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Gu Ning saw K when she was waiting for the elevator in the underground parking lot.

“Hi, boss, several tech companies have contacted me and wanted to acquire High-speed Tech, but I turned them down.

Some of them even threatened me in annoyance.” K smiled at Gu Ning, and didnt take those threats seriously.

Given Gu Nings influence now, nobody could hurt him.

Instead, if their enemies in business tried to hurt them, they must be prepared for their own stupid decision.

No company had ever succeeded in scheming against Gu Nings companies.

Even if they could damage the reputation of Gu Nings companies for a short while, they still failed in the end and suffered a great loss.

Because High-speed Tech was just a small startup, and not many people were aware that it was controlled by Gu Ning as well, it didnt have much influence in the society for the time being.

However, the first game developed by High-speed Tech became the top one online game once it was released, so it helped High-speed Tech attract a lot of attention from its peers in the game industry.

“Really” Gu Ning cocked her eyebrow.

She wasnt mad at all, but also smiled.

“How did they threaten you”

“Not very straightforward, they simply said that High-speed Tech is a small startup and it wont have a bright future without a powerful support, and theyre willing to support us,” K said with disdain.

Those big tech companies might believe that they were the leaders in the game industry, but K had a different opinion.

He was very sure that none of them was comparable to Gu Ning.

After all, Gu Ning already had dozens of billions of yuan in assets now.

Only K was aware of all Gu Nings companies, so he knew that she was incredibly rich.

Most of her wealth came from jade jewelry.

Her companies in City Teng were worth over ten billion yuan.

Kouzi and Jade Beauty Jewelry were also quite profitable.

Although only a small number of rich people became loyal customers of Jade Beauty Jewelry, they never hesitated to spend a lot of money on jewelry.

A single rich woman could have multiple sets of jewelry.

Compared with Jade Beauty Jewelry, Kouzi was popular in most social classes, and many women or girls bought it regularly.

Women were very generous in maintaining their beauty, so it was easy to make money by attracting loyal female customers.

And although Kouzi was a newly-built brand, it already earned a good reputation for its quality, safety, and great effects.

Some rich women might prefer to buy famous international skincare brands, but Kouzi was the most popular domestic brand now.

More and more girls or women were willing to try Kouzi, and most of them fell in love with it after using it.

Kouzi wasnt on the list of famous international brands now, but it wouldnt take long for it to do that.

Some other skincare brands felt threatened facing such a strong competitor like Kouzi.

They deliberately left negative comments on it on the Internet, trying to stop more people from buying it, but this tactic wasnt very useful.

It was just the beginning, and Kouzi would face more unkind competition in the future.

Gu Ning was prepared, and wasnt worried about it at all.

Moreover, as she gained more and more fortune, her social class was rising as well, which meant that she wasnt weak anymore.

She had enough resources, connections, helpers, and so on to help her build and expand her business empire.

As a result, no one could force them to sell High-speed Tech if they refused to.

In addition to her own influence, Gu Ning also had the Tang familys support.

The Tang family held an important position in both business and politics, so no company dared to act against it even though it was big and successful in their country.

“Just ignore them.

If they dare to play some dirty tricks, pay them back,” Gu Ning said.

She had zero tolerance to mean people.

“I will,” K said, he actually had the same idea.

“Oh, hows the Mu family right now” Gu Ning asked all of a sudden.

She hadnt paid attention to the Mu family for a long time, because it was Ks enemy after all, so she thought that she shouldnt care about it.

“It already lost everything it owned, and will probably declare bankruptcy in the next few days,” K said.

He felt satisfied that the Mu family lost everything it owned before.

As long as his revenge was achieved, he could focus on his own life in the future.

In fact, once the Mu family was stuck in a big crisis, its partners all abandoned it.


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