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After that, they ran together as they chatted with each other along the way.

“The new semester will begin in a few days.

Gu Ning, when will you go to the university” Baili Zongxue asked Gu Ning.

“I dont know yet.

Ill have to see,” said Gu Ning.

She said that not because she didnt want to go to their university with Baili Zongxue.

In fact, even though Baili Zongxue wanted to go to the university with her, she wouldnt mind.

She actually didnt set the date yet.

They only had two days for the enrollment anyway.

Gu Ning planned to accompany Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi to get enrolled first, then she would do that later, because she wouldnt let them go to their university with the luggage.

Even if she couldnt accompany them, she would arrange for someone to do that for her.

Baili Zongxue said nothing about that.

In addition, she didnt have the plan to go to the university along with Gu Ning.

She built a relationship with Gu Ning on purpose, but also kept a certain distance away from her.

If they didnt have patience, their real purpose would be exposed.

Although they still didnt find or get anything useful from Gu Ning, they needed to be patient.

Gu Ning was a very smart outstanding girl, so they had to be very careful.

All they needed to do now was to have a good relationship with Gu Ning and they would get whatever they wanted then.

Even though Gu Ning might not help the Baili family, they could stop her from helping other dominant families by using their good relationship.

They wouldnt actualize their goals by hook or by crook, so they wouldnt deal with Gu Ning with dirty tricks.

After running for a while, Yu Mixi was out of strength, so Gu Ning stopped too.

She needed to test Yu Mixis and Chu Peihans fighting skills later.

As Gu Ning and her friends stopped, Baili Zongyang and his younger sister stopped too.

“Are you out of strength” Baili Zongyang asked with concern.

“Yeah, you can keep on running and well be fine in a while,” said Gu Ning.

“Why dont we have breakfast together later,” said Baili Zongyang.

Hearing that, Chu Peihans eyes lit up again.

It was a great honor in her eyes to share breakfast with such a handsome man.

However, Chu Peihan said nothing and looked to Gu Ning, because Baili Zongyang was asking for Gu Nings opinion.

“Thanks, but I have friends waiting for us to have breakfast together in the hotel,” said Gu Ning.

“Alright, we can do it next time.” Since Gu Ning declined, Baili Zongyang didnt insist.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

She had never had any intention to avoid Baili Zongyang and his younger sister, so she was willing to share a meal with them if she was free.

Even though she didnt need to learn more about the cultivation world through them right now, because she could do that by asking Jing Yunyao or Jing Jining, she still kept a good relationship with them.

She might need their help when Jing Yunyao went to pay the Jing family back in the future.

Gu Ning would make full use of her connections.

At the same time, if they wanted something from her to make that deal, she wouldnt hesitate to give it to them.

After that, Baili Zongyang and his younger sister ran away, and Chu Peihan kept staring at his back.

She didnt withdraw her sight even when Baili Zongyang was already gone.

“Hes already gone! Are you in love now” Gu Ning joked.

Hearing Gu Nings voice, Chu Peihan got her mind back and said, “Not really, but I just think hes unusually handsome.

Its rare to see such a handsome man like him.”

She wouldnt fall in love just because of a mans outstanding appearance, but it wasnt a bad idea to have such a handsome man with a good build as her boyfriend.

Nevertheless, Chu Peihan enjoyed being single, and she was still very young, so she wouldnt think about a romantic relationship for the time being.

In fact, Gu Ning was worried that Chu Peihan might really want Baili Zongyang to be her boyfriend.

They came from different worlds after all, and Chu Peihan would be hurt if she wanted someone she couldnt have.

Gu Ning encountered this problem right now, because Leng Shaoting was a cultivator.

She could only hope that she would survive it when she experienced the process of cutting bones and washing marrow.

Baili Zongxue joked with Baili Zongyang after they ran away.

“I think the girl named Chu Peihan has great interest in you.”

Although Baili Zongxue looked like 17 in the mortals world, she was actually nearly 30 in the cultivation world, love or a romantic relationship wasnt anything new in her eyes.

She could easily see that Chu Peihan had an interest in Baili Zongyang.

Nevertheless, it was only interest, not love.

She didnt believe in love at first glance, because it only happened when people were sexually attracted to each other.

Interest and addiction were different.

“I never lack admirers, and women want to be close to me for all kinds of reasons,” said Baili Zongyang.

Although it sounded narcissistic, it was the truth, because Baili Zongyang was too noticeable to be ignored wherever he went.

“How about Gu Ning” asked Baili Zongxue.

She felt that Gu Ning had no special feeling towards Baili Zongyang.

Hearing that, Baili Zongyang felt a little shy.

“Well, shes special.”

Gu Ning was indeed very special, because she looked very calm every time she saw him.

Actually, before Gu Ning met Leng Shaoting, she would pay special attention to good-looking men too, but she wouldnt do that again after meeting Leng Shaoting even if the man was even more handsome than Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting was very handsome, but different people had different standards of what made a handsome man after all.

When Yu Mixi had rested for a while, Gu Ning began to test her fighting skills, and saw that she had made great progress.


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