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Qin Zheng now understood Chu Peihan was here to help Gu Ning.

If he didnt get involved, the drama wouldnt end.

“But, Gu Ning hit Ziyao…” Gu Xiaoxiao wasnt willing to give up.

Before Qin Zheng could reply, Gu Ning said first, “She deserves it.

If she does it again in the future, a slap wont be enough.”

Then Gu Ning gave Chen Ziyao a cold look.

The latter trembled out of fear.

Now Chen Ziyao was really scared of Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, lets wait and see.” Though Chen Ziyao felt frightened, she didnt want to escape like that.

She pretended to be calm and left with Gu Xiaoxiao.

Or, escaped away.

Qin Zheng and his friends took a look at Gu Ning, then were gone too.

They all thought to themselves that Gu Ning was literally different now.

Seeing this, Gu Ning merely sneered, then walked back to her seat.

The rest of the students dispersed afterwards.

However, a girl had no intention to leave.

She sat down right beside Gu Ning, “Im starving now.

Where the hell is my food!”

An unkind voice as usual.

Gu Ning didnt mind though.

Yu Mixi felt nervous the minute Chu Peihan sat down.

She was confused as well.

Wasnt Chu Peihan attacking Gu Ning a moment ago Why are they looked so close now

“You cant let them go like that.

If I had been you, I would have beaten them all! You need to teach them a lesson first, then they will stay away.” Chu Peihan complained.

She disagreed with Gu Ning about what just had happened.

Gu Ning couldnt help but pull her lips.

Chu Peihan was really a bad girl who liked fighting so much.

Though Gu Ning appreciated what Chu Peihan had said and done, she knew she wasnt a teenager girl any more.

Her soul was a 25 years old mature woman.

Gu Ning would not beat someone unless it was necessary.

She wasnt a coward.

“If I had beaten them, I must pay for their treatment as well.

I dont want to do that,” Gu Ning said.


Chu Peihan was struck dumb at first, then realized Gu Ning was from a poor family.

She immediately felt embarrassed.

But, Chu Peihan felt slightly uncomfortable.

Was Gu Ning implying that she liked to pay for others treatment Chu Peihan did pay for others treatment every time she had beaten someone.

She had spent a lot on that indeed, but there was always someone that annoyed her.

At this moment, the food was on the table.

Chu Peihan dropped the topic at once and enjoyed her meal.

The meal was enough for three of them.

On the other side, Qin Zheng and his friends had to go to the infirmary due to Chen Ziyaos injury.

They didnt have a chance to eat.

After the meal, it was still too early for the afternoon classes.

Most seniors went back to their classrooms because they were under great academic pressure.

However, it wasnt necessary for Gu Ning to spend her leisure time on studying, so she had no plan to go back.

“Do you want to go back to the classroom reading, or hang out with me” Gu Ning asked.

“No, Im not going to study.

I would rather fool around if Im free.” Chu Peihan disliked studying apparently.

She would skip her classes to play outside, and definitely wasnt willing to study while she was free.

However, Chu Peihan could always earn high scores even though she hated studying so much.

And there would be some students who always earn low scores no matter how hard they studied.

Actually, if you wanted to have a high score, you needed to be clever and active in thinking, instead of remembering everything in the books.

Chu Peihan was the kind of smart girl who knew how to make full use of her knowledge.

Besides, she did spend some time on studying.

It wasnt enough to be clever only.

“Ill go with you!”

Though Yu Mixi studied hard, she needed to relax as well.

Yu Mixi was one of the top 10 excellent students in her class.

She was hopeful to get into a great university if she could do well in the entrance exam.

Yu Mixi knew when to unwind, and when to study hard.

Thus, the three of them went to a small forest afterwards.

Although Yu Mixi felt slightly uneasy with Chu Peihan, she didnt receive any unkindness from Chu Peihan.

Yu Mixi gradually relaxed herself.

Gu Ning actually noticed the fear from Yu Mixi to Chu Peihan, but she didnt say anything.

She wanted Yu Mixi to feel and judge on her own.

Meanwhile, Chen Ziyao had gone to the infirmary and applied some ointment, but her face was still red and swollen.

She had to go back home afterwards.

The break time soon past, and the three girls went back to their classrooms.

Every time Gu Ning went into her classroom, she would receive many unkind looks, but this time, Gu Ning found there were fewer unkind looks.

Many of her classmates had already witnessed what Gu Ning had done to Shao Feifei this morning, and then heard about the drama in the canteen.

They now knew Gu Ning was certainly different.

Still, there were some students believed Gu Ning had found herself a lot of troubles.

Gu Ning didnt care actually.

She just wanted to stay alone.

She would only fight against someone who stood in her way.

Shao Feifei and her friends deliberately escaped from Gu Nings sight.

The afternoon classes were over after a short time.

Gu Ning went to have meal with Yu Mixi as usual.

They didnt meet Qin Zheng, but Mu Ke instead.

The minute Mu Ke saw Gu Ning, his eyes brightened.

He immediately ran to Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning, what a coincidence! Let me buy you a meal,” Mu Ke said.

“Why” Gu Ning asked.

She wasnt familiar with Mu Ke actually.

Seeing Mu Ke being so polite, Gu Ning knew he must have something to talk to her.

Mu Ke scratched his head with shyness, then answered directly, “Well, I saw what youve done yesterday on the street, and I want you to teach me.”

Though Mu Ke didnt like fighting normally, he loved watching action shows.


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