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Nevertheless, they could do nothing about it.

Even the teacher had said that Gu Ning hadnt cheated, because she had been the first to hand the paper in every test.

Mu Ke, Chu Peihan and the others were also very surprised, but they chose to believe Gu Ning.

In their eyes, Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl.

When the class was over, they discussed fiercely in their WeChat group.

Hao Ran: “Boss, youre so awesome! Youre the top in our grade in this monthly test.”

Qin Zixun: “Exactly! How did you do it, boss You were always the first one to hand in the paper.”

Chu Peihan: “Though I feel surprised, I believe that it is true.”

Mu Ke: “Me too.”

Zhang Tianping: “Me too.”

Yu Mixi: “Ningning has been helping me with my studies recently.

I got obviously better scores too.”

Hao Ran: “I dont have much interest in studying, or Id turn to boss for help as well.”

Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping: “Me too!”

Chu Peihan: “Its already enough for me to go to school.

Ill go crazy if I go to extra classes.”

Mu Ke: “Boss, could you help me with my studies”

Although Mu Ke was among the top 20, his total score was far behind Gu Nings.

Even the top two in their grade were 50 points behind Gu Ning according to their total scores, because Gu Nings total score neared the full score.

Gu Ning: “No problem, as long as Im free.”

Gu Ning didnt think that she wasnt capable of helping a good student such as Mu Ke.

Because she had her power, it was an undeniable truth that she was better than Mu Ke now.

She would be low-key in front of outsiders, but she would be honest in front of her close friends.

During the break, Gu Xiaoxiao avoided Qin Zheng, calling her cousin.

She said that she had been beaten by Gu Ning, and asked her cousin to teach Gu Ning a lesson for her.

Gu Xiaoxiaos cousin was Lin Yuehao, who was a son of Gu Xiaoxiaos uncle.

He hated studying and fooled around all day, so he stopped studying the moment he had graduated from his high school.

He was now 21, but all he knew and cared about was entertainment.

However, because he fooled around all day, he knew some gangsters.

Thus Gu Xiaoxiao wanted him to help her ruin Gu Ning.

Gu Xiaoxiao literally hated Gu Ning to the death and she was a malicious girl herself.

It was Gu Xiaoxiao who had actively humiliated Gu Ning from the very beginning, while Gu Ning only fought back for her and her family, but Gu Xiaoxiao was too selfish and envious to realize that.

Gu Xiaoxiao didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to deal with those gangsters.

Lin Yuehao was of course willing to help his cousin.

Lin Yuehao was arrogant himself, so he didnt think that it was a big deal at all.

He promised directly that he would handle it within two days.

The last class was the head teachers class.

Gu Ning went to ask for a leave the minute the class was over.

In the past, Zhang Qiuhua would lecture Gu Ning if she asked for a leave so often, but Gu Ning had done so well in this monthly test, so Zhang Qiuhua didnt reject.

Although it was still a little hard for Zhang Qiuhua to believe it, Gu Ning had promised that she hadnt cheated and the teacher who had been in the classroom had also testified for Gu Ning.

She chose to believe Gu Ning for now, but Zhang Qiuhua also reminded Gu Ning not to be proud, and keep studying hard.

Gu Ning left her school, but she didnt go straight to Shenghua Real Estate.

She went to the Commercial Building.

It was time for a meal and for changing her outfit.

Gu Ning planned to look mature just like she had in City G.

She didnt want others to recognize her.

This time, Gu Ning was wearing a professional suit.

She had her hair in a bun with light makeup and glasses.

She looked like one of the elite.

Of course, she looked like a 25-year-old woman.

Gu Ning arrived at Shenghua Real Estate by a taxi before 2 pm.

Shenghua Real Estate was located on the seventh floor in a large office building.

It was around 700 square meters big with over a 100 employees.

Shenghua Real Estate wasnt a dominating empire, so it didnt have its own office building.

And there was no need for them to use a whole office building, but the seventh floor was bought by Shenghua Real Estate.

It belonged to Shenghua Real Estate.

Gu Ning went up to the seventh floor.

She told the worker in the reception that she was here to meet An Guangyao.

Then Gu Ning followed the worker to the chairmans office.

The minute Gu Ning walked in the office, An Guangyao was struck dumb.

Wasnt Gu Ning supposed to be here Who was this woman

An Guangyao frowned with displeasure.

He asked, “May I know your name, please”

“Uncle An, Im Gu Ning,” Gu Ning smiled.

“What” Hearing that, An Guangyao rounded his eyes.

He still couldnt believe his eyes.

Gu Ning explained, “I didnt want other to recognize me, so I changed.”

It was Gu Nings voice.

An Guangyao then believed her.

“Youve changed a lot! If you didnt say a word, I would never have known that it was you.”

Gu Ning had told An Guangyao not to tell others who the buyer of Shenghua Real Estate was before, so no one knew who the person that was going to buy Shenghua Real Estate was.

However, no matter who the buyer was, Shenghua Real Estate only wanted adequate money.

After a while, a lawyer who worked for Shenghua Real Estate arrived.

At 1:55 pm, seven shareholders walked into the room continuously.

When there was only one minute left, An Guangyao along with Gu Ning and the lawyer went inside.

Since An Guangyao had already told them, Gu Ning didnt need to say it again.

She only needed to sign the contract and transfer the money.

It took around half an hour to finish all of this.

Gu Ning was here today on behalf of the buyer.

Other than An Guangyao and the lawyer, no one knew her real identity.

Gu Ning got An Guangyao to collect all the shares under his name, then transfer them to her.

No one would know who the person that bought Shenghua Real Estate was.

Gu Ning paid four hundred million yuan in total.

Three hundred million yuan flew into the fund of Shenghua Real Estate, while the other hundred million yuan was used to buy all the shareholders shares.

In the end, An Guangyao, who had owned 55% shares, now had 20% and Gu Ning successfully took over 70% shares under her name.

They left 10% shares in the market as usual.

Shenghuas stock price had declined dramatically these days, but as long as money flew in, the price would go up at once.

After signing the contract, Gu Ning, An Guangyao and the lawyer went to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to transfer equities.

Then, An Guangyao went back to the company.

Gu Ning also left.


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