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Chapter 1757: Well Know Who Can Win

At 7:30 pm, Mingzhe and his friends arrived at the entrance of the twisting mountain road at Fushan.

There were four of them in all.

The twisting mountain road at Fushan was a specialized motorsport race track, because it was more exciting to have a car race here than in a flat circuit, but it was also much more dangerous.

Therefore, whoever came to have a race had to sign an agreement beforehand.

No matter what accidents happened during the game, the drivers had to take responsibility on their own.

It was a very dangerous activity after all and accidents could easily happen.

If the host had to take responsibility, it couldnt stay afloat.

Since it was a race track, there were professional racing cars for rent, but Mingzhe proposed to bring their own cars.

He believed that Gu Ning couldnt afford a good car, while they had many professional racing cars.

In that case, it would be hard for them to lose.

That was Mingzhes idea.

Mingzhe invited his friends cousin who was a professional racing driver to help him race against Gu Ning.

His friends cousin normally stayed in the racing team, and had several days off recently by chance, so Mingzhe turned to him for help.

Mingzhe paid him for the race, because he was a professional racing driver after all, and he wouldnt help Mingzhe for free.

He was the cousin of Mingzhes friend, instead of Mingzhes own cousin after all.

At this time, there were many people with luxurious sports cars at the twisting mountain road.

Although it was more dangerous to have a car race at night than during the day, many people still chose to come here at night for the excitement.

Zhang Zikai came later, and was alone.

She had the idea to call Shao Zihan to come with her, but Shao Zihan was in a bad mood recently because of Mingzhe, so she gave up the idea, in case Shao Zihan felt worse once she saw Mingzhe again.

Shao Zihan already gave up Mingzhe, but she used to like him very much, so it wasnt easy for her to get over him.

Her mood would still be affected by Mingzhe.

“What are you doing here” Mingzhe was displeased to see Zhang Zikai, but didnt dare to vent his anger on her.

“To watch the race,” said Zhang Zikai at once.

She was worried about Gu Ning, but seemed calm on the surface.

Mingzhe said nothing.

Zhang Zikai wouldnt affect their game after all.

“Mingzhe, youre really a terrible coward.

Since you want to have the race with Gu Ning, why dont you do it yourself.

How can you turn to another person for help” Zhang Zikai laughed at him.

“So what She already accepted it.

Losers are always in the wrong.” Mingzhe didnt think that he had done anything wrong, and took it for granted.

“Youre shameless and disgusting.

Ill wait to see you kneel, kowtow, and say youre sorry three times in front of Gu Ning!” said Zhang Zikai.

Although she was worried about Gu Ning, she should still defend her.

In addition, Gu Ning said that she was confident to win, so Zhang Zikai chose to believe her.


Shes merely a young girl.

Its impossible for her to defeat me,” said the professional racing driver.

He had great pride in himself and refused to believe that Gu Ning would win the game.

“Well know who can win,” said Zhang Zikai.

“Zikai, do you know who he is Hes a professional racing driver in an official team.

He has won many important awards before.

Do you think Gu Ning can defeat him” Mingzhe smiled with disdain.

His attitude showed that he believed that they could win.

“What” Hearing that, Zhang Zikai was surprised.

She didnt know that Gu Nings competitor was a professional racing driver from an official team.

She thought that he was just a common racing driver, but unexpectedly he was professional and even served in an official team.

After knowing that, Zhang Zikais expression became worried.

She now really worried that Gu Ning might lose.

Seeing her reaction, Mingzhe felt pleased and had greater confidence to win the game.

“Oh, do you know how much this Ferrari sports car costs Twelve million yuan.

Do you think Gu Ning can afford such a good car” Mingzhe said, pointing to a nearby sports car.

Zhang Zikai knew Gu Ning was rich, but she didnt know what car Gu Ning drove.

Not every rich man drove a luxurious car of over ten million yuan.

Besides, ordinary cars werent comparable to sports cars.

Thinking of that, Zhang Zikai was even more anxious.

At 7:40 pm, a white Lamborghini drove into the parking lot of the twisting mountain road at Fushan, and it attracted a lot of attention at once.

“No way, isnt that a limited edition Lamborghini”

“Right! It costs at least twenty million yuan!”

“The point is that it requires more than just money to buy such a limited edition car! Im afraid its owner has powerful connections too.”

“Look at its license plate number.

Its from City B”


Mingzhe and his friends also saw the white Lamborghini, and they began to discuss it too with envy.

Gu Ning saw Zhang Zikai from a distance, so she directly drove towards her.

The car moved very fast, so other people were unable to see the driver in it.

Everyones sight followed the Lamborghini, trying to figure out who was inside.

When the car stopped by Zhang Zikai and Gu Ning got out of it, both Zhang Zikai and Mingzhe were shocked.

To their astonishment, the driver was Gu Ning.

Other people who didnt know Gu Ning were also greatly surprised, because she was a young girl.

Therefore, some people who stood close to them talked about whether to strike up a conversation with her.

They were kind and simply interested in her car.

“Gu Ning, youre finally here.

Your car looks so cool!” Zhang Zikai got her mind back and ran towards Gu Ning at once.

She felt relaxed when she saw Gu Nings car, but she was still slightly worried, so she said to Gu Ning, “Gu Ning, Mingzhe has a professional racing driver to help him.

What will you do”

“Its fine,” Gu Ning said airily.

Seeing Gu Ning being so calm, Zhang Zikai felt comforted.

When Zhang Zikai called Gu Nings name, Mingzhes friends learned that she was Gu Ning.

However, they had a premonition, because Gu Ning had a limited edition Lamborghini, which was a lot more expensive than the professional racing drivers car.

“Gu Ning Is she the famous Gu Ning” said one of several nearby boys who were paying special attention to them, when he heard Zhang Zikai call Gu Nings name.


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