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Chapter 179 Gu Ning Isnt Simple

However, they of course hoped that it was true.

If it was true, Gu Nings reputation would be ruined.

“Well, the tuition fee is a huge amount.

Even though their families are rich, it isnt their money.

Who would randomly give money to others without asking for benefits” Shao Feifei argued, despite the fact that most were supporting Gu Ning.

No matter what, most still chose to believe Gu Ning.

“I think that the poor can be the rich someday.

And those who claim they are rich were once poor.

Werent your grandfathers or grand grandfathers the poor No pain, no gain.

As long as one is willing to work hard, and has the ability to create, he or she can be the first generation of the rich, instead of being a useless heir,” Gu Ning sneered.

Hearing that, many agreed with Gu Ning.

There werent many real rich kids in their class, and their wealth was inherited from their previous generations who had worked hard.

Even Shao Feifei herself agreed, she had lived a poor life when she had been a little girl.

Her family had merely become rich around 10 years ago.

“Gu Ning, come out now.”

At that time, their head teacher walked out.

She looked upset because of the news.

Zhang Qiuhua didnt believe that it was real, but she had to figure it out, or it would terribly damage Gu Ning and their schools reputation.

The minute that Gu Ning came out, Chu Peihan and Mu Ke ran to her.

The two directly ignored Zhang Qiuhua, asking Gu Ning instead, “Boss, did you see the post”


Dont worry.

Ill handle it,” Gu Ning answered.

Even though Gu Ning was in trouble, she stayed calm, but her friends were all worried.

A friend in need was a friend indeed.

“Do you need my older brother to help you catch the one who is behind this We must beat him or her to death this time!” Chu Peihan said in anger, even though Zhang Qiuhua was standing beside her.

However, Zhang Qiuhua didnt say anything, not because she was afraid of Chu Peihans background, but because the rumor was so disgusting.

No matter who was behind this, he or she should be severely punished.

“No, thanks.

Ill check the driving recorder myself,” Gu Ning said.

“Great.” Hearing that, both Chu Peihan and Mu Ke were relieved.

They would never let the bad person get away with it.

After that, Gu Ning followed Zhang Qiuhua, walking away.

Hao Ran and the boys arrived later to meet Chu Peihan and Mu Ke.

They couldnt remain calm after reading the news, so they immediately came over.

“Where is boss” the boys asked.

“She followed her head teacher to the office.

Relax, boss will handle it,” Chu Peihan answered.

“F*ck, once I find out who is behind this, Ill beat him to death!” Hao Ran clenched his teeth.

“Exactly, our boss doesnt need a sugar daddy at all!” Qin Zixun added.

The teachers offices were on the fourth floor in the teaching building.

There were four teachers in each office.

In Zhang Qiuhuas office were the headteachers of the first, second, third and fourth classroom.

Zhang Yuan was the head teacher of the second classroom, while Fang Qin was the head teacher of the third classroom.

She was notorious for her meanness.

The minute Zhang Qiuhua and Gu Ning walked inside, she opened her mouth, “Oh! Professor Zhang, isnt your class so famous recently, especially this student She argued with others in the canteen first and then was involved in a fight; the Qing Gang caused trouble afterwards, and now she caused the news of a sugar daddy.

Wow, she indeed isnt simple!”

Ever since the top one in their grade had been in Zhang Qiuhuas class, Fang Qin had been jealous of Zhang Qiuhua.

Although they were both common classes, the students in the third classroom were generally better than those in the fourth classroom concerning scores.

However, Gu Ning had come top of their grade in every subject.

Fang Qin was very displeased.

Other than the first classroom which was the top class, and the second classroom which was an excellent class, all the rest were common classes.

Therefore, Fang Qin wouldnt compete with the first or the second classroom, but loved to compete with other common classes.

Jiang Yuan didnt say a word.

He actually didnt believe that it was true.

Gu Nings family was poor, but Chu Peihan would help her without doubt if she needed anything.

Jiang Yuan thought that the one who was behind that was in big trouble.

Gu Ning wasnt a coward.

No one could bully or take advantage of her easily now.

“All of those things were caused by others.

Gu Ning has only protected herself,” Zhang Qiuhua argued.

If it was Gu Nings fault, she wouldnt stand up for her, but since Gu Ning was the victim, she had to support her.

“If she didnt annoy others, she wouldnt have been in so much trouble,” Fang Qin said.

She believed that it must be Gu Nings fault.

However, before Zhang Qiuhua could say another word, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

“Professor Fang, since you already know those events, youre supposed to know the reasons too.

As for what has happened in the canteen, it was because someone humiliated my mother in public first.

If someone insults your mother in front of everyone, I assume Professor Fang wont stay quiet either, right If you can stand and forget it, I respect your tolerance,” Gu Ning said in a sarcastic way, especially when she said the word “tolerance” with obvious disdain

If she could stand to let her mother and herself to be humiliated in public, she must either be weak or a coward.

“You,,,” Fang Qin was mad, but Gu Ning added, “As for the fight, that was because someone challenged me to do so.

And now Im their boss.”

“As for the mess of Qing Gang, it was obvious that Gu Xiaoxiao caused it.

She simply wouldnt stop attacking me.

Do you still think these were all my fault Then youre indeed a very special teacher.

Well, does everyone in your class hold the same opinion as you”

“Special” actually meant “Abnormal” in the context.

Having a teacher like Fang Qin, the students in her class probably would be the same unkind people.

Fang Qin was breathing hard in anger.

She couldnt even say a word to argue against Gu Ning, but she glared at Gu Ning, like she was going to eat her alive.


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