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Unfortunately, it was too late for Chang Qiweis husband to stop her and she was about to touch Tang Quanjun.

Although they wanted to see Tang Quanjun in trouble, Chang Qiwei couldnt do that in public.

Tang Quanjun was an important official in the police system, and he wasnt weak at all, especially when a woman attacked him.

Therefore, Tang Quanjun easily avoided Chang Qiwei.

Chang Qiwei, instead, couldnt stop her steps right away, and she bumped into the pillar behind Tang Quanjun.

With a loud sound, her forehead started swelling.

Gu Ning was amused by the scene, so was Qiao Ya.

Chang Qiweis husband went to help her get back to her feet at once.

“What are you doing This is the court.

Dont cause trouble here.”

“He…” Chang Qiwei wanted to argue, but her father stopped her again.

“Dont you think its embarrassing enough Go back home now!”

They couldnt wait to pay Tang Quanjun back, but not now.

As for Chang Qiweis injury, she could only accept it and swallow the anger.

Chang Qiwei was reluctant to leave, but she had to listen to her father.

After that, they gave Tang Quanjun a glare and left.

“Deputy Director Tang, you must be careful these days,” Gu Ning said.

“Thanks, I will,” Tang Quanjun said.

He knew that Chang Bingjians family wouldnt leave him alone, because he caused the death of Chang Bingjian.

Even if they wouldnt attack Tang Quanjun themselves, they might hire a killer to do it for them.

“Oh, the Zeng familys case will be brought to court in a few days,” Tang Quanjun said.

“Great.” Gu Ning nodded.

She actually didnt care about the date, because she only wanted to see Zeng Kai punished.

After that, Gu Ning went back to her company.

When she was back in her car, she checked her phone and found a message from K.

K had the result and emailed her.

Gu Ning decided to read it after she was back in her office, because it was more convenient to use her computer to read the email.

Once Gu Ning was in her office, she clicked the email open.

K followed the old man who sold the blue and white porcelain to them through surveillance cameras, and he found the man who paid the old man to do that.

It all began with this evil blue and white porcelain.

At 9 am, a man carried a bag of objects to an antique store named Ancient Charm at the antique street.

The evil blue and white porcelain was in the bag.

Gu Ning knew Ancient Charm.

Actually, she remembered the name of every antique store at the antique street.

Ancient Charm used to be as popular as Xiangyun Antique-store, but Xiangyun Antique-store became much more popular than Ancient Charm after Gu Ning took it over.

The boss of Ancient Charm liked the mans objects, so he bought them.

Normally, the purchase price was very low, because everyone knew that those objects were stolen from graves.

Grave-diggers already had a sell-and-buy agreement with antique stores.

Because grave-digging was illegal, grave-diggers couldnt directly sell those objects they had stolen to buyers.

They had to sell them to antique stores.

Antique stores wouldnt accuse them nor call the police, because they were in the same boat.

Grave-diggers also thought that the purchase price was too low, but they didnt have a better way to make more money.

Li Maosong and his friends sold their objects in the black market, but they still couldnt make as much money as they were supposed to get.

Speaking of Li Maosong, he and his friends arrived at the capital a day later than Gu Ning.

The crew of the new show needed more people to help, so Gu Ning told them to go to the crew first.

Therefore, Li Maosong and his friends were working in the crew of An Empress of Military Blood now.

After the boss of Ancient Charm bought the bag of objects, he took a liking to the blue and white porcelain at first glance.

Nevertheless, another man visited Ancient Charm once the grave-digger was gone.

It was very hot, but he still put on black clothing with a baseball cap and a mask.

It seemed like he didnt want to touch the sunlight.

Gu Ning had a strange feeling when she saw the man in the video, but she couldnt see his face clearly.

The man said that he wanted to see the bag of objects the grave-digger just sold to the boss.

The boss of Ancient Charm definitely wouldnt refuse to make a deal, but he wanted to keep the blue and white porcelain himself.

The man in black didnt give up, but had a talk with the boss of Ancient Charm aside.

Gu Ning could only see the picture without sound from the video, so she had no idea what the man in black was talking about with the boss of Ancient Charm.

In the end, the boss of Ancient Charm still refused to sell the blue and white porcelain, so the man in black bought something else.

Gu Ning guessed that the man in black must have told the boss of Ancient Charm the problem of the blue and white porcelain.

She thought of cultivators at once.


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