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Right when the [Saint Demon Roulette] appeared, a pair of blood-red eyes suddenly opened in the endless darkness.

“Amusing child.”

After that, the sound of laughter akin to silver bells could be heard.

“Hahaha, lets give you the highest blessing of all.”

Right after the voice said this, the blood-red eyes gently closed as the endless darkness once again returned to silence.

Meanwhile, inside the white dimension, Yaeger raised her head and felt only an incomparable sense of pressure upon her that seemed like it would crush her.

Luckily, that sense of pressure then disappeared after the gigantic roulette entered this space.

“This is the legendary [Saint Demon Roulette]” Yaeger muttered to herself as she glanced at the roulette which was so large that it seemed like it could force the sky and earth apart.

In her past life, she had only heard of this item before, so this was her first time seeing it in person.

The [Saint Demon Roulette] was half black and half white.

The black half had intricate red runes that glowed a dim red, while the white half had intricate blue runes that gave off a gentle glow.

The roulette seemed like it was made of a mixture of obsidian and white jade.

It was extremely clean, yet it also gave off a sensation of heaviness and age.

It was obvious that the roulette was extraordinary.

The roulette was divided into 12 reward sections, with each section containing an incredibly valuable item.

“Gods divinity, the highest-level Divine Equipment, Demon Heart, Sword of Eternity, Magic-Sealing Staff, Sky Demon Sword, Saint Spirits Tears, Angel Egg, Saint Dragon Bone…” Yaegers heart was trembling as she looked at the items on the roulette.

These were all truly precious treasure!

These were simply the items that Yaeger could see.

There were even more items that she couldnt see, perhaps with even higher-level items among them.

“I absolutely must draw something that I can bring into the real world!” She tightly clenched her fist as her eyes were filled with hope.

Although her luck stat of 666 wasnt enough to do everything that she wanted, Yaeger felt that she would at least have a 60-70% chance at drawing what she wanted!


At this moment, the roulette began to spin, which caused the mistaken impression that even the sky and earth were shaking.

Immediately after that, the roulette gave off an ancient aura that made it seem like this white space had suddenly returned to an ancient era.

Yaeger concentrated as she watched the roulette.

The expectations in her heart kept rising.

As the roulette gradually increased its speed, the ancient and wild aura kept getting thicker.

Soon, it became impossible to discern any item on the roulette.

“I must draw it, I must draw it!” Yaeger tightly clenched her trembling hands as she kept slightly opening her cherry lips and muttered constantly.

The [Saint Demon Roulette] spun at a high speed for more than one minute before it gradually decreased in speed.

Yaeger stared really hard at it, as if her vision could penetrate the roulette.

She really wished she could spin the roulette for herself.


The roulette suddenly stopped.

Out of its 12 pointers, one stopped at the very outermost layer of the roulette, while the other pointers all suddenly disappeared.

Yaeger instantly tensed up as she glanced over at lightning speed.

As expected, she saw that the pointer had landed on a skill item.

“[Dream Transformation]” Yaeger was confused for a moment when she saw the skills name.

She then immediately felt an ominous premonition.

“This must be a mistaken impression.

This is the [Saint Demon Roulette], so there wont possibly be anything strange.” She forcefully shook her head to dispel her ominous premonition.

A pink ball of light suddenly emerged from the center of the [Saint Demon Roulette] and flew at lightning speed towards Yaeger.

The [Saint Demon Roulette] then immediately left through the sky, leaving only Yaeger behind.

“What type of skill could it be… I hope that its a real life skill!” Yaeger was really nervous as she touched the pink ball of light.

For some unknown reason, she suddenly thought of Litzy.

If it wasnt for Litzy suddenly arriving and giving her the chance to draw another prize, Yaegers reincarnation wouldnt have had much meaning to it.

Yaeger pressed the ball of light with her delicate and pale finger.

The next instant, the pink ball slightly trembled as it miraculously entered Yaegers body through her finger and combined with her.

Yaeger then immediately obtained this skills information in her mind.

Real life skill: [Dream Transformation].

Rank: Demon God level.

Attribute: Chaos.

Level limitations: none.

Usage limitations: none.

Transformation percentage: 0%.

How to activate: Silently think [Transform].

Description: This is a skill that a powerful existence invented when they were really bored.

This allows the user to transform into their [Saint Demon World] character in the real world and keep all their abilities.

Notice 1: The transformation skill is synchronized to your current condition.

When you become stronger in [Saint Demon World], this skill will also become stronger in the real world.

Notice 2: The transformation cant be undone.

Every time that you transform, your transformation percentage will increase by 5%.

Once your transformation percentage reaches 100%, the user shall completely transform permanently.

Notice 3: Once the user obtains this skill, even if they dont use it, they will still gradually transform over time.

They will completely transform after one month.

Notice 4: This skill cannot be removed.

Yaegers expression gradually changed after she finished reading the skills description.

‘Why did things become like this!

This was her first time obtaining a chance to draw the highest-level gacha, and she drew a real life skill that she had been dreaming about.

These were two happy events put together that should have brought even more happiness.

She originally should have obtained dreamlike bliss…

But, why, why did things become like this!

“Sister System, come out and explain things to me!” Yaegers face was covered in tears as she shouted.

She knew that soon enough in real life, she would become an incomplete man… no, soon enough, she would become a real woman in real life.


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