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Chapter 199 Be Abandoned

It was Wei Feihongs fault after all.

If he secretly used the Qing Gangs force to get revenge on the Ai Family, his boss would punish him if it was exposed.

Thus although Wei Zhiming was mad, he had to give it up.

In case Wei Feihong would cause any more trouble, he reminded his son to be more careful.

Facing his father, Wei Feihong had to listen to the persuasion.

After the meal, Gu Ning went back to the store with Zhou Zhenghong.

It was already crowded in the Jade Beauty Jewelry store.

The Kings Green was fully reserved, but it was still shown in the store for the whole day, so many came here to see it.

And there were also many jade buyers.

City G was developing well nowadays and there were many rich people in this city.

Gu Ning noticed a familiar face the minute she walked inside.

It was the woman who had dined with Li Zhenzhen the last time when Gu Ning had encountered Li Zhenzhen in a restaurant.

Although they had only met once, Gu Ning remembered it clearly with the help of her outstanding memory.

Seeing Su Jing, Gu Ning unconsciously checked whether Li Zhenzhen was here too.

She was ready to revenge herself on Li Zhenzhen now, but Li Zhenzhen wasnt in the store.

Su Jing was only shopping with a man who was around 30-years-old.

“Jingjing, Li Zhenzhen doesnt know that youre here to buy jewelry, right” the man asked.

“I didnt tell her.

If she finds out that I came here to buy jewelry instead of jewelry stores owned by her family, shell be mad at me, but the jewelry in the stores of her family is so ordinary, and I dont like its design either.

Other high-end brands are too expensive.

This store is newly opened, and customers can have a 10% discount today.

I absolutely need to have a look here,” Su Jing said, and she complained a little about Li Zhenzhen.

The man stayed quiet, and Su Jing added, “Oh, Zhenzhen wont dine with us this afternoon.

Shell meet us at Yongle Club around 9 am in the morning.”

Gu Ning heard their talk clearly.

After hearing Li Zhenzhens schedule, Gu Ning had a good idea.

It was a perfect timing, and she wouldnt miss it.

“Fine, but Im afraid that someone will be disappointed,” the man joked.

“In fact, I have sympathy for Sen.

He was a playboy, but now has changed a lot for Zhenzhen.

Unfortunately, Zhenzhen likes another man,” Su Jing said.

“Nevertheless, I have sympathy for Li Zhenzhen.

She fell in love with a man who dislikes her.

It has been so many years.

I dont think she can be together with him,” the man said.

“Indeed! They arent like us who love each other deeply,” Su Jing said, holding the mans hand in happiness.

However, Gu Ning sensed that the man didnt feel as happy as Su Jing.

The man probably wasnt as deeply in love with Su Jing as she thought.

Gu Ning didnt stay in the store for very long, and left with Leng Shaoting.

“Where to now” Leng Shaoting asked after they were in the car.

Gu Ning had the same question in mind.

Where should we go next

At that time, Leng Shaotings phone rang.

Wherever he was and whatever he was doing, as long as he wasnt restricted, he would answer the call, especially when the caller was his teammate.

His teammates always called him for something important.

The caller was Xu Jinchen this time.

Leng Shaoting didnt avoid Gu Ning.

“Whats up”

“Where are you boss” Xu Jinchen asked, or complained to be specific.

“Do you have anything important to say” Hearing Xu Jinchens voice, Leng Shaoting immediately understood that he had nothing serious to talk to him about.

“Nothing serious actually.

I just want to know where you are now.

I arrived at City F yesterday and I wanted to come to you, but your phone was turned off,” Xu Jinchen said.

He felt that he had been abandoned.

“Do you have too much time to kill” Leng Shaoting asked.

Xu Jinchen instantly sensed danger ahead.

He understood that if he gave his boss an affirmative answer now, he would be tortured, so he denied at once, “No-no-no.

Im busy, bye.”

Xu Jinchen hung up right away.

“Ha-ha,” Gu Ning laughed out loud.

She asked with curiosity, “Why is he so afraid of you”

Xu Jinchen behaved like a child in front of Leng Shaoting.

“Ive punished him too many times,” Leng Shaoting replied.

“Oh, was Xu Jinchen right in saying that youre mean and always punish you fellows” Gu Ning asked, although she didnt believe it herself.

However, Leng Shaoting got nervous, explaining without delay, “Of course not! Weve trained strictly before, and I punished them when they were lazy, so theyre all scared of me.”

“Well, I think youre right,” Gu Ning agreed.

She was absolutely clear about how cruel the training could be.

Once you got lazy, or didnt meet the standards, you would be punished severely.

If you werent strong enough, you were out.

Gu Ning still had no idea where they should go next.


“Lets go to the street of antiques!” Gu Ning said.

The news ofJade Beauty Jewelry went across many cities around City G.

People were all shocked by its grand opening ceremony.

Outsiders might forget it soon after they had read the news, but insiders, especially jewelry businessmen and jade lovers couldnt care about it more.

Shao Ping woke up after a while, but he still couldnt accept the truth that Zhou Zhenghong was the boss ofJade Beauty Jewelry who had caused a sensation around the city.

He wanted to forget it all, but all the TV news was reminding him of it.

“Oh, what about the door and my car Did you find out who did it” Shao Ping asked in anger.

He failed to figure out whom he had annoyed, and who had damaged the door of his home and his car.

“No idea.

The man in the monitoring room told me that the tape was broken during a certain period of time.

I think its a scheme! Someone did it on purpose, and the man in the monitoring room must have been bribed.

Ive already called the police,” Mrs.

Shao was mad too.

She believed that it couldnt be an accident.

“Could it be Zhou Zhenghong You just got hoodlums to damage his store yesterday, then the door of our home and your car are ruined today.

If it wasnt him, I cant think of anyone else,” Mrs.

Shao said.

Shao Ping then realized that what his wife said was indeed possible.

The Jade Beauty Jewelry store opened today as planned, which meant that his plan had failed last night.

He also knew that those hoodlums would betray him if they felt that it was necessary.


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