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She had stayed up very late every night with her work these days, and lacked sleep and energy, but this pill refreshed her.Gu Nings medicine was unbelievable!

When Xue Suxiu got back to the next private room, she composed herself and said, “Im so sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Its fine,” the middle-aged man said.

“Lets enjoy our dinner now!”

Although Xue Suxiu was still worried, she had to eat with them.

The other three people around the table, however, checked Xue Suxius reaction once in a while.

They felt quite confused seeing her being clear-headed and conscious for so long.

The medicine would come into effect within a minute, but nothing happened to Xue Suxiu even after a few minutes.

Xue Suxiu didnt miss their glances, so she was sure that there must be something harmful in the dishes on the table.

Her secretary was also disloyal to her.

Thinking of that, she felt hurt and disappointed.

Nevertheless, she had to stay calm and pretend that she knew nothing about it.

She was also sure that Gu Nings pill was very effective, so she enjoyed the dinner as she liked and even invited the middle-aged man to share a drink with her.

Gu Ning was still a little worried about Xue Suxius safety, so she used her Jade Eyes to check her condition.

The middle-aged man, who was Mr.

Zhao, and the others couldnt help but keep glancing at Xue Suxiu when she stayed normal.

It was hard for Xue Suxiu to ignore their glances now, so she asked, “Why are you looking at me so often”

They panicked and withdrew their glances at once.


Zhao said, “Nothing.


Xue, you have a very good appetite today.

I thought you would eat little in order to stay in shape like other women.”

“I dont care about it and I eat as I like,” Xue Suxiu said.


Zhao smiled, and said nothing further, but he couldnt figure out why things didnt go the way he wanted.

He didnt think that Xue Suxiu had found out about his dirty trick at all.

Is the pill not effective


Zhao was disappointed, but he didnt dare to annoy Xue Suxiu right now.

Therefore, they separated after dinner.

Gu Ning was also relieved since nothing terrible happened.

In the car, Xue Suxiu looked at her secretary thinking how she should deal with him.

Her head ached a little when she thought about this problem, so she rubbed her temples.

“Manager Xue, whats wrong Do you feel uncomfortable” her secretary asked to see whether she wasnt in a good condition.

“Im fine.

Im just a little tired,” Xue Suxiu said.

Hearing that, her secretary shut his mouth, but felt upset and confused.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to a hotel together after dinner.

They had nothing else to do.

Once Xue Suxiu was home, she called her leader, and told her leader what she had been through tonight.

Her secretary was disloyal to her, and she had to get rid of him.

The next morning, Xue Suxius new secretary reported for duty in her office, while her ex secretary received an offer to study abroad, which was organized by their company.

Normally, only excellent staff members would have the chance to study abroad, but Xue Suxius ex secretary was an exception.

It wasnt appropriate to directly fire him right now, so Xue Suxius leader made use of this offer to move him away from Xue Suxiu.

The young man was greatly surprised when he heard the news, because it happened too suddenly, and Xue Suxiu had never mentioned it before.

He thought that Xue Suxiu might have found out what he had done behind her back.

However, Xue Suxiu stayed kind as usual to him.

He didnt ask her why, because he wouldnt admit it even if Xue Suxiu had already found out.

“Well, I know youre confused about why you suddenly got this chance to study abroad, and why Ive never mentioned it before.

Well, my new secretary is my leaders relative, and I only got this information yesterday myself.

In order to make you feel better about it, we are giving you the chance.

You can seize this chance, and youll have a brighter future in our company,” Xue Suxiu said, and lied.

It was an acceptable reason, but still not reasonable.

The young man couldnt reject it, and had to accept it.

After walking out of Xue Suxius office, he called Mr.

Zhao at once and told him everything.


Zhao was very confident that nobody could find out his dirty trick, so he was sure that Xue Suxiu told the truth.

In that case, the young man felt relieved.

At the same time, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left for Yangon, Burma.

Although it was only 9 am in April, the sunlight was very strong.

Because of the public jade bid, there were a lot more people here than before.

Zheng Peng had booked a presidential suite in Yangon Hotel for Gu Ning.

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