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“If you want to work for me, you must have skills,” Gu Ning said.

“I understand.” Peng Xinghao smiled with confidence.

He made a promise to be useful and successful in the future.

Before Zhou Weifan came, Gu Ning told them that she arranged for someone to protect them in case the Zen family attacked them after this case was exposed.

Peng Xiaoman was scared, because Peng Xinghao just survived from the terrible accident, so they accepted Gu Nings arrangement and thanked her.

About half an hour later, Zhou Weifan showed up.

Because he needed to stay in the hospital for several days, he prepared a change of clothes and some daily necessities.

Peng Xinghao stayed in an ordinary single ward, but there was a sofa.

There was also a kitchen and a bathroom in the ward, so they could cook inside.

There was only one hospital bed in the ward, but it was very big, so Zhou Weifan could share it with Peng Xinghao.

Although Peng Xiaoman felt a little uneasy when a strange man stayed in the room with them day and night, Peng Xinghao was also in the room and she wouldnt be alone.

In addition, Zhou Weifan was staying there for their safety.

Before the case was settled, the three of them couldnt separate from each other so Qiao Ya bought enough food for three days.

It was possible that Peng Xiaoman could be kidnapped if she went outside alone.

It was also possible that their enemy would attack them if Zhou Weifan was absent.

In that case, they had to be very cautious.

After all, one could never be too careful.

Gu Ning introduced Zhou Weifan, Peng Xinghao, Peng Xiaoman to one another.

Afterwards, she went back to her company.

In another hospital, Leng Yuanqian left after staying for a while because he still needed to work tomorrow.

Jiang Shuyuan stayed to keep Leng Shaojias company.

Although there were many maids in the Leng family, they still preferred to take care of their daughter on their own.

Leng Yuanqian told Master Leng about what had happened to Leng Shaojia that morning.

Master Leng disliked Leng Shaojias behavior, but she was still his granddaughter, so he felt angry too.

At the same time, Master Leng also criticized Leng Shaojia for her inappropriate behavior and bad temper.

He believed that Leng Shaojia must have done something wrong first for her to have suddenly been attacked.

Leng Yuanqian didnt argue about it, because he had the same idea.

Therefore, Master Leng told Leng Yuanqian not to investigate it, because Leng Shaojia only had external injuries.

Although Leng Yuanqian was unwilling to do that, he had to admit that Master Leng was right.

During the past few years, Leng Shaojia had bullied many people by relying on her powerful family many times.

This could be a good lesson for her to learn to behave herself from now on.

Leng Shaojia asked for todays result.

If the Leng family still spoiled her, Leng Shaojia would learn nothing from it and continue to be aggressive.

Leng Yuanqian agreed that Leng Shaojia needed to learn to behave herself, so he listened to Master Leng and gave up investigating it.

After breakfast, Master Leng went to visit Leng Shaojia in the hospital.

Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin were busy today, so they didnt go there with Master Leng.

Leng Shaojia only had external injuries after all.

In the hospital, Leng Shaojia was able to talk after she got up in the morning.

Her waist was still painful, but other parts of her body were fine now.

Nevertheless, she couldnt move at all because of her painful waist.

Therefore, she kept moaning in pain and sounded very weak.

Jiang Shuyuan asked Leng Shaojia whether she knew who the attacker was, but Leng Shaojia had no idea.

They needed to wait for the surveillance cameras.

Jiang Shuyuan then asked Leng Shaojia whether she had names in her mind.

Leng Shaojia was aware that she had offended many people till now, so she didnt know which of them could be the attacker.

This week, she had argued with two women in a bar, and almost had a fight with one of them.

And other than that, she had also fought against other women earlier on.

“Could it be Gu Ning” Jiang Shuyuan said all of a sudden.

Hearing that, Leng Shaojia thought that it was possible, but she didnt think Gu Ning would attack her in an ambush.

After that, Leng Shaojia told Jiang Shuyuan what had happened in the bar last night.

Gu Ning left the bar a short time earlier than her, so it was impossible for Gu Ning to change clothing and follow her later.

Jiang Shuyuan nodded and gave up being suspicious of Gu Ning.

Since neither of them had an idea, they could only wait for the police.


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