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Chapter 2253: Then What Do You Mean


However, they couldnt see any interaction or communication between Gu Ning and He Hongjie.

In fact, it was very normal for gamblers to team up in such a competition.

It was also allowed, as long as they didnt directly tell their teammates about their tiles or give hints, which broke the rules.

They could only be cooperative during the game.

Anyway, no one was willing to lose to a team.

They might do it themselves, but were unhappy to see other people do the same thing.

Because there was no direct communication between Gu Ning and He Hongjie, the best gambler from Country H could do nothing about it.

The gambler from City Ao, on the other hand, didnt show much dissatisfaction.

After all, they were from the same country.

He Hongjie understood that Gu Ning was helping him.

He was also curious to know how she managed to do that, but he paid more attention to the game right now.

With Gu Nings help, He Hongjie soon won many chips, while the gambler from City Ao lost all of his chips.

The best gambler of Country H also lost some chips in this round.

Although he didnt lose all of his own chips, he was still quite displeased.

He gave Gu Ning a meaningful glance and said, “Miss Tang, you didnt play well this time.”

Because Gu Ning was helping He Hongjie, she indeed paid little attention to her tiles, but she was winning.


Piao, people win and lose in gambling.

Its very normal.

I cant control it.

No matter how good I am at it, I cant win all the time.

No one can know the final result till the end,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

She didnt feel guilty at all, facing his question.

She was helping He Hongjie, but it wasnt shameful.

“Youre right, Miss Tang.” The best gambler from Country H, Piao Wankui, had to give in.

Gu Nings words made sense, but he felt uncomfortable.

After a while, another gambler joined them.

Afterwards, the gambler lost all of his chips, and was replaced by the best gambler from another country.

This gambler took a deep breath when he saw the chips placed in front of Gu Ning and the other people at the table.

Gu Ning had the most chips, followed by Piao Wankui, then He Hongjie.

This gambler had won some chips from the last round.

Unfortunately, he began to lose after he came to this table.

Piao Wankui was losing too.

Right now, there were only three tables left.

Among the losers, there were several of the best gamblers from different countries.

Although they were the best gamblers of their countries, not all of them had great fame internationally.

They could be the best gamblers in their own countries, but they might not be the best globally.

Besides, they werent good at every form of gambling, and it became harder and harder to win as the game went on.

Five gamblers from Gu Nings country were still in the game.

Seven of the best gamblers from foreign countries stayed, including the best gamblers from Country M, Country R, Country H, Country Y, and Country D.

Now the best gambler from Country E came to Gu Nings table.

Gu Ning disliked Piao Wankui, so she also helped the gambler from Country E during the game on the condition that she and He Hongjie didnt lose.

As a result, Piao Wankui was alienated and gradually lost more chips.

The best gambler from Country E wasnt winning many chips, but he was winning, so only Piao Wankui was losing.

Piao Wankui felt that the three of them teamed up against him, but he had no evidence.

Even if he had evidence, he could do nothing about it.

In the end, Piao Wankui lost all of his chips.

Because they played for a long time, there were only two tables left in the hall after another gambler joined them later.

The new gambler at their table was the best gambler from Country R, Hidesuke Ida.

Given the current situation, Hidesuke Ida stayed alert to Gu Ning too.

“Good for you, Mr.

Ida, youve won a lot.” Looking at him, Gu Ning put on a vague smile.

She didnt seem to be laughing at him, but she was actually making fun of him.

He had won a lot In fact, Hidesuke Ida had won much fewer chips than Gu Ning.

So when Gu Ning congratulated him, it was quite ironic.

What was worse, she had just had an argument against Hidesuke Ida, and they took each other as enemies.

Gu Ning purposely did that, and didnt feel it was wrong.

They were enemies, so it was understandable that she played tricks.

Being calculating wasnt a bad thing sometimes.

It might be very useful in a certain situation.

If one was purely innocent, people would think he or she was stupid.

In this world, innocent and stupid people were always bullied.

Therefore, Hidesuke Ida looked mad in an instant.

He never liked Gu Ning and now directly vented his anger on her.

“Miss Tang, what do you mean You have obviously won far more chips than me, but you congratulated me for winning.

Are you making fun of me”

Gu Ning gave him a smile.

It was her purpose, but she couldnt admit it.


Ida, I didnt mean that.

Please dont get me wrong.”

“Then what do you mean” Hidesuke Ida questioned her again.


Ida, if you have to think badly about me, Im afraid I cant change your opinions.” Gu Ning gave a resigned sigh.

However, Hidesuke Ida felt she was just acting and deliberately making fun of him.

The other people could also see that, but some of them felt they should be quiet at this moment, while some supported Gu Ning.

The majority of them hated people from Country R.

“You…” Hidesuke Ida was furious, but didnt know what to say.

Gu Ning couldnt care less about his feelings and continued, “Mr.

Ida, you just said that you want to see what I can do, right Were gambling against each other now.

Please be careful.”

She obviously took him lightly, but nobody dared to question her abilities.

They had witnessed her abilities.

Hidesuke Ida had the same opinion and knew that Gu Ning was quite skilled.

However, he was still very displeased.


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