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Leng Shaoting stayed expressionless, but he felt displeased in his heart.

He said unconsciously, “You dont match.”

“Why No matter whether she is from a rich family, or a powerful family, her family is hardly comparable with mine.

Also, you know my family doesnt care about background, as long as I like her.

Gu Ning is beautiful.

Im good-looking too! Im also upright with a good job,” Xu Jinchen argued.

Why didnt they match

Actually Leng Shaoting didnt know why himself, he just wanted Xu Jinchen to stay away from Gu Ning.

“Go with me to fulfil the task tomorrow,” Leng Shaoting ordered, then he left directly.

“What” Xu Jinchen was shocked.

No way! He still had five days off during this vacation, but he had to leave tomorrow

“Boss, I havent finished my vacation yet! You cant do that to me,” Xu Jinchen complained catching up to Leng Shaoting, but Leng Shaoting ignored him.

“Boss…” Xu Jinchen almost cried.

He didnt understand why Leng Shaoting suddenly treated him so badly.

Was it only because he wanted to chase Gu Ning Leng Shaoting had said that there was nothing between him and Gu Ning, so why wouldnt he allow Xu Jinchen to chase her

When Gu Ning got near her school, several men dashed from out of a nearby van, all of a sudden.

They stood in Gu Nings way.

Gu Nings face changed immediately.

How dared they stop her in the school Students around them all ran away.

They knew that something bad was about to happen.

Those men looked like hoodlums, who did bad things without thinking of the results.

Someone took out a phone to record.

No one knew if he was having fun or wanted to save it as proof and then hand it to the police.

Those men surrounded Gu Ning, planning to pull Gu Ning into the car.

School wasnt where they could hurt a student randomly.

However, just as they approached Gu Ning, she began to hit them.

She broke a mans nose with a fist.

The man screamed in pain with blood around his nose.

Before he could fight back, Gu Ning grabbed his hand.

She lifted him, throwing him at another man.

The second man was knocked down on the ground.

Both of them felt greatly hurt, screaming in pain like pigs.

Meanwhile, the third man secretly attacked Gu Ning from the back, but Gu Ning successfully escaped his attack just as the third man almost touched her.

Then she raised her knee, hitting the man directly in his stomach.

The third man immediately covered his stomach with his hands.

Gu Ning kicked him down to the floor without hesitation.

There were two men still standing.

It had happened too fast, so they didnt have time to retreat.

Gu Ning threw her backpack into the air, dashing to one of them, and hit him in the face.

As for the last man, Gu Ning caught his hand and snapped it easily.

The man was in severe pain, screaming loudly.

The onlookers were all shocked by the scene.

Someone recognized Gu Ning and the student who was recording immediately uploaded the video to the forum with the title “Goddess Gu Showed Her Extraordinary Power Again: 1 VS 5!”

“Who sent you here” Gu Ning asked angrily.

“No, no one,” the man answered.

“Really” Gu Ning apparently didnt believe it.

She pressed the mans hand with more force.

The man almost cried.

The others didnt dare to come up and stop her, but they did threaten her.

One of them said, “Let him go! Were from the Qing Gang.

If you dare to have bad blood with us, youll be unable to bear the consequences of failure!”

Qing Gang

Gu Ning frowned slightly.

Qing Gang again.

Was it Li Zhenzhen However, Li Zhenzhen was in City G now.

She probably wouldnt be able to hurt Gu Ning in City F.

Then who would behind this Gu Xiaoxiao, Chen Ziyao, Shao Feifei, or Qin Zheng

Except for those names, Gu Ning couldnt think of any others.

At the same time, those students all drew in a deep breath when they heard that those hoodlums were from the Qing Gang.

“So what The Qing Gang can randomly kidnap people” Gu Ning sneered.

She didnt seem scared at all.

She was too annoyed to be afraid now.

Everyone was surprised that Gu Ning wasnt afraid of the Qing Gang.

“You…” Those hoodlums suddenly didnt know what to say.

Meanwhile, someone uploaded more videos titled “A Female Student Beats Down Five Men From The Qing Gang”.

Gu Ning added, “Ill give you one chance.

You either tell me who is behind this, or Ill call the police.”

Hearing that, those hoodlums looked terrified.

Although they were from the Qing Gang, they werent important at all.

Their boss had also warned them.

If they dared to cause any trouble, the Qing Gang wouldnt help them.

Of course, if they stayed quiet, they would be safe.

During these years, they had done many bad things.

However, they also knew who they could bully and who they should stay away from.

Lin Yuehao had told them that this female student was merely a poor kid, and they would be fine.

However, now it seemed totally different.

Those hoodlums didnt think that Lin Yuehao had lied to them, because once they were in trouble, Lin Yuehao couldnt get away with it either.

If Gu Ning called the police, they could end up in jail.

It was impossible for them to run away now.

Therefore, they were about to tell Gu Ning who was behind this.


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