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Chen Yunlin went to visit Qi Ziyue that morning and found that he was in an even worse condition.

She asked Qi Ziyue what had happened, and learned that the woman had come late yesterday night.

Chen Yunlin blamed herself for it.

If she hadnt gone back home last night, she could have stopped the woman from scaring Qi Ziyue.

Although she was no match for the woman, she could at least call other people for help.

Qi Ziyue was still afraid now, but he didnt dare to call the police in case his location was exposed.

Tang Bingsen still couldnt find Qi Ziyue without the help of the police.

He was mad and couldnt focus on his work because both “Tang Aining” and Qi Ziyue were nowhere to be found.

However, another member of the Tang family was in a very good mood now, and that was Tang Qingyang.

Although Tang Bingsen didnt allow him to make important decisions in the company, he was still a major shareholder and had some power in his hands.

Therefore, Tang Qingyang didnt hesitate to draw other shareholders over to his side.

Normally, there were many shareholders in a large business group, and the Tang Organization had 13 in all.

Among them, Tang Bingsen had 51% shares, Tang Qingyang held 20% shares, Tang Bingjiang owned 8% shares, while each of the other shareholders only had several percent of the shares.

Not every shareholder was Tang Bingsens man.

In most cases, they had to obey Tang Bingsens orders because he was the leader of the Tang Organization.

Those who disliked Tang Bingsen chose to side with Tang Qingyang, because Tang Qingyang was younger and smarter.

Although Tang Bingsen was a good leader who caused the company to grow fast under his leadership, many believed that Tang Qingyang could be a better leader than him.

Besides, Tang Bingsen was losing control of the company during these years.

In fact, he had been able to run the company very well in the past because Tang Aining had done a lot of bad deeds for him and helped him get rid of his business opponents.

However, Tang Aining was dead now, and he didnt have another person who could and was willing to break the law for him.

Moreover, the heir of the Tang Organization became a problem now.

Tang Bingsen only had a daughter, Tang Yaxin, so everyone believed that Tang Yaxin would take over the Tang familys business.

If Qi Ziyue successfully married into the Tang family, he would manage its business too.

Even though Qi Ziyue wasnt as outstanding as Tang Qingyang, he wasnt bad either.

Anyway, as long as Tang Yaxin was the sole heir of the Tang familys business, it would be impossible for Tang Qingyang to take over it.

Unfortunately, both Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyue were useless now, and Tang Qingyang suddenly became the best option for the heir of the Tang Organization.

There was also the possibility that Tang Bingsen might have a love child, because it wasnt uncommon for a rich man to have love children.

No one knew whether Tang Bingsen really had an illegitimate son or daughter, but the other shareholders found Tang Qingyang more reliable.

As a result, they kept a good relationship with Tang Qingyang at this time to gain some room to maneuver.

Although some ambitious shareholders had the idea to replace Tang Bingsen, it was super difficult, because the company was controlled by the Tang family anyway.

Tang Qingyang was also willing to keep a good relationship with them, because it was helpful for his future.

He also had something on almost half of the shareholders in case they suddenly betrayed him.

Tang Bingsen didnt have enough energy to deal with Tang Qingyang these days, because he was troubled by what “Tang Aining” had done to his family.

Xu Qinyin knew that Tang Qingyang was busy recently, so she didnt bother him, but she felt upset after losing touch with him for so long.

Nevertheless, she still didnt understand her feelings towards Tang Qingyang, which made her feel restless.

Gu Anna witnessed everything, but she couldnt do anything about it.

And Tang Qingyang was occupied with work, so he didnt have time to think about his relationship with Xu Qinyin.

In the morning, Gu Ning suddenly remembered that the opening ceremony of Gufan was tomorrow, so she booked a plane ticket to City B.

This time, she would go to City B alone, because Gao Yi and Qiao Ya stayed to investigate the evil forces supporting Tang Bingsen.

At 11 am, the phone in Gu Nings office rang.

Normally, the call came from the office line in her company.

“Hi!” Gu Ning picked it up.

“Chairman Gu, an old man wants to see you at the reception desk.

Hes unwilling to leave and is shouting loudly.

Do you need us to chase him away”

This was the first time that the receptionist had talked with Gu Ning, so she was quite nervous.

Since the old man came to her company and shouted to meet her, he didnt have her phone number.

In other words, they werent familiar.

Right when Gu Ning wanted to ask for the old mans name, she heard the old mans voice from the phone.

“Hey, young girl, its me.

Im the old fortune-teller.

Do you still remember me” He shouted loudly and it seemed that he was afraid that Gu Ning couldnt hear him.

Gu Ning was slightly scared by his sudden interruption, and couldnt believe that he could find her.


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