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“What” Captain Yang was struck dumb for a second, then abruptly turned to look at Zuo Anrong.

“Zuo Anrong, did you just call the deputy director”

“Why not The director is injured, so we need to report it to the deputy director,” Zuo Anrong said.

He knew what Captain Yang was thinking.

“You…” Captain Yang didnt know what to say now.

It was totally reasonable that the deputy director needed to show up now that the director was injured and couldnt work.

However, the director had a bad relationship with the deputy director, and the deputy director was highly likely to make the situation worse!

Captain Yang was worried at first, but then he remembered that the evidence was already ruined.

Without evidence, it was useless even if the deputy director came.

However, he forgot that Gu Ning came here for another case.

“Great, we can wait,” Captain Yang said, then walked out with his people.

“Miss Gu, you dont seem worried at all.” Zuo Anrong was curious when he saw that Gu Ning looked very calm.

He was worried about her, but she wasnt worried at all!

Gu Ning could see that Zuo Anrong sided with her, and she had a good impression of him.

“I believe that the deputy director will clear my name,” Gu Ning said.

She made it sound as if the deputy director would help her find out the truth.

Zuo Anrong somehow felt like it wasnt that simple.

About 20 minutes later, the deputy director came.

Chang Bingjian was already sent to the hospital, so he didnt see Chang Bingjians injuries, but he wasnt disappointed.

He needed to interrogate the suspect first, so he didnt go to the hospital to visit Chang Bingjian right now.

Zuo Anrong didnt tell him much on the phone, so the deputy director had no idea that he had a great chance to be promoted today.

Because Gu Ning and Qiao Ya couldnt provide evidence, they became suspects and were taken to the interrogation room.

Gu Ning didnt mind and agreed.

Since the deputy director was already here, she believed that they would be safe.

The deputy directors name was Tang Quanjun.

He was about 40 and stayed in shape.

Chang Bingjian was much fatter than him.

Tang Quanjun also had a much better appearance than Chang Bingjian.

The interrogation room was very big, and there were two seats in front of the interrogation table.

At the right side, there was a smaller table with a computer on it.

A policewoman was sitting there to do the recording.

A camera was also placed on the smaller table.

At the left corner of the interrogation room were three chairs for people to sit in on the interrogation.

“Deputy Director Tang, they are the suspects who injured the director and three policemen,” Captain Yang said once he took Gu Ning and Qiao Ya into the room.

Tang Quanjun was surprised when he found out that the two suspects were a woman and a young girl.

He knew that they wouldnt have a fight for no reason, especially in the Public Security Bureau.

Attacking the police was a serious crime, especially when the victim was the director.

Chang Bingjian must have done something unacceptable.

“Have a seat,” Tang Quanjun said lightly, but made people feel stressed.

After that, Captain Yang pushed Gu Ning and Qiao Ya to sit down on the chairs before the interrogation table, then he began to handcuff them.

“Wait, were not criminals.

How can you handcuff us” Gu Ning stopped him at once.

“Youre not criminals Youve injured the director, and you cant provide the evidence to prove that youre innocent,” Captain Yang sneered.

“Captain Yang, dont forget why we came here,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Captain Yang panicked a little.

Tang Quanjun squinted at Gu Ning.

This matter wasnt simple at all.

“Fine, let them be,” Tang Quanjun said.

Although Captain Yang was Chang Bingjians man, he still had to listen to Tang Quanjun.

After that, the interrogation began.

Tang Quanjun would hold the interrogation, while Zuo Anrong and Captain Yang sat in on it.

“Name, age, city of birth,” Tang Quanjun said to Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, 19, City F,” Gu Ning said.

Qiao Ya also said, “Qiao Ya, 27, City K.”

Qiao Ya was also from a small city.

“Why did you hurt Director Chang” Tang Quanjun asked calmly.

He didnt sound angry at all.

In fact, he was more than happy to hear the news.

“Well, the story begins from yesterday…” Gu Ning said, but Captain Yang interrupted her at once.

“Make the long story short.

Just tell our deputy director why you hurt our director.”

Captain Yang didnt want Gu Ning to reveal what had happened to Peng Xinghao.

“Yang Ke, do you want to do my job” Tang Quanjun was annoyed.

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