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However, Gu Ning saw nothing inside, and it was completely dark, which made her feel quite strange, because that had never happened before.

Even if it was completely dark in the tower, Gu Nings Jade Eyes could see everything clearly, so it was strange that she couldnt see anything now.

Gu Ning had a feeling that something stopped her Jade Eyes from seeing inside the tower.

She didnt know what it was, but there must be a reason for it.

This was the first time that Gu Nings Jade Eyes had been useless, and she felt upset.

Nevertheless, precisely because of that, she got more curious about what was in the tower.

“Whats wrong” Leng Shaoting asked with concern.

“My Jade Eyes are suddenly useless, and I cant see whats in the tower,” Gu Ning said.

“We can just go inside.”

“Sure,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Jiao, you can stay here and wait for us,” Gu Ning said to the flood dragon.

Since it felt stressed once it approached the tower, she wouldnt force it to go inside with them.

“No problem, master,” the flood dragon said.

After that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked forward together, but Leng Shaoting moved a step ahead of her and protected her with his body.

If anything dangerous happened, he could protect her from danger.

Even if Gu Ning was stronger than him in some aspects, he didnt want her to be hurt.

Although it wasnt the first time that he had done that, Gu Ning still felt touched every time Leng Shaoting did that.

This was love, and they always cared about each other more than themselves.

As they approached the tower, the magical power grew thicker, but they didnt feel as stressed as the flood dragon had felt.

Gu Ning didnt doubt the flood dragons words.

Because the flood dragon was very different from human beings, there was probably something in the tower that could chase different creatures away.

Before the flood dragon became a dragon, it was counted as a monster, and it would feel stressed when faced with magic instruments.

Normally magic instruments were swords and knives, but they were more than swords and knives.

Magic instruments included any kinds of tools used in religious temples for prayers, meditations, offerings, ceremonies, etc.

Prayer beads carried by religious believers, or even tin rods and other tools for practice could also be called magic instruments.

Gu Ning didnt know whether there were magic instruments in the tower, but she hoped there were.

Even if they couldnt get holy artifacts, magic instruments were also helpful.

Leng Shaoting reached out his hand, trying to push the door open.

Surprisingly, the door was unbelievably heavy and he failed to move it at all.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting exchanged a glance.

There must be a catch somewhere.

“Lets find where the catch is,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure,” Leng Shaoting said, then they began to search around for the catch.

They searched for it for a long while, but couldnt find it, and both of them felt quite disappointed.

“Does it need a password” Gu Ning guessed.

Leng Shaoting frowned.

“Itll be very difficult if it needs a password.”

There were too many characters and numbers.

It was impossible for them to figure out the password within a short time.

Even if the password only consisted of numbers, it was still very hard.

“Let me have a try,” Gu Ning said.

Actually, she had no confidence at all, but she simply thought that she should do something.

Leng Shaoting was curious about what she would do and say.

The next second, Gu Ning suddenly said to the door, “Abracadabra!”

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, Im sorry.” Once she said that aloud, Gu Ning couldnt help but laugh out loud herself.

It was so ridiculously funny!

Leng Shaoting was also amused.

“Am I childish” Gu Ning felt a little embarrassed.

The password of a leading orthodox sects base couldnt be so simple.

“No at all, I think youre adorable.” Leng Shaoting smiled at her.

In his eyes, Gu Ning was the most lovable girl in this world.

Hearing that, Gu Ning flushed.

“Well, I think we can go back now.

Lets see what we can find about this tower from the books in the study,” Leng Shaoting said.

After all, they could do nothing right here right now.

Gu Ning nodded and they went back together.

When they were back in the study, Gu Ning told Leng Shaoting to practice his cultivation while she would search for information about the tower on her own.

She had a great memory anyway, so it was easy for her to do that.

Afterwards, she gave Leng Shaoting her night-luminescent pearl.

“Take this with you, it can help you collect magical power.”


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