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Chapter 1758: Shes Doomed to Failure

The boys friend heard it and asked, “Do you know her”

“Ive heard of a girl named Gu Ning, and shes quite unbelievable.

Shes only 19 this year but already has many companies under her name.

Shes a billionaire now.

In addition, shes also excellent at studying, and was accepted by the Capital University before the regular time.

Shes also a kung fu master,” said the man with obvious admiration.

“Really Its incredible.”

Knowing that, all of his friends were surprised, but someone doubted it.

“Are you sure she owns all the companies”

“I believe so.

After all, given what she has done, she couldnt be an ordinary girl.” Although the boy wasnt sure that Gu Ning owned all the companies because it was really unbelievable, he chose to believe her.

“If so, its really amazing.

If she could be accepted by the Capital University before the regular time, it already proves that she isnt simple at all.”

“You just said that shes a kung fu master.

How good is she at kung fu”

“You can search for more information about her on the Internet.

Its hard to explain it in a few seconds,” said the boy, and his friends took out their phones at once to search for information about Gu Ning.

Gu Ning walked to Mingzhe and his friends, then asked them in a cold tone, “When will the race begin”

“We can do it right now,” said the professional racing driver.

Even though he was surprised by Gu Nings fancy car, he still had confidence in himself to win the game.

She had a good car, but it didnt mean that she had good skills too.

Moreover, he was from an official racing team, while she was just an ordinary girl.

He had never seen a girl who was excellent at driving before.

No matter how good she was at driving, she couldnt be better than a man.

Although Gu Ning was able to afford a luxurious car and might have powerful connections, it wasnt important.

They were going to have a race based on willingness.

No matter how influential she was, she could do nothing to hurt him.

Even if she wanted to do something to vent her anger, Mingzhe should be the first person she looked at, instead of him.

Besides, no one knew whether she owned the car.

Maybe she borrowed it from someone.

Mingzhe, on the other hand, wasnt as positive as the professional racing driver.

He still felt anxious because of Gu Nings influence.

However, it was too late for him to quit now.

As a result, Mingzhe said nothing.

Gu Ning turned to look at Mingzhe.

“Great, although Zikai already told me what the loser should do after the game, I think we better sign an agreement, in case the loser regrets it.

Without the evidence, it might be unpleasant.”

“I wont regret it!” Mingzhe felt humiliated by Gu Nings proposal.

“Arent you afraid that Ill regret it” asked Gu Ning.

If she lost, she definitely wouldnt regret it, but the point was that she wouldnt lose.

Since Gu Ning said that, Mingzhe agreed.

“Alright, lets sign it.”

Gu Ning raised her hand and Chu Peihan handed her two pieces of paper.

Gu Ning took them and gave them to Mingzhe.

“Ive prepared them and signed my name.

Have a look.

You can sign your name if there is no problem.”

Mingzhe was struck dumb for a second.

It sounded as if she got the agreement prepared specially for him.

Mingzhe felt uncomfortable, but still agreed and signed his name.

Gu Ning took a piece.

“We have two pieces.

You can have one, while I keep the other.”

“Do we need to do anything else before the game begins” asked Gu Ning.

“We need to pay the fee for the track.

Ten thousand yuan for ten minute.

If we stay inside for more than ten minutes, we need to pay another ten thousand yuan,” said the professional racing driver.

His name was Du Hao.

He was 27 years old, was slightly taller than 1.8m and had an average face.

“Great, lets go!” said Gu Ning, then walked to pay the fee, followed by Du Hao.

As Gu Ning and Du Hao left to pay the fee, Chu Peihan and other people stepped to a betting table, and she shouted, “Hey, everyone, come and have a bet.

The white Lamborghini is going to have a race with the blue Ferrari.

The odds are 2–1.”

Hearing that, many people walked towards Chu Peihan.

People who came here to have a car race also liked to have a bet on it.

“I bet on the white Lamborghini.” Mu Ke took out five thousand yuan at once.

He didnt rely on it to make a fortune, but simply wanted to support Gu Ning.

“Me too.” Yu Mixi also took out the two thousand yuan in cash she had with her.

She made a mark, then put it in Gu Nings area.

“Me too.

I bet on the white Lamborghini.” Zhang Zikai supported Gu Ning as well, but she only had a thousand yuan in cash, so she bet a thousand yuan on it.

Since they were having a bet, Mingzhe and his friends were unwilling to be left behind.

They took out their money too.

“I bet on the blue Ferrari.

The driver of the blue Ferrari is Du Hao, and hes a professional racing driver from an official team.

Hes surely going to win,” said Mingzhes friend, who was also Du Haos cousin.

“What Du Hao No way! The girl is competing against Du Hao”

All of them were car racing lovers.

Although they were amateurs, they knew a little about the famous professional racing drivers.

Therefore, they all got excited once they heard Du Haos name.

“Jesus, the girl is going to have a race game against Du Hao.

Shes doomed to fail.”

“Right! I cant believe Du Hao is here.

Of course I bet that hell win.”

They thought men were more likely to win, so they decided to bet on Du Hao once they learned that he was here.

Chu Peihan and the others didnt feel displeased at all when they witnessed that.

Instead, they were quite satisfied, because the more money they bet on Du Hao, the more money they would win.

“I bet on the white Lamborghini.” However, one of them bet that Gu Ning would win, and he was the boy who recognized her.

At the beginning, he wasnt sure of it, but he made sure that the girl was Gu Ning after walking near, and he was full of excitement.

“I bet on the white Lamborghini as well.”

“Me too!”

The boys friends made the same choice as him, and all bet that Gu Ning would win.

They actually werent sure of it until they learned more information about Gu Ning on the Internet.

They were amazed by her achievements and became her fans.

Therefore, due to their admiration towards Gu Ning, they bet on her even though she might lose.

“Cao Yang, are you crazy Why did you bet on the white Lamborghini Its competing against Du Hao! You must know who Du Hao is, right” Other people stared at Cao Yang and his friends as if they were idiots.

“And you all.

Are you dumb”


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