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Chapter 1945: I Cant Help It That I Am Talented

The moment Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying heard about the woman, they looked uneasy.

Xu Jinchen looked at Zi Beiying right away and was clearly worried that she might get upset.

Zi Beiying immediately composed herself when she caught Xu Jinchen looking at her and acted as though it had nothing to do with her.

Despite her apprehension, she did not want anyone to know about it.

Also, she was not dating Xu Jinchen, so it was none of her business.

Even then, Xu Jinchen noticed how angry Zi Beiying was and could not help feeling anxious.

Xu Jinlin noticed his brothers reaction and promptly looked at Zi Beiying.

He immediately noticed that something was amiss.

Was Xu Jinchen already seeing someone Was it this lovely girl in front of him In that case, Zi Beiying was bound to feel unhappy after she heard their mothers plans to matchmake Xu Jinchen with Ji Zijing.

It was not his fault! Served Xu Jinchen right for not telling him! He was just passing a message and had no intention of forcing Xu Jinchen to meet the woman.

“Who is Ji Zijing I dont remember who she is.

Also, I will not go for any matchmaking.

I am not that desperate!” said Xu Jinchen firmly.

Xu Jinchen genuinely did not remember Ji Zijing.

He never bothered to remember the people who were unimportant to him.

If Ji Zijing knew what Xu Jinchen was thinking, she would probably be heartbroken.

Despite hardly seeing Xu Jinchen, Ji Zijing was in love with him.

Xu Jinchen had looks, power and was a capable man, so he was popular with the ladies.

Although the Xu family had a far higher status than the Ji family, the Xu family and his mother supported the match, so status was not an obstacle.

“You know how worried Mom is.

If you found yourself a girl sooner and let her know, she would not have done this.” Xu Jinlin did not dare go on talking.

He did not want to give Zi Beiying a bad impression of their mother, so he voluntarily explained the situation.

He did not know whether the girl was Xu Jinchens girlfriend.

However, since Xu Jinchen did not voluntarily tell him about it, he was not in the position to ask now.

He did not know if Xu Jinchen had feelings for her or if they just liked each other.

If they were not officially dating, it would make things awkward if he blatantly asked.

“She has nothing better to do.

Why is she worried How can she look down on her flesh and blood” said Xu Jinchen begrudgingly.

In reality, he had always known about how worried his mother was about his love life, but he was not that old.

He was still in his late 20s and not even 30 years old.


She is just showing concern for you.

If you dont like it, just patronize her a little or ignore it.

If she heard what you said, she is bound to get upset,” said Xu Jinlin.

Even though Xu Jinchen spoke the truth, their mother was simply being concerned, so she was not to blame.

Xu Jinchen did not go on talking.

“Are you going to introduce your friends” asked Xu Jinlin.

Even if he did not plan on asking if Xu Jinchen was dating the girl, he ought to introduce his friends.

Xu Jinchen immediately introduced Zi Beiying to Xu Jinlin, “This is my older brother, Xu Jinlin.”

“Jinlin, how do you do” The moment Zi Beiying learned he was Xu Jinchens older brother, she greeted him politely.

“Hi, Mr Xu,” greeted Mengda and Nan courteously as well.

“Nice to meet you,” replied Xu Jinlin politely.

Xu Jinchen introduced everyone to Xu Jinlin.

Xu Jinlin was a little surprised to learn that Mengda and Nan were Zi Beiyings bodyguards.

From the looks of it, this young woman had a high status.

“Oh yes.

Where are you going tonight” asked Xu Jinlin.

“If you guys arent doing anything special tonight, why dont we head to the clubhouse so I can play host”

“Sure,” said Leng Shaoting.

In any case, they had already planned on going to the clubhouse tonight.

Before long, they finished dinner and left.

Xu Jinlin deliberately pulled Xu Jinchen and walked behind the group.

After putting some distance between Leng Shaoting and the others, he asked quietly, “Tell me honestly.

Is Miss Zi your girlfriend”

“Nope,” denied Xu Jinchen.

Xu Jinchen certainly wished she was his girl, but she was not, so he added, “For the time being.”

“Tsk! No wonder you looked at Miss Zi so anxiously when I told you Mom was trying to match you! Why arent you dating yet Have you confessed your love to her Or is she not interested in you” asked Xu Jinlin teasingly.

Xu Jinchen and Zi Beiying were a perfect match in terms of looks, but the Xu family was one of the most powerful clans in the country.

Although he did not know of Zi Beiyings background, status was probably not a problem! Hence, it all boiled down to whether she liked his little brother.

“She is not entirely disinterested in me.

Thing is, I havent told her about it.

Its not the right time yet,” said Xu Jinchen.

“Fine!” Xu Jinlin knew what it was like to date.

It was wiser for Xu Jinchen not to confess his love for her until he was certain of her interest.

“Tell me where she is from What does her family do” asked Xu Jinlin.

He did not care about her background.

Instead, it was pure curiosity.

“Stop asking me all these questions! If I manage to get the girl I will tell you about it.” Xu Jinchen was reluctant to talk about it at least for now.

“Dont tell mum about it yet.

I will have no peace if she finds out.”

The moment he finished his sentence, he ignored Xu Jinlin and walked over to Leng Shaoting and the others quickly.

“Hey you…” Xu Jinlin was infuriated.

Was it okay for Xu Jinchen to dump his older brother

Xu Jinlin shook his head before he swiftly followed behind them.

Xu Jinlin respected Xu Jinchens wish to keep the matter from his mother.

Since Xu Jinchen was not officially dating the girl, Xu Jinchen would end up interrogated by their mother if she caught wind of it.

She might even call her son useless for failing to get the girl!

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left in the same car while Xu Jinchen, Zi Beiying, Mengda, and Nan left in another.

Leng Shaoting had already sent away the chauffeur who had picked up Xu Jinchen at the airport, and Xu Jinlin drove a car on his own.

He did not invite anyone else to the clubhouse, so it was just them.

Gu Ning had a few drinks with Zi Beiying that night.

“Ning, do you have school tomorrow” asked Zi Beiying when she suddenly recalled that Gu Ning was still in school.

“It doesnt matter if I turn up for class,” said Gu Ning.

Gu Ning had a lot of freedom with school and could come and go as she pleased!

“Thats quite a lot of freedom you have,” said Zi Beiying.

“I cant help it that I am talented, so I have special privileges,” said Gu Ning smugly as she smiled.

“Thats true,” Zi Beiying chimed in.

She did not feel Gu Ning was being narcissistic since she was genuinely talented.


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