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Chapter 1032 A Real Ghost

Before long, Gu Ning found a long and dark grave tunnel, but it was too dark for her to see the grave at the end of it.

At the same time, Gu Ning also noticed four people secretly walking towards the grave, and they were only about 10 meters away from the grave tunnel.

Looking at their backpacks and tools it was obvious that they were grave-diggers.

“There are people ahead,” Gu Ning said to the female ghost.

“What” The female ghost was surprised, because it couldnt see any people ahead, but Gu Ning did.

However, Gu Ning wasnt a normal human, so it soon accepted it.

“I think they must be grave-diggers since they showed up here at this time.

We must get rid of them,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, the female ghost was furious, because a bunch of grave-diggers had damaged its husbands grave too.

Therefore, it couldnt wait to kill them.

Gu Ning sensed the female ghosts fury, and said, “They probably arent those who have damaged your husbands grave.

You cant kill innocent people.”

Gu Ning didnt have the heart to see innocent people killed.

Although she wasnt very sure that they werent the same people who had damaged the female ghosts husbands grave, it was too cruel if they were killed right in front of her.

The female ghost curbed its anger.

“I can scare them away.”

Although only Gu Ning could see it, it could cause violent wind to scare people away.

Some ghosts had the power to cause unusual disasters.

The power of ghosts and monsters mostly came from Yin.

And because the female ghost was murdered, it was full of resentment and covered in Yin.

“We can do it together.”

Gu Ning took out her black cloak and mask, then put them on.

The female ghost said nothing, then they moved fast to the grave together.

Gu Ning used her magical power, so she was able to move like lightning, which surprised the female ghost.

It was rare to see a human moving so fast!

Gu Ning had to hurry up to stop those people, so she had to use her magical power to help her.

Even though the female ghost had doubts, it didnt ask any questions about it.

After a short while, they were close to those grave-diggers.

Gu Ning told the female ghost to cause violent wind, and those grave-diggers were frightened by the sudden scary change.

“Why is the wind suddenly cold and blowing so violently” a man said and shook in fear.

“Look at you.

Youre a coward.

The weather changes, its not a big deal,” another man said with disdain, and kept walking ahead.

The others followed him.

To their astonishment, the wind blew stronger and louder.

Besides, a black figure suddenly flashed by right in front of them.

“Ah, its a ghost!” a man shouted out.

They all witnessed the black figure, so nobody dared to make fun of the man now.

“Is it a real ghost” another man asked and his voice was trembling.

“H-How is it possible I dont believe in ghosts.”

“T-Then what is it”

“I-I have no idea.”

“I think we should leave now.

Its too scary.”

“No, since were already here, we cant go back without anything valuable!”

“Right, we must find something valuable before we leave.”

However, the second they finished their discussion, the trees around them shook with greater force, and the black figure flashed by their eyes again.


The four of them moved backwards at once, and almost stumbled.

“No matter what you want to do next, I-I have to leave now.” A man escaped right away, and left his friends behind.

The rest of the people were also scared by the scene, and they quickly ran to the foot of the mountain without hesitation.

The wind stopped blowing when they were gone.

Gu Ning and the female ghost started to look for the grave hole.

Although the female ghost knew where the entrance of the grave was, so many years had passed after all, and the entrance was already covered by mud.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, Gu Ning soon found the grave hole.

The female ghost didnt ask why she could find the grave hole within seconds, because it understood that Gu Ning wasnt a normal human.

It ached to find its husbands coffin too, so didnt think further.

There were weeds at the entrance, but Gu Ning had Jade Eyes, so she was able to clearly see what was inside.

The entrance was inclined at 45 degrees, and the hole was about 10 meters long before they reached the grave tunnel, so they needed a rope to go down.

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