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However, Gu Ning stopped and asked, “Director Chang, as the director of a branch of the Public Security Bureau, you refuse to punish the evil for the innocent, and accept bribes.

Arent you afraid to be put in jail”

“Do you have any evidence” Chang Bingjian snorted.

Although he was shocked by Gu Nings fighting skills, he had a gun in his hands right now.

“My family is the famous Chang family in the capital, while youre merely a nobody.

What can you do”

“Do you think the Chang family will protect you when youre in big trouble You will be abandoned because youre useless and harmful,” Gu Ning said.

“Bull**!” Chang Bingjian retorted, but without confidence, because Gu Ning was right.

The Chang family only wanted and needed useful people.

Therefore, the Chang family always told him to be careful and not to give other people ammunition.

If he was in trouble, the Chang family might help him if it was possible, otherwise he would directly be abandoned.

However, Chang Bingjian thought that his family was too powerful to be stopped, so he didnt restrict his behavior when he did certain things.

He had never gotten in trouble before, so he didnt bother to behave himself.

For example, he wrote down the records of bribes he had accepted in a notebook.

Although he locked it up in a safe and ordinary people couldnt open it, it wasnt a problem at all in Gao Yis eyes.

Chang Bingjian believed that he was very smart, but there actually were many people who were smarter than him.

“Lets see!” Gu Ning said.

She lost her patience and moved towards Chang Bingjian like lightning the next second.

Before Chang Bingjian could see it clearly, Gu Ning had already grabbed the gun from his hand.

Chang Bingjian was stunned.


He couldnt believe his eyes now.

Gu Ning was pointing a gun at him!

Chang Bingjian was scared that Gu Ning might shoot him, but to his surprise, Gu Ning disassembled the gun without hesitation.

There was no need for her to deal with Chang Bingjian using a gun.

Chang Bingjian was relieved and amazed by her ability.

“Who are you” Chang Bingjian asked.He was very sure that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl.

She probably came from a family much more powerful than his.

“I introduced myself to you at the very beginning,” Gu Ning said, then ignored Chang Bingjian and walked away.

They were on the second floor, so not many people noticed what they were doing.

However, right when Gu Ning and Qiao Ya turned around and walked away, Chang Bingjian ran to pull another gun from the pocket of a policeman who was beaten on the ground, then shot at Gu Ning.

The bullet flew straight towards Gu Ning.

Chang Bingjian put on an evil expression.

No matter who dared to challenge or threaten him, he would teach him or her a lesson.

Chang Bingjian didnt aim at fatal parts of Gu Nings body, but pointed at her leg.

He simply wanted to teach her a lesson, instead of killing her.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning easily avoided the bullet.

The next second, the bullet hit a window and broke it into pieces.

This scene shocked Chang Bingjian again.

He couldnt believe that Gu Ning was able to avoid a bullet!

Gu Ning glared at Chang Bingjian with her eyes full of warning.

He shot at her from behind!

Although Gu Ning was seven meters away from Chang Bingjian, she still dashed to him within a second and grabbed his hand.

Without delay, Chang Bingjians hand was dislocated and the gun fell to the ground.

Chang Bingjian shouted in pain.

Gu Ning felt disgusted and kicked his belly.

She didnt use great force, but Chang Bingjian was still kicked to the ground.

There were ceramic tiles on the floor, so it was slippery and Chang Bingjian slipped for a few meters under the effect of inertia and didnt stop until he hit the wall.

Chang Bingjian felt that his bones were all broken after the continuous damage.

The gunshot alerted every policeman in this branch, and they ran upstairs at once.

Within 10 seconds, seven policemen gathered at the second-floor landing.

They were shocked by the scene, then all pulled out their gun, except for Zuo Anrong.

“Freeze!” the leading policeman shouted at Gu Ning and Qiao Ya.

Gu Ning and Qiao Ya werent scared at all even though they were facing seven guns, but they had to be cautious.

“How dare you attack people in the Public Security Bureau!” A policeman snapped at Gu Ning.

“So Your director shot first; do I have to wait to be killed by him” Gu Ning sneered.

Hearing that, everyone was greatly surprised.

They couldnt believe that their director shot first.

Actually, neither Gu Ning nor Qiao Ya had a gun when they walked in here, and only their director and those policemen had a gun.

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