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Chapter 1291: Game Ad

After all, there were far more new actors than experienced actors in this industry.

Duan Lixin said, “Boss, if you dont mind, I can add more scenes for her.”

“You can make the decision.

You know what kind of people I want,” Gu Ning said.

Although she had a good impression of Li Miaojia, she still needed time to see Li Miaojias professional skills.

If Li Miaojia was really skilled at acting, Gu Ning would sign a contract with her.

“No problem.” Lu Zhan and Duan Lixin agreed.

Li Miaojia didnt know that she left a deep impression on so many people, and it was very likely that she was going to be famous in the coming future.

Zhang Xiaoya had no idea that her worries were about to come true either.

Gu Ning wanted to stay and experience life at the shooting site, but Tang Qingyang called her and invited her to dine together.

Tang Qingyang hadnt known that Gu Ning was in the capital until then.

After receiving Tang Qingyangs call, Gu Ning left.

When she walked out, many people were still taking photos of her.

Gu Ning was very nice to them and smiled at them along the way.

She was a great beauty, and everyone was stunned by her beauty once she smiled.

However, nobody dared to come near because of Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

Gu Nings fans posted photos of her on Weibo to show off, causing many Internet users to be envious of them.

Tang Qingyang arrived at the appointed hotel earlier than Gu Ning.

The Hengdian World Studios was a little far from the hotel, so Gu Ning arrived 40 minutes after Tang Qingyang.

Ba Tianyang stood behind Tang Qingyang and greeted Gu Ning with great respect.

There was no need for Gu Ning and Tang Qingyang to talk about business without them being there, so they stayed in the private room.

“Hows your life in the capital these days” Gu Ning asked.

Tang Qingyang put on a wry smile.

“Im nearly useless in the company.”

“Dont worry, it wont last long.” Gu Ning comforted him.

Once she came to the capital, she began to fight against the Tang Organization.

Tang Qingyang was also aware of it, so he didnt bother to think further about it.

He trusted Gu Ning.

“Oh, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin are going to be married on the 18th next month.

Its about 20 days away,” Tang Qingyang said.

“Married” Gu Ning wore an evil smile.

“Great, Ill send them a great gift then.”

She had waited for their wedding for a long time.

She would send them an unforgettable gift.

Tang Qingyang didnt know what gift Gu Ning was going to send them, but he knew that it must be bad news for the Tang family.

“You should be prepared, because Ill need you later,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure.” Tang Qingyang nodded.

He was already prepared.

After having lunch with Tang Qiangyang, Gu Ning went back to the Shengning Organization.

Since she was in the capital now, she should begin to work in the Shengning Organization.

Her office was on the 18th floor, the top floor and Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were acting as her secretaries.

Once Gu Ning showed up, K came to talk about the advertisement of their game with her.

They needed to advertise the game before it was put on the market.

High-speed Tech already had an official website and Weibo account, so they could rely on Weibo to post the latest news about their game company.

Moreover, they could work with the largest video website to advertise their game.

As for the release time, they set it for a week later.

During this week, they would focus on advertising it.

Afterwards, Gu Ning told K to investigate the senior management of the Tang Organization, especially Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin, to find their dirty secrets.

Gu Ning knew that both Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin werent loyal people, so it should be very easy to find their dirty secrets.

K agreed, because it was very easy for him to do.

Gu Ning told him to do it slowly, because she needed enough evidence.

Therefore, it wasnt necessary for K to finish this task as soon as possible.

Gu Ning received a call from Ning Changkai at 5 pm, who told her that the test report of their make-up products was out.

“Great, arrange a news conference before theyre put on the market.

Oh, put them into all the direct-sale stores of Kouzi in the capital and City B first,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure.” Ning Changkai agreed.

Ning Changkai knew that it was a bet Gu Ning had with another person, so she took it seriously.

Everything went smoothly in the following week and High-speed Tech soon signed a contract with a famous video website.

Before long, the ad for Battle in the Sky was shown on the video website.

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