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The phone call Gu Zecheng received was from a friend who had cooperated with him before.

After exchanging a few words, the friend cut straight to the topic of wanting to invest in a new project, so the two of them inevitably talked for a while. 


Gu Zecheng returned to the private room as soon as he ended the phone call.

Just as he pushed the door open, he saw Lin Zixi with a ruddy face gazing and smiling at him.


At this moment, Gu Zecheng understood what ‘limpid eyes full of feelings’ meant.


He could not help but smile along until he walked to Lin Zixi's side, and the other party suddenly fell into his arms, the smell of alcohol wafting from his body.

Only then did Gu Zecheng realize—Lin Zixi was made drunk by this trickster Guan Canghai.


Regarding the midnight activities for today, Dad Gu originally had thousands of plans.

Even the most luxurious honeymoon, ah, no, presidential suite in the hotel was already prepared.

But now, all he could do was hug the drunk cat while reminiscing with the trickster.


Although S City and N City were not too far apart, Gu Zecheng and Guan Canghai were both busy people, and they had not seen each other for three or four years.

They chatted until late at night before saying goodbye to each other.

One returned to the army.

The other one sighed, tore off the person who was clinging to his body, carried him horizontally, and went to the suite on the top floor of the hotel from the elevator in the special VIP passage.


Although Lin Zixi did not vomit or get wildly drunk, he kept staring and smiling obediently at his dad the whole time, and his whole body smelled of alcohol and gunpowder from the shooting range.

Gu Zecheng stood under the shower and took a quick combat shower.

Then he carried Lin Zixi to the bathroom, peeled his clothes off, and put him in a large bathtub that was big enough for two people.


Lin Zixi was hit by the water and finally woke up a little bit—besides giggling when seeing people, he more or less could still think (in bits and pieces).


He bowed his head and took a look at himself in the water.

Then he looked up at the man in a bathrobe standing beside the bathtub, tilted his head to think, and arrived at a conclusion, "How can Daddy not take a bath after playing all day It's too dirty, right".


So, Lin Zixi exerted himself physically and pulled Gu Zecheng, who was washing his hair and thus completely off guard, into the bathtub.


Not to mention pulling people into the water like this, Lin Zixi still sang a song happily and excitedly just like a noisy child who followed his father to a public bath.


Well, back then when the two of them were still not familiar with each other, the car radio played his song, and it got his dad’s positive evaluation.


After singing, he leaned on the edge of the bathtub and turned his head to stare at Dad Gu, blinking his eyes and waiting for the other party to praise him again.


Although Lin Zixi was rarely motivated to take care of his body, he was born with a milky white skin that was smooth and delicate.

With his slender legs submerged in the water, he sang with his upper body naked and looked at people like a siren from the depths of the ocean, breathing a pure yet dangerous temptation.


Gu Zecheng smoothed back the hair on his head that was wet again and gazed at Lin Zixi for a long time, his line of sight moving from the young man’s misty eyes to his white dazzling chest and then to his slim waist….

In the end, he took a few deep breaths, suppressed the blazing fire in his heart and below his abdomen, extended his long legs, and stepped out of the bathtub.

After that, he fished the ‘siren’ out of the water, wiped the water on their bodies indiscriminately, and carried the young man into the master bedroom.


Gu Zecheng put Lin Zixi on the king-sized bed and picked up the remote control on the bedside cabinet to turn up the temperature of the air conditioner.

After covering the person on the bed with a quilt, he turned around, intending to go to the second bedroom for a night’s sleep without looking back.


Even if he desperately wanted this damn siren to cry and call him Daddy with his melodious voice.


But this was their first love affair after all, and Gu Zecheng hoped that it would be done when Lin Zixi was fully conscious.


However, before Gu Zecheng could leave, a pair of slender white arms stretched out from behind him and embraced his waist tightly.


"Don't go~~" Lin Zixi stuck his face on Gu Zecheng's back and said softly with the final sound of the syllable rising up.


"Don't go… and do what" Fucking you! Gu Zecheng asked clearly and calmly through gritted teeth.

He could feel the body temperature of the person behind him even if the wet nightgown separated them.


"Don't go..." Lin Zixi thought dazedly for a long time with his intoxicated brain and then chortled twice before saying, "Tell me a bedtime story!"


…… Gu Zecheng took a deep breath for the umpteenth time.

He was simply about to use up all his self-restraint and self-control.

In the end, he turned around and wrestled Lin Zixi onto the bed, making him lie down obediently without flailing about.

Then he himself sat at the bedside and started...

telling him stories.


The Gu family had a military background.

Dad Gu had never listened to bedtime stories when he was a child, and it was even more impossible for him to read any children’s fairy tale stories as an adult.

After racking his brain for a long time, he eventually could only tell anecdotes about his past experience to his listener in bed.


Big Boss Gu was a big shot who had gone through ups and downs in the business world for many years after all, and his eloquence was quite good.

In addition, he had indeed experienced many storms, so the story he told was fascinating and full of twists and turns, far better than Guan Canghai’s stories!


Ten million respect and admiration raged in Lin Zixi’s heart as he listened to the story, and he did not know how to vent those feelings.


Thus, this drunkard, whose mental state was still paralyzed by alcohol, suddenly sat up again and rushed to his dad’s face to give it a kiss with a loud ‘smack’.


"I love you, Daddy" Lin Zixi said while wrapping his arms around Gu Zecheng's neck and sending a love wink to the other party very professionally.


The man who had been unconsciously teased by him all night was silent for a few seconds and finally sighed as if he had given up struggling.

He pushed the person in his arms onto the bed and kissed his rosy lips fiercely.


Gu Zecheng suppressed Lin Zixi's movements gently but kissed him like he was going to swallow him whole.

Their lips and teeth intersected, and their tongues intertwined, so much so that a thread of transparent saliva flew along the corner of Lin Zixi’s mouth, which was being kept open.


After Gu Zecheng ended this very long kiss, he also kissed Lin Zixi gently on the cheek.


"I love you too." He replied.



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