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Chapter 2183: Your Future Mother-in-law Really Likes You!

“Do you think were insincere friends If we dont have time, we wont come, but its your fault that you didnt tell us the news,” said Jiang Ruiqin and he seemed mad too.

“Fine, its my fault.

My apologies,” said Gu Ning to them.

“No, we dont accept your apologies.

You must drink more to apologize,” said Song Nan.

He wouldnt forgive Gu Ning easily.

“No problem.” Gu Ning agreed without hesitation.

It wasnt a big deal for her to drink more later.

After that, Elder Mrs.

Xu and Younger Mrs.

Xu came with Yan Min.

Younger Mrs.

Xu didnt know Jing Yunyao was Leng Shaotings mother because she rarely stayed in the capital that year.

She didnt have much interaction with Jing Yunyao, so she had no deep impression of her.

Elder Mrs.

Xu didnt tell her either.

Seeing Younger Mrs.

Xu, both Xu Qinyin and Tang Qingyang were a little nervous.

Although the Xu family was aware that they were dating, Tang Qingyang hadnt had a formal meeting with the Xu family yet.

They just became boyfriend and girlfriend for a short time, so it was too early to meet the parents now.

Knowing that Tang Qingyang was nervous, Jiang Ruiqin deliberately made fun of him.

“Hey, isnt this a meeting with your girls parents”

Whether they were successful in other peoples eyes, they were unavoidably nervous at the meeting with their girls parents.

They cared about their girls parents opinions about them.

It mattered a lot after all.

If they didnt leave a good impression on their girls parents.

their parents might stop them from being together.

Tang Qingyang rolled his eyes at Jiang Ruiqin.

“Stop gloating.

Youll have this day sooner or later.”

Hearing that, Jiang Ruiqin shrugged.

He would see how to handle it when the day came.

Tang Qingyang was nervous, but he was the chairman of a large business group, so he was able to control himself.

Therefore, when Elder Mrs.

Xu and the others came, Tang Qingyang politely greeted them.

“Hi, Elder Mrs.

Xu, Younger Mrs.

Xu, and Mrs.

Wen, its very nice to see you.

My names Tang Qingyang.”

Once Elder Mrs.

Xu and Younger Mrs.

Xu saw Tang Qingyang, they looked very pleased.

It was obvious that they were very satisfied with this future son-in-law.

Before Tang Qingyang got together with Xu Qinyin, they always wanted to set them up, so they were very happy to see them be together in the end.

They werent clear about Tang Qingyangs character, but he had a good reputation and he was very outstanding.

He took over the Tang Organization when it was in crisis and soon stabilized it.

It wasnt easy to achieve that at his young age!

“Dont call us Mrs.

You can directly call us mother-in-law and aunt,” said Younger Mrs.


Tang Qingyang could call Elder Mrs.

Xu aunt and call Younger Mrs.

Xu mother-in-law.

“Sure, mother-in-law, aunt,” said Tang Qingyang at once, but he still felt a little nervous.

Anyway, he was very glad that they were so close to him.

“Wonderful!” Younger Mrs.

Xu was satisfied.

“Hi, mom, aunt, and Aunt Yan.” Xu Qinyin greeted them too.

After that, other people also exchanged greetings with them.

“Alright, you young people can enjoy yourselves.

You dont need to pay special attention to us,” said Younger Mrs.

Xu, then walked away with Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min.

She knew Tang Qingyang felt nervous at their first meeting, so she didnt talk much with him.

However, although she didnt talk much with Tang Qingyang, the happiness on her face proved that she really liked him.

Xu Qinyin had actually already told Tang Qingyang that her mother and aunt had a very good impression of him.

They also hoped that they could get together.

Xu Qinyin hold Tang Qingyang that in order to help him relax.

“It seems your mother-in-law really likes you.” After Younger Mrs.

Xu was gone, Song Nan joked.

It was a good thing that Tang Qingyang could win his future mother-in-laws approval.

Tang Qingyang used to have a girlfriend, but the girls mother separated them because his ex-girlfriends family was richer than his and the girls mother wanted her to marry a richer man.

His ex-girlfriend indeed married a richer man and became a rich wife.

However, the man had divorced once and didnt treat her sincerely.

What was worse, the man played around all day and had countless mistresses.

The mans ex-wife divorced him precisely because he had betrayed her, but the man told outsiders that they didnt get along well.

Tang Qingyang knew the situation not because he paid special attention to them, but because one of his friends knew that man and told him the truth.

He didnt know whether his ex-girlfriend was aware of her husbands behavior behind her back.

It had nothing to do with him anyway.

He had no intention of telling her because it was their family affair and he was an outsider.

After they broke up for two years, they never contacted each other.

They only met a few times and they treated each other like strangers.

Since they already broke up, they were strangers and a long time had passed.

He had already gotten over it.

Gu Ning took a few photos and posted them on Weibo.

Gu Ning: Lively and vibrant! [Three pictures attached.]

She also posted the exact location of the Pavilion of Magic.

Once she sent out the post, her fans read it and immediately reposted it.

“Wow, Goddess Gu finally sent out a post.

Its so rare.

There are so many beautiful succulent plants.”

“Right, they are much more attractive than the succulent plants Ive seen before.

Kiss, kiss, Goddess Gu!”

“Theyre indeed lively and vibrant!”

“Are the pictures photoshopped”

“I dont think so.

They should be original photos.”

“Both the succulent plants and flowers are pretty.”


There were many positive comments on the succulent plants and flowers.

“Stop paying attention to the succulent plants! Goddess Gu is in the flower trading center in the city center.

Im not far from there.

Im going to meet my goddess by chance.

Oh, Im so excited.”

“Oh, I didnt notice that! I want to go there too, but its too far from me.

Goddess Gu should be gone when I arrive there.”

“Is this store owned by Goddess Gu”

“Its rare to see Goddess Gu send out a post on Weibo.

Whether its her store or not, whether I can see her or not, Im going to visit the shop and buy several succulent plants.”


After discovering that Gu Ning was in the flower trading center in the city center, many people said that they would go to meet Gu Ning by chance.

Afterwards, the Internet user who was close to the flower center in the city center arrived at the scene ten minutes later.

It was a girl and she got really excited when she saw Gu Ning in the flesh.


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