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Chapter 2013: Cant Tell Anyone

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After making the arrangements, Gu Ning drove Jing Yunyao back to Mountain River Garden, then she went to the company.

Because there were cultivators watching her nearby the company, she couldnt bring Jing Yunyao with her.

If Jing Yunyao went there, she might be exposed.

In order to avoid this car being targeted too, Gu Ning didnt drive it directly to the company.

After finding a place to park in the parking lot near the company, she walked over on foot.

However, there was no air of cultivators outside the company today.

Gu Ning stayed in the company for the afternoon, and told Chen Cangyi that she was leaving for a short time, so the calls would be transferred to Qiao Yas phone and that he would take care of the companys affairs.

In fact, even when Gu Ning was in the capital, she seldom came to the company and rarely dealt with the companys affairs.

However, it was necessary to tell Chen Cangyi that she would be absent for a while, in case he needed to discuss something with her.

Therefore, Gu Ning gave Chen Cangyi He Qimings phone number and told him to turn to He Qiming for help if he encountered any serious trouble he couldnt handle.

Leng Shaoting had also told He Qiming to help Chen Cangyi.

“W-What This is He Qimings phone number The president of Shengshi” Chen Cangyi was struck dumb after knowing that Gu Ning gave him the phone number of He Qiming.

He got excited as well, because He Qiming was one of the top 10 famous entrepreneurs in their country! He Qiming wasnt his idol, but was definitely one of the figures he admired.

In addition to He Qiming, he admired Gu Nings father, Tang Yunfan as well.

Although there were many other successful entrepreneurs, they built up a profitable business empire unusually fast and had a good reputation.

Actually, Gu Ning was the person who became successful at the fastest speed he had ever seen.

Gu Ning didnt own a lot of companies in many industries, but her companies already had over fifty billion yuan in assets.

Some of her companies were still unknown to the public.

Moreover, Gu Ning had only built up her business empire for a year, and Chen Cangyi believed that Gu Nings wealth would exceed a hundred billion yuan within 3 years.

It was an underestimation, because Gu Ning already made over fifty billion yuan after a year, so it was very likely that she would own a hundred billion yuan in another year.

“Right, He Qiming is the president of Shengshi,” said Gu Ning calmly, but she understood Chen Cangyis reaction.

Chen Cangyi was aware of Gu Nings relationship with the senior management of Shengshi, but he didnt know she actually knew its president.

Given Gu Nings words, it seemed they had quite a close relationship.

“Boss, can you tell me how you managed to get to know He Qiming” Chen Cangyi asked curiously.

He wasnt being suspicious of Gu Nings relationship with He Qiming, but he was simply curious about it.

“Um, actually Im not familiar with He Qiming, but Im very familiar with his boss,” said Gu Ning.

“What” Hearing that, Chen Cangyi was greatly shocked.

He Qimings boss

“Boss, do you mean the real boss of Shengshi is another person” Chen Cangyi asked.

Although the answer couldnt be more obvious, he still asked that question because it was truly shocking.

“Yeah, I can tell you, but you cant tell other people,” said Gu Ning.

She had no intention of hiding it from Chen Cangyi.

It was a secret, but wasnt bad, so it actually didnt matter even if others learned about it.

“Sure, I swear that Ill never tell anyone else,” said Chen Cangyi seriously.

He knew their relationship couldnt be common, but he wouldnt think it was amoral because it was impossible.

He believed Gu Ning and He Qiming could be relatives at most.

“The real boss of Shengshi is actually Leng Shaoting,” said Gu Ning.

Knowing that, Chen Cangyi was amazed.

To his astonishment, the real boss of Shengshi was Leng Shaoting! In other words, Gu Nings boyfriend owned Shengshi.

He always had a feeling that Leng Shaoting wasnt an ordinary man, and it turned out that Leng Shaoting was the real boss of a large business corporation.

What Chen Cangyi didnt know yet was that Leng Shaoting wasnt only the real boss of Shengshi, but was also the youngest major general in the military and the eldest grandson of the Leng family in the capital.

If Chen Cangyi knew that, he would be more shocked.

Because Gu Ning never bothered to tell them Leng Shaotings family background, they could only guess that Leng Shaoting wasnt an ordinary man from his air.

Anyway, no matter how powerful Leng Shaoting was, they didnt think that Gu Ning didnt deserve him, because Gu Ning was extremely outstanding.

They dropped the topic afterwards and Gu Ning asked, “Oh, have you prepared all the necessary documents to announce the establishment of the corporation”

“Yeah, everything is done.

Were waiting for you to settle the final date,” said Chen Cangyi.

“I planned to hold it next week, but something came up, so we can only delay it for a few days.

Ill hold a news conference to officially announce the establishment of the Shengning Organization after Im back,” said Gu Ning.

It had been delayed for a long time, so it was time for them to make the announcement now.

“No problem,” Chen Cangyi said.

After finishing the talk with Chen Cangyi, Gu Ning went back to her own office.

After a short while, she received a call from Nie Chenyang.

“Gu Ning, are you free tomorrow afternoon Were going to share a meal within the Chamber of Commerce.

Will you come” asked Nie Chenyang.

“Sorry, Senior Nie, Im occupied tomorrow, so Im afraid I cant go.” Gu Ning apologized and declined.

“Fine.” Nie Chenyang didnt insist.

The Chamber of Commerce didnt have strict rules for its members.

Even if some members couldnt come, it wouldnt force them to join in the meetings.

It only held fundraising once every season, and they would visit the recipients together if they had time.

Their fund-raising targets were those who were excellent at studying, but couldnt afford education because of poor family conditions.

Students who received their funds could directly go to school without tuition fees until they graduate from university.

There would be living allowances every semester, but they could only be used for meals because the money was transferred straight to the meal card every month.

Students who could directly go to school without tuition fee until they graduate from university had to satisfy one condition.

Their academic performance must be kept above a certain number of students, otherwise they would be disqualified.

The condition wasnt very harsh, and the students could get the funds by surpassing half of their schoolmates.

They must obey school disciplines as well.

If they were seriously punished for breaking the rules, they would lose the qualification.

At 5 pm, Gu Ning left the company.

She was ready to go to siheyuan.

Because they would be rushing to the airport early in the morning tomorrow, Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao chose to stay in the siheyuan tonight..

Shangguan Yang had already asked Stone to pick Jing Yunyao up, so Gu Ning went straight there.


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