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Chapter 1901: Disable Sun Xiangming

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The restaurant was right next to the gate of Century City, so Gu Ning and the others didnt all drive.

They could walk back on foot later, so they all got in Chen Darongs car.

After arriving at the gate of the hotel and parking the car, they got out and walked in together.

“Oh, I havent introduced you to them yet! These two are the most authoritative experts in the Palace Museum.

This is Jin, and this is He.” Cai Wenhong introduced the two experts to Gu Ning.

“Hi, Elder Jin, Mr.

He, nice to see you,” Gu Ning and Chen Darong greeted them.

The expert named Jin was already in his early 60s, so Gu Ning called him Elder Jin.

The expert named He was about 40 years old, so she called him Mr.


Although Mr.

He was young, he was very professional in identifying antiques.

In the industry, he also enjoyed a high status and great fame.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu, Mr.

Chen.” Elder Jin and Mr.

He greeted Gu Ning and Chen Darong.

They were very polite to them, especially to Gu Ning, who they were quite respectful to.

Gu Ning wasnt only very successful at such a young age, but she also had a close relationship with the old masters of the Leng family, the Xu family, and the Jiang family.

Moreover, she was also the Leng familys future grand daughter-in-law.

When they heard about that from Master Leng just now, they were all shocked.

Therefore, nobody dared to take her lightly.

Halfway through the meal, Cai Wenhongs phone rang.

He excused himself and went out to answer the call.

After the meal, Gu Ning told Qiao Ya to pay the bill, but found that it was already settled by Cai Wenhong when he went out to answer the call earlier.

Actually, he didnt receive any call, it was an alarm clock set by himself.

Once it rang, Cai Wenhong went out to settle the account with the excuse of answering the call.

Since Cai Wenhong already paid the bill, Gu Ning accepted his kindness.

After all, it was reasonable that Cai Wenhong wanted to buy her a meal.

Chen Darong asked Gu Ning whether they needed him to drive them back, but Gu Ning declined.

They could amble back later, so Chen Darong didnt insist.

However, when they just reached the entrance of the living block, Gu Nings phone rang and the caller was Xu Qinyin.

It was nothing important.

Because it was a weekend, Xu Qinyin invited Gu Ning to gather together in Song Nans bar.

Gu Anna, Tang Qingyang, and their other friends were also there.

Leng Shaoting didnt come back this weekend and went to complete a task, so Gu Ning was free right now.

Therefore, she went to the bar with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya so that she could drink later.

Even if she drank, she could drive too, but Xu Qinyin wouldnt allow her to do that if she drank alcohol.

Besides, she couldnt expose that she could use her magical power to get rid of the effect of alcohol.

At about this time, a luxury car was driving on the highway in the suburbs of the capital, and there were not many vehicles around.

In the luxury car, there were three people.

Sun Xiangming sat in the back seat, the driver was naturally his chauffeur, while his secretary was in the front passengers seat.

Sun Xiangming was about 40 years old.

He was slightly fat and had a large belly.

He wasnt ugly, but he looked a little disgusting because he had features of a backstabber.

At this time, Sun Xiangming seemed to be in a bad mood due to the unpleasant things he had been through these days.

At first, he failed to strike a deal with Chen Cangyi.

Although he hired some people trying to teach Chen Cangyi a lesson, Chen Cangyi survived.

As for today, there was a problem with his companys medicinal materials and he lost hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Although hundreds of thousands of yuan was just a small amount of money to him, it was enough for a lot of things.

Anyway, he was quite displeased after losing the money.

Suddenly, two ordinary cars blocked the way of Sun Xiangmings car at its front and back.

It was similar to what K and Chen Cangyi had encountered the night before yesterday.

The chauffeur slammed on the brakes.

“What happened” Sun Xiangming was scared by the abrupt halt and questioned in anger.

He sat in the back seat, so he couldnt see what was happening at the front right away.

“Chairman Sun, were being blocked in front,” said the chauffeur in a panic.

It couldnt be more obvious that they were in trouble now.

After that, the chauffeur saw another car at their back from the rearview mirror.

“And the back too.” He looked even more terrified.

“What” Sun Xiangming panicked as well.

Immediately after the cars at the front and back stopped, several men got out of them.

There were a total of six people, all in masks, so no one could see their faces clearly.

In addition, they all held iron bars.

“Call the police!” Sun Xiangming shouted in a trembling voice.

Hearing that, his secretary came back to his senses and took out his phone to call the police.

They didnt dare to get out of the car, and were greatly surprised by the fact that someone dared to attack them.

Who could the person be

Was it possible that Chen Cangyi learned that Sun Xiangming had hired people to attack him the night before yesterday and he sent these people to pay him back

It was Sun Xiangmings idea, and also happened to be the truth.

Anyway, there was no way for them to run away tonight.

Before the secretary could make a call, those people came to the front of the car and smashed the car for a while.

The secretary threw his phone in horror and hugged his head for fear of being slashed or smashed by the broken glass.

Although there were vehicles passing by and some people saw this scene, no one dared to help.

On the contrary, for fear of getting hurt, the drivers of the passing vehicles stepped on the accelerator and left quickly.

After the glass was broken, the door could also be opened.

Sun Xiangming was immediately pulled out of the car.

Although he was reluctant to leave it, he had no strength to resist.

Their target was Sun Xiangming, so they didnt plan to do anything to the chauffeur and secretary, but they didnt allow them to call the police anymore.

“I-Im a relative of the Chang family.

Dont you dare… No!” Sun Xiangming threatened.

However, before he could finish, he was hit on his arm with a stick, then screamed in pain.

“You, you, you…” Sun Xiangming was annoyed and angry, but failed to say a complete sentence.

To his surprise, those people werent afraid of his status at all.

In fact, if they were afraid of him, they wouldnt have come.

To some extent, they were unwilling to hurt him, but it was an order from Tian, and they dared not disobey it!

They learned that Tian had made a mistake and annoyed someone he shouldnt have offended.

In order to make it up, he had to attack Sun Xiangming.

It didnt need too many people to beat Sun Xiangming, and two men were enough.

Sun Xiangming shouted in pain while being beaten by them and almost had a breakdown.

He had never suffered something like this before.

Those people didnt waste too much time on Sun Xiangming.

After beating him for a while, they took an iron rod to hit his knees.

Under the hit, his knees broke with a snap.


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