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Reporters turned to ask Tang Bingsen right away, “Chairman Tang, is this woman really your older daughter”

Tang Bingsen, however, directly ignored those reporters and glared straight at Gu Ning.

“Who are you Why did you disguise yourself as my daughter My daughter looks totally different from you.”

He was worried that this woman would say or do something to hurt the Tang family in public.

Unfortunately, he couldnt throw her out at this moment in case his guests thought that he was really guilty.

“Is she crazy or something”

“If shes really the older daughter of the Tang family, the other members of the Tang family would have recognized her the second she showed up.”

“Why did she disguise herself as Lady Tang”

“I thought that shes the Tang familys relative!”


“Dad, catch her right now,” Tang Yaxin said anxiously.

If this woman didnt disappear right now, her wedding could be ruined.

“Do you think several security guards are able to catch me Did you already forget the lesson I taught you” Gu Ning stared at Tang Yaxin.

“You…” Tang Yaxin was scared.

She didnt forget what Gu Ning had done to her, and she clearly knew that she was no match for Gu Ning.

Other guests got curious when they found that Tang Yaxin was eager to chase Gu Ning out.

There must be something the Tang family didnt want other people to know.

All of them came from super-rich or powerful families, and they knew that many of them had dirty secrets.

During these years, they believed that Tang Yaxin was the only daughter and heir of the Tang family, unless Tang Bingsen had an illegitimate son.

Nobody knew whether Tang Yaxin really had an illegitimate son, but some had this suspicion.

“Miss, you claim that youre the older daughter of the Tang family, but Chairman Tang just denied it.

Which one of you is telling the truth”

A reporter turned to ask Gu Ning questions.

“My face is indeed different, because I had an accident last year.

My face was disfigured, so I had plastic surgery,” Gu Ning calmly said.

No one believed it except Tang Bingsen, because he saw Tang Ainings body being burned with his own eyes.

If this woman was Tang Aining, the girl whose body was burned into ashes would be another woman.

Thinking of that, Tang Bingsen felt frightened.

An idea dawned on him that Tang Aining could still be alive.

He refused to believe it, but he didnt know how to explain it right now.

Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin had the same thought.

They were worried that Tang Aining might have survived and came back to get revenge on them today.

Tang Aining was an extraordinarily outstanding killer, and it was possible that she didnt die after jumping into the sea.

“What Is she really the older daughter of the Tang family”

“I cant believe it.”

“Its too shocking.”


“I dont believe it.

Do you have any proof to prove that youre Aining” Tang Bingsen forced himself to stay calm.

However, he was still worried that Gu Ning might expose his familys dirty secrets.

“Well, I still have my memories.

If you dont mind, I can share some stories with you,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, Tang Bingsen trembled in fear.

“Nonsense! We know whats true or not, but our guests dont.

What if you make up something to slander our family and the rumor goes abroad Todays Yaxins wedding, and we can talk about you later if you insist,” Tang Bingsen said.

“Why Cant I attend my younger sisters wedding” Gu Ning pulled her lips.

“We arent sure who you are right now, so we cant allow you to stay here,” Tang Bingsen said.

“You can make sure of it right now.

It wont cost you much time,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Tang Bingsen was mad and lost patience.

“I know you simply want to ruin my daughters wedding! Get her out now,” he gave an order to the group of security guards at once.

Four security guards moved without delay.

Seeing that, those reporters all stepped backwards in case they were hurt.

To their surprise, Gu Ning didnt hesitate and beat the security guards up within seconds.

It was super easy for her to get rid of them.


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