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Chapter 1811: Rong Jue

Not all the successful businessmen and senior officials gained their positions by dirty tricks.

Some of them might have played tricks to gain fame or fortune, but there were more who relied on their own abilities to live a good life.

Otherwise, their country wouldnt be able to develop so fast.

Those girls felt embarrassed being criticized by Gu Ning.

Other students also looked at them with disgust.

They couldnt wait to leave at this moment.

At the same time, they felt stressed under Gu Nings serious look.

They were ordinary girls after all, so they were easily affected by Gu Ning.

Although some students had the same idea as them, they werent dumb and wouldnt say it aloud in public.

Nobody was willing to be involved in unnecessary trouble.

The girls head teacher had a premonition when Gu Ning walked over, so he followed her.

After hearing Gu Nings words, he was quite displeased.

“All of you, apologize to Gu Ning now!” The head teacher of Class C gave an order at once.

No one liked a student without standards.

It was humiliating that such unkind students were in his class.

Although he also felt that Gu Nings achievements were quite unbelievable at her age, it could happen.

Maybe Gu Nings family was very rich or powerful so she had great support from her family.

Gu Ning also made it very clear that a successful startup required connections, ones abilities and luck.

In other words, she had help from other people and good luck instead of just relying on herself.

Therefore, it wasnt strange that she could become so successful today.

“Im sorry, Gu Ning.”

Those girls unwillingly apologized to Gu Ning right away, because they had to listen to their head teacher.

Gu Ning stopped criticizing them, excused herself and left.

After Gu Ning went back to the team of her class, her head teacher asked her what had happened.

Gu Nings classmates were also confused, but they didnt dare to ask because of their head teachers existence.

They didnt hear their argument, but they could see their faces so they knew it must be something unpleasant.

“They slandered me in public, so I went to argue with them,” said Gu Ning.

Knowing that, her head teacher said nothing further about it.

He didnt think Gu Nings behavior was inappropriate.

She must stand up for herself against those unkind people, or the slander would never end.

He didnt hear those girls discussion, but Gu Ning did, so he thought that Gu Ning must have better hearing.

It was 8 am when Gu Ning returned to their class team.

At first, the head of the Department of Armed Forces of their school went to the stage to give a speech, followed by the chief instructor in charge of their military training this time.

As soon as the chief instructor walked out, the audience was amazed and exclaimed, because the chief instructor was a young handsome man, who seemed to be less than 30 years old.

“Quiet!” Facing the noisy students, the chief instructor gave an order to tell them to be quiet.

Everyone felt stressed and closed their mouths at once.

Gu Ning noticed his title.

He was a major, which was barely comparable to Leng Shaoting.

Thinking of that, Gu Ning felt quite proud of her boyfriend.

If Leng Shaoting knew, he would definitely be thrilled.

Actually, as a major younger than 30, he was quite outstanding, but Leng Shaoting was even better than him, so Gu Ning wasnt amazed.

However, Gu Ning knew he was a member of the Rong family in the capital.

In her previous incarnation, they had fought against each other, but it wasnt serious, so Gu Ning stayed calm seeing Rong Jue.

“Good morning, everyone, Im your chief instructor, Rong Jue.” Rong Jue introduced himself, then told them some rules.

His speech wasnt long or hard to understand, but was quite persuasive.

In addition, he finished his speech in a very serious tone.

Precisely because of that, many students subconsciously stood in awe of him.

About an hour later, different classes were taken to different training fields by their own instructors.

At the beginning, they practiced standing at attention.

Their instructor didnt force them to stand still for too long, just half an hour at first.

Half an hour of standing at attention was nothing for soldiers, but it was torture for ordinary students.

Many of them were suffering, but didnt dare to complain.

Gu Ning was an exception.

In fact, it was a piece of cake for her to stand at attention for hours.

Although it was already September, it was still very hot, so not long after standing, most of the students were sweating profusely.

It was extremely uncomfortable when sweat rolled down their cheeks, so they really wanted to wipe it off.

Nevertheless, they were forbidden to move.

As a result, they had to tolerate the pain.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, had no sweat on her face at all.

It seemed she was quite at ease.

In fact, Gu Ning was indeed at ease, and she hadnt even used her magical power yet.

Because Baili Zongxue wasnt far away from her, Gu Ning wouldnt use her magical power.

However, even though she didnt use it, she would still be totally fine given her physical strength.

Accordingly, when Rong Jue and their school leaders walked over, he was amazed by Gu Nings performance.

Not only did Gu Ning seem at ease, but she was excellent at standing at attention.

He had to admit that she was no worse than his subordinates.

Moreover, Gu Ning was very beautiful and had a special air.

Rong Jue thought that she might be from a military family.

After inspecting Class A, they went to see other classes.

As Rong Jue walked away, he couldnt help but give Gu Ning another glance.

Other people failed to notice Rong Jues unusual behavior, but the instructor of Class A caught it and thought that Rong Jue might know the girl.

The instructor only had that idea, and didnt think further about it.

After all, it had nothing to do with him whether Rong Jue knew Gu Ning or not.

Keeping the pose for standing at attention wasnt a problem for Song Miaoge who was born in a military family either.

She also didnt sweat at all.

Rong Jue recognized Song Miaoge, so he wasnt surprised by her performance.

When Song Miaoge saw Rong Jue, she was attracted to his good-looking face and unbelievable achievement.

He was only 27, but he was already a major.

It was hard for her not to admire him.


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