnt want to show her less elegant side in front of Yaeger.

She is so hateful.

I am so angry! After hanging up and beating Rakshasa in her imagination, Nangong Lin gradually calmed down.

“Everything has sold out.

Do you want to shop around” Yaeger said suddenly at this moment.

Rakshasa: Its boring.

“I want to stay here.” Nangong Lin didnt want to leave Yaeger for even a split second.

“Oh! You two can exchange your feelings here.

I have something to deal with and I will be back sometime later.”

Yaeger didnt wait for the two to reply before she fled away like a gust of wind.

Two seconds later, she disappeared from sight.

“What is Princess going to do” Nangong Lin asked.

Raksha girl quickly sent a message: She is going to pick flowers.

Nangong Lin: …

Inside the room of an illegal internet cafe of the ghetto.

Yaeger slowly opened his eyes and suddenly felt a huge disparity.

He had a powerful body in the game, but in reality, his body was pretty much useless except for being handsome.

The two brought completely different feelings!

The former had an unparalleled sense of security, while the latter was handsome but useless.

Even someone like Wenzel could mess with his life!

“Soon, soon…” Yaeger muttered to himself coldly, looking at the handsome silhouette faintly reflected on the dark screen.

Definitely, surely!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door!


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