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Everyone was shocked by the scene when the four security guards shouted in pain on the ground.

They all moved away from Gu Ning in case they were injured by accident in the violent fight.

Tang Bingsen wasnt surprised, because he knew that this woman wasnt weak.

“Tell my bodyguards to catch her, now!” He gave another order.

He had to catch Gu Ning as soon as possible.

Tang Bingsen always went out with his bodyguards, who were strong and skilled at fighting.

He wouldnt tell them to have a fight unless it was necessary, but now he was left no choice.

The next second, 10 bodyguards surrounded Gu Ning.

Onlookers stayed far away from them and began to gossip about it.

“Do you think this woman can defeat these bodyguards”

“I dont think she can.

There are 10 strong bodyguards in all!”

“Well, I have to admit that shes really awesome.

I dont think I can easily beat two security guards up in such a short time.”

“Is it true that shes the older daughter of the Tang family”

“No idea, but I think its highly possible, because the members of the Tang family looked very nervous when she showed up.”

“Right, especially Tang Yaxin.”

“Why didnt Chairman Tang allow the woman to prove her identity”


All the guests were from the high society, and they werent dumb, so they knew that the Tang family was hiding something on purpose when the members of the Tang family all panicked when Gu Ning argued with them.

Those bodyguards began to attack Gu Ning when she was surrounded.

Unfortunately, even though every one of them was excellent at fighting, they were still no match for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning quickly kicked the first bodyguard down when he tried to punch her.

Without delay, she directly threw the second bodyguard over her shoulder.

As for the following bodyguards, Gu Ning dislocated either their arms or legs.

Even though it was a violent fight, it was the Tang familys trouble, and other guests enjoyed watching the drama.

It was rare to see a young girl beat a group of strong men up within minutes, and it was quite exciting.

Because not every guest had a good relationship with Tang Bingsen, some of them even gloated over his embarrassment.

After several minutes, all 10 of the bodyguards were beaten to the ground by Gu Ning.

They kept moaning in pain and couldnt get back to their feet.

The onlookers were all shocked.

“Jesus, shes so unbelievable!”

“Are these men too weak, or is she too strong”

“She must be a kung fu master.”

“I agree.”


Although they knew that Gu Ning wasnt a weak girl, Tang Bingsen was still angry when he saw that his bodyguards were useless.

“Call the police!” Tang Bingsen shouted again.

Hearing that, someone took out his phone to call the police at once.

“Great, I have something to hand to the police as well,” Gu Ning said.

All the other guests were curious about what Gu Ning would give to the police so they waited to see what was going to happen.

Qi Ziyue, however, panicked and stopped them right away.

“Dont call the police!” He thought of the USB flash disk in Gu Nings hands.

His reaction made the audience sure that Gu Ning must have something on the Tang family.

“Miss Tang, may I know what you plan to give to the police later” a reporter seized this chance and asked Gu Ning.

Tang Bingsen refused to give Gu Ning any chance to answer that question and said, “Todays wedding is canceled for the time being.

Im sorry, everyone and you can leave right now.”

It was impossible for the wedding to continue at this moment, so Tang Bingsen told his guests to leave as soon as possible.

The majority of the guests were unwilling to offend the Tang family, so they walked away in order not to embarrass Tang Bingsen.

Those reporters werent the paparazzi, and they had their moral standards, so they were ready to leave too.

“The best part of todays drama is yet to come.

Dont rush to leave,” Gu Ning suddenly said to the crowd.

The next second, she took out a thick pile of photos from her backpack and threw them towards the crowd.

Tang Bingsen and his family were scared and tried to stop her, but it was too late.

“What are these”

“No idea.”

“Lets have a look!”


When people looked at those photos Gu Ning threw to them, they were all stunned.

Those photos were nude pictures of Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyue having sex with different men and women.

Although their faces werent quite clear in each piece of the photos, it wasnt hard to recognize them.

Tang Yaxin had no idea that those men she used to have sex with would have a video recording of their sexual intercourse.


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