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Chapter 2113: Can You Defeat Her

Jin Jingshans shout soon attracted other peoples attention and some of them walked over.

Chu Peihan punched Jin Jingshan with great strength, so Jin Jingshan was in a lot of pain for a short while.

Then when other people came, Chu Peihan left.

Therefore, Chu Peihan was already gone when they arrived.

The other people knew that Jin Jingshan was punched once they saw her.

Some of them gloated over her bad luck, because they believed that she must have offended other people and was paid back.

Some were very kind and asked her whether she was fine and whether she needed to go to the infirmary or the hospital.

Because Chu Peihans fists fell on Jin Jingshans body, it was hard to see the wounds.

Other people didnt know whether she was seriously injured.

Jin Jingshan was still in shock and couldnt think properly.

She could barely hear the other peoples questions.

About a minute later, Jin Jingshans boyfriend came.

“Shanshan, what happened” Jin Jingshans boyfriend was scared, then became furious once he saw her like this.

He glared at the other people and thought that they must have injured his girl.

The other people knew what he was thinking, so they became mad too.

One of them said, “Are you blaming us for this We just heard her screams of pain, so we ran to see what happened.

We just asked her who did it and whether she needed to go to the infirmary or the hospital.

She didnt answer.”


Other people chimed in.

Hearing that, Jin Jingshans boyfriend realized that he had misunderstood them, but he didnt apologize.

Instead, he ran to check Jin Jingshans condition.

“Shanshan, how do you feel now” Jin Jingshans boyfriend asked with concern.

At this moment, Jin Jingshan finally came back to her senses when she heard a familiar voice.

Seeing her boyfriend, she saw a straw to clutch at and burst into tears.

Her boyfriend was absolutely furious when Jin Jingshan was beaten, but she was mentally unstable now, so he couldnt ask further about what had happened.

He carried Jin Jingshan at once, walking towards the infirmary.

When Chu Peihan had walked far away, she met Shi Xiaoyue.

Shi Xiaoyue asked Chu Peihan excitedly, “How is it”

“She has to lie in bed for at least five days!” said Chu Peihan.

She was in a very good mood now after venting her anger on Jin Jingshan.

“Although its Jin Jingshan who caused you trouble first and she should carry the responsibility, she might play the blame game and make things difficult for you instead.

If it really happens, feel free to let me know if you need help,” said Shi Xiaoyue.

Her family had some influence in the capital, so she was willing to help Chu Peihan.


In fact, even if Chu Peihan needed help, she would turn to Gu Ning instead of Shi Xiaoyue, but she was unwilling to reject Shi Xiaoyues kindness, so she accepted it for now.

Anyway, she might not be in trouble again, unless both Jin Jingshans parents and their school were unreasonable.

After Jin Jingshan calmed down a little, she told her boyfriend that it was Chu Peihan who beat her.

She didnt tell him the reason because she didnt care about the reason why Chu Peihan attacked her.

Jin Jingshans boyfriend didnt think it was Jin Jingshan who had offended Chu Peihan causing Chu Peihan to injure her either.

He also didnt ask Jin Jingshan why Chu Peihan did that to her.

Instead, he couldnt wait to punch Chu Peihan right now.

He was so protective of Jin Jingshan not because of love, but because of her family background.

It was only because of Jin Jingshans family background that he was willing to be together with her.

Jin Jingshans boyfriend chose to be with her because Jin Jingshan had a rich family.

Although Jin Jingshan was pretty, she wasnt an outstanding beauty, while her boyfriend was very handsome.

On the other hand, her boyfriend had an average family background, but had great ambition.

So for a bright future, he dated a girl he disliked.

“Shanshan, dont worry, Ill teach her a lesson for you,” said Jin Jingshans boyfriend angrily.

“Shes so strong.

Can you defeat her” Jin Jingshan said in annoyance.

She wasnt insulting her boyfriend; she was just telling the truth.

She had hired so many people, but still failed to hurt Chu Peihan.

What could her boyfriend do Therefore, she had to tell her parents to pay Chu Peihan back.

Although it was Jin Jingshans fault because she caused Chu Peihan trouble first, Jin Jingshan didnt think she was wrong.

She was beaten, so she believed it was Chu Peihans fault.

“Ill figure out a way.” Jin Jingshans boyfriend was a little unhappy when she despised him, but Chu Peihan was a kung fu lover after all.

He definitely couldnt win alone, but he could call some people to help him.

Jin Jingshan didnt have any broken bones, but many bruises were left on her body.

She was also in a lot of pain, so she had to stay in the hospital for treatment.

Therefore, after a check at the infirmary, Jin Jingshan was sent to the hospital.

Jin Jingshans parents were informed later.

Shortly after Jin Jingshan was sent to the hospital, her parents came.

At this moment, the people from the infirmary were already gone, and only Jin Jingshan and her boyfriend stayed.

Jin Jingshan told her parents that her boyfriend was just her schoolmate and he helped the infirmary to send her to the hospital.

No one took care of her, so he stayed.

Jin Jingshans boyfriend was dissatisfied with her introduction, but didnt dare to say anything.

He was from an average family after all, so he lacked confidence when he met Jin Jingshans parents who were from high society.

Jin Jingshans parents thanked her boyfriend, then told him to leave.

And he listened to them.

They were just “schoolmates” and he was a boy, so it wasnt appropriate for him to stay.

Jin Jingshans parents were mad after knowing that she was beaten by another schoolmate.

They promised to seek justice for Jin Jingshan.

Jin Jingshans parents also asked her why Chu Peihan punched her.

Jin Jingshan felt guilty for a second.

Although she knew it was her fault that she had hired people to hurt Chu Peihan, she didnt think she was wrong after Chu Peihan injured her.

However, she didnt dare to tell her parents the truth.

As a result, Jin Jingshan said she didnt know why.


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