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Chapter 2191: Youre So Awesome!

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“Is this young girl the person who can save his life” One doctor asked Chen Xun with obvious disdain.

He didnt believe Gu Ning could do it.

“Yes, this…” Chen Xun answered and wanted to introduce Gu Ning, but another doctor interrupted before he could finish.

“Nonsense! Its ridiculous.

Shes so young that she should still be studying in a university now.

How could she treat the injured Hes about to die.

Even we cant do anything about it.

Can she do anything She might kill him.”

Gu Ning understood that they didnt believe her because she was indeed very young.

However, she couldnt let them waste time because the patient was in danger and could die at any second.

Time was precious.

“Ill take the responsibility no matter what happens,” said Gu Ning.

“Youll take the responsibility Can you Who do you think you are” the doctor said disdainfully.

He had no respect for Gu Ning.

Gu Ning lost her patience and coldly stared at them.

“I told you Ill take the responsibility, and I can.

You cant save his life because you dont have the ability.

Dont judge other people with your ignorance.

Its really stupid.

Hes my patient now.

You two should go.”

Gu Ning spoke a little arrogantly because the two doctors had a very bad attitude.

They refused to believe that other people could do what they couldnt.

Gu Ning hated their attitude.

There were always people who were better than others, but some people were always self-centered.

As soon as Gu Ning deliberately put pressure on them, they were all amazed.

To their astonishment, such a young girl was so powerful and they felt quite stressed.

Even their leaders werent so influential.

Once Gu Ning finished, she ignored the two doctors and directly walked to the hospital bed.

She knew that she should respect other people, but it was on the condition that other people deserved her respect.

The two doctors, however, were arrogant just because they were old and experienced.

Right after Gu Ning reached the edge of the patient bed, the two doctors came back to their senses.

One of them immediately went forward to stop Gu Ning.

“You cant move him.

What if he dies in our hospital”

The doctor didnt think he was wrong, and was instead annoyed by Gu Nings words.

He felt greatly humiliated, so he didnt want Gu Ning to treat the patient.

He also refused to believe that Gu Ning could help.

The other doctor, on the contrary, stopped once Gu Ning said that.

It wasnt because he believed that she could save Zhou Xings life, but because her words made sense.

Although it couldnt prove Gu Nings abilities, he felt that he shouldnt argue with Gu Ning for a dying man.

If he was dragged into trouble, his life would be affected.

“I told you Ill take the responsibility if anything bad happens.

If you wont leave, the responsibility will fall on your shoulders,” said Gu Ning coldly.

Although the doctor was slightly scared by Gu Nings confidence, his pride didnt allow him to give in.

“If you want to treat him, cool, show me your certificate as a doctor,” said the doctor.

Gu Ning got mad after being interrupted again and again, so she directly used violence.

She grabbed the doctors collar and lifted him up, then quickly walked outside.

This doctor wasnt tall and was just slightly taller than 1.7 m, so Gu Ning who was 1.65 m could lift him up.

The doctor was a little fat, but it was still easy for Gu Ning to do that.

That scene shocked the other people and they suddenly didnt know what to say.

A young girl easily lifted up a slightly fat, grown man.

In an instant, Chen Xun and his comrades had a better impression of Gu Ning.

Their bosss girl was indeed special.

Gu Ning directly threw the doctor out and the doctor screamed in pain.

It attracted attention from people around them, but Gu Ning didnt care.

She turned around at once and looked at the other doctor who was still in the ward.

The moment the doctor saw Gu Nings eyes, he shivered.

To prevent being treated the same way as the first doctor, he immediately walked out.

“Close the door,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, the doctor closed the door right after he walked out.

“Wow, youre so awesome.” Chen Xun and his comrades complimented her sincerely.

Although they could do that too, Gu Ning was different from them.

They had served in the army for years and they were special forces.

Gu Ning had received training, but she was only about twenty.

They didnt and wouldnt disdain women, after all there were about a dozen female soldiers in their team, and none of them was weak.

However, because normal women were weak and it was rare to see a strong woman, they were greatly surprised.

“There is something more amazing to come! Be prepared, or you wont believe your eyes,” Gu Ning said, half joking.

Although it sounded as if she was showing off her abilities, Chen Xun didnt think she was bragging.

Instead, he believed that Gu Ning was really outstanding.

After all, she was Leng Shaotings girl.

It wasnt because Leng Shaoting was shallow, but because Leng Shaoting wouldnt be attracted if the girl was too ordinary.

“Great, were looking forward to seeing it,” said Chen Xun and his comrade.

They were both excited to see how amazing Gu Ning could be.

Gu Ning stopped wasting time speaking with him, and told Chen Xun to give her Zhou Xings test reports.

Zhou Xings external injuries were negligible, but his internal injuries were extremely serious.

His internal organs were severely damaged.

The blood vessels were blocked in many places, restricting the blood flow.

If he were an ordinary person, he would have died on the spot.

The reason why Zhou Xing was able to stay alive was because he had a strong desire to survive.

After reading the test report, Gu Ning directly put her hand on Zhou Xings pulse first, and used the pulse as a cover to put her magical power into Zhou Xings body.

Zhou Xing was almost on his last breath, so magical power crystals werent useful.

Even magical power might not be very helpful, and she could only keep him alive for the time being.

In fact, magical power wasnt useful for all kinds of diseases and injuries.

It could cure minor injuries and diseases in an instant, but Zhou Xing was seriously injured..

It was already very good if he could recover a lot.


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