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“How much can you get by marrying Jiayu to the old man”

Right at this moment, a male voice interrupted them and a man walked out of the crowd.

“Zhang Hao, what are you doing here” Lin Jiayu was surprised to see him.

Zhang Hao didnt respond to Lin Jiayu right away, but coldly stared at her parents, waiting for their answer.

Lin Jiayus parents were struck dumb for a second, then showed obvious disdain on their faces.

Zhang Hao was Lin Jiayus boyfriend, but he wasnt rich, so Lin Jiayus parents didnt approve of their marriage.

“Two hundred thousand yuan,” Lin Jiayus mother said to Zhang Hao with arrogance.

In their eyes, Zhang Hao was too poor to afford two hundred thousand yuan.

“Great, I can give you three hundred thousand yuan, and I want to marry Lin Jiayu, but you must agree to my condition and sign an agreement with me,” Zhang Hao said.

Hearing that, both Lin Jiayu and her parents were shocked.

“Zhang Hao, dont be silly.

You cant afford it, and you shouldnt give them money at all.” Lin Jiayu got anxious.

She was afraid that her parents would begin to cause Zhang Hao trouble once he agreed to give them money.

“Dont worry about me.

I promise that I wont marry the old man.”

“Jiayu, can you trust me this time,” Zhang Hao asked Lin Jiayu in a serious tone.

Lin Jiayu opened her mouth, trying to say something, but said nothing in the end.

Although she didnt know how Zhang Hao got so much money, she chose to trust him.

Lin Jiayus parents only wanted money, so they beamed with satisfaction.

“Really What condition”

“You cant ask Lin Jiayu for a cent from now on, and you wont be treated nicely if you dare to cause us trouble again,” Zhang Hao said.

“No problem!” Lin Jiayus mother agreed at once.

She only wanted to get the money now, and didnt care about what would happen in the future.

“Zhang Hao, they…” Lin Jiayu was anxious, because she clearly knew how evil her parents were.

It was impossible for them to leave her alone as long as they could get money from her.

“Jiayu, trust me, I can deal with it.” Zhang Hao understood Lin Jiayus worries.

However, her parents were here now, so he couldnt explain his idea to her.

“Lin Jiayu, marry Zhang Hao before next month so that your older brother can get the money to get married before the National Day,” Lin Jiayus father said at once.

The onlookers all had sympathy for Lin Jiayu.

It was awful to have such a pair of parents in her life.

At this moment, Lin Jiayu totally lost all hope for her parents.

She realized that she had to cut off her relationship with them if she wanted to live her own life.

After warning Lin Jiayu, her parents left.

Since Lin Jiayus parents were gone, the onlookers walked away too.

The staff didnt see Gu Ning until now, so they got a fright the moment they saw her.

None of them knew when Gu Ning got there.

It was already past 9 am now, and they should be at work.

They were worried that Gu Ning might criticize them for watching the drama.

“Its fine.

Go back to your work now,” Gu Ning said to them.

She wasnt mad at all.

Although it indeed wasnt right that they left their work behind and watched the drama, she understood why they did that.

As long as they could finish their work properly, she would allow them to relax for a while.

“Sure!” All the staff ran back into the office building right away.

Lin Jiayu didnt go inside, but looked at Gu Ning feeling quite nervous.

“Im sorry, Chairman Gu, my parents…”

“You dont need to apologize.

I understand your feelings, but you must take control of your own life and learn to fight back when its necessary,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning didnt want to judge other peoples family.

“Thanks, Chairman Gu.” Lin Jiayu felt honored that Gu Ning understood her feelings.

“If its an emergency, you can leave earlier with your boyfriend,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning understood that it was very important to them and they needed to talk about it right now, so she allowed Lin Jiayu to get off work early.

“Thank you so much!” Lin Jiayu thanked Gu Ning right away.

She indeed needed to discuss it with Zhang Hao as soon as possible.

Gu Ning gave her a smile, then walked away, followed by Song Manni.

“I honestly dont understand why some parents are so evil.

I know that there are families which care about sons much more than daughters, but its too much that they want to sell their own daughter for money!” Song Manni said.

Lin Jiayus parents simply wanted to sell her for money by marrying her to an old man.

This was the first time that Song Manni had witnessed something like that.

Although she had heard of it before, she had never witnessed it until now.

“Right, there are all kinds of people in this world, and being weak means being bullied,” Gu Ning said.

Her relatives also valued boys above girls, but Lin Jiayus parents were even worse than her relatives.


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