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“Are you good friends” Zhang Yanni asked again.

She absolutely didnt want to hear that Zhao Fulin was Gu Nings good friend.Zhao Fulin was better than her in every aspect, but she refused to accept it.

“Yeah, are you good friends”

“Is Goddess Gu easy-going”


Several classmates were curious too.

They asked those questions because Gu Ning was a celebrity and she was too far removed from their lives.

In ordinary peoples eyes, famous people were mostly arrogant.

“Shes very easy-going.

I didnt know that shes so popular on the Internet when I just met her at the party.

Shes younger than me, but behaves like a mature woman.

Oh, shes much prettier than her photos,” Zhao Fulin said.

“Really Ive always wanted to see her in real life.”

“She looks violent when shes fighting against bad people, but I think shes kind and gentle in her daily life.”


They kept complimenting Gu Ning.

At this time, their teacher came, and they went back to their own seats.

Zhang Yanni couldnt be more jealous of Zhao Fulin now after knowing that she got along well with Gu Ning last night.

If Zhao Fulin had a celebrity as a friend, more and more classmates would support her.

Zhang Yanni clenched her fists.

She wouldnt allow Zhao Fulin to be more noticeable than her.

When it was 8 am, Gu Ning had already finished her breakfast.

After resting for a while, she called Ning Changkai.

“Hi, Uncle Ning, is it convenient for you now”

“Yeah, whats up” Ning Changkai had just left his house and was walking to the parking lot.

“When can Kouzi produce make-up products” Gu Ning asked.

“We had the idea to do that a few days ago, but our skincare products are always short of supply, so we dont have another production line for make-up products yet,” Ning Changkai said.

“Well, I just had a bet with someone and I bet that Kouzi can have a make-up line within a month, so you need to deal with it right now,” Gu Ning said.

“Deliver a batch of the make-up products to City B when its done.”

“What Who had the bet with you” Ning Changkai was amused.

Gu Ning was the boss of Kouzi, and it was totally up to her whether they would have a make-up line.

As long as Gu Ning wanted, they could have a make-up line within a week.

“Well, she isnt smart enough to know that Im the boss of Kouzi,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Anyway, many people want Kouzi make-up, so we can produce some first.”

“Sure, no problem.” Ning Changkai agreed.

At 8:30 am Gu Ning and her bodyguards left for the airport.

In the past, Zhang Yanni and Zhao Fulin would chat with each other during the breaks between their classes, but now they avoided seeing one another.

Once it was 12 pm, Zhao Fulin stood up and left.

She didnt go to invite Zhang Yanni to dine together as she had done before.

Although Zhang Yanni was unwilling to be friends with Zhao Fulin any longer, she felt embarrassed when Zhao Fulin left her behind.

She thought that maybe Zhao Fulin had realized something.

However, she couldnt figure it out.

“Hey, Fulin, wait a second.

Why dont you wait for me” Zhang Yanni caught up to Zhao Fulin.

“Do you think we still need to be friends” Zhao Fulin coldly asked Zhang Yanni.

Zhao Fulin was mad at Zhang Yanni, but she didnt bother to argue with her.

Zhang Yanni was confused.

Before she could ask anything further, Zhao Fulin said, “Zhang Yanni, were no longer friends, and I dont want to see you anymore.

I know what you did behind my back to steal Jiang Ze.

You should stay away from me from now on.”

After that, Zhao Fulin walked away without hesitation.

Hearing that, Zhang Yanni realized that Zhao Fulin had found out what she had done to steal Jiang Ze away.

Zhang Yanni was shocked, and couldnt believe her ears.

She didnt know how Zhao Fulin managed to find out.

Anyway, since Zhao Fulin already found out, she could stop pretending.

Jiang Ze was waiting for Zhao Fulin on her way to the canteen.

He still tried to figure out why Zhao Fulin had blacklisted him for no reason.

As soon as Zhao Fulin showed up, Jiang Ze walked to her and stopped her.

“Zhao Fulin, why did you blacklist my phone number and WeChat”

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