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Chapter 2276: Visit the He Family

The next morning, at 8 oclock, Mrs.

Ji called Zhou Qingzhi and told him about what had happened to Ji Anchen.

Once Zhou Qingzhi heard, he knew that it must have been done by Gu Ning.

Although he wasnt clear about what exactly Gu Ning had done to Ji Anchen to make Ji Anchens body stiff.

And even the doctors couldnt discover the reason for it, he was sure it was abnormal.

Only people with super power could do that.

In retrospect, Zhou Qingzhi still felt that he was quite lucky.

Luckily, he hadnt offended Gu Ning, or he might have suffered the same fate.

Because Zhou Qingzhi had promised not to interfere in Gu Nings grudge with Ji Anchen, he wouldnt do anything even though he knew it was done by Gu Ning.

Therefore, he told Mrs.

Ji that he wasnt in City Ao right now.

He had already left City Ao for the mainland yesterday afternoon and he wouldnt be back until half a month later.


Ji was very disappointed, but she could do nothing about it.

She didnt dare to force Zhou Qingzhi to come back.


Ji could only ask him to come visit Ji Anchen once he was back.

Zhou Qingzhi agreed, but it was another matter whether he would really come and help them.

When the dinner party was over, all the guests were supposed to leave.

In the morning, Ye Chaoxiong specially shared a meal with several of the foreign gamblers.

Gu Ning and He Hongjie were also invited.

They didnt rush to go home and would leave after having lunch.

On their way to the dining hall, Gu Ning walked along with He Hongjie.

He Hongjie asked her when she would go home.

If she had time, they would like to invite her to visit the He family.

It wasnt a courtesy, but a sincere invitation.

After all, it was rare for Gu Ning to visit City Ao and City Ao was very close to HK.

Since He Hongjie sincerely invited Gu Ning, Gu Ning didnt turn him down.

Anyway, there was nothing she had to deal with right now and City Ao was indeed very close to HK.

There was no reason for her to say no.

She could directly fly back to the capital from HK afterwards.

Therefore, Gu Ning accepted his invitation.

After having lunch, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left with He Hongjie for HK.

Back in HK, it was still very early, so He Hongjie arranged for Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to have a rest in the hotel.

He would come to pick them up to dine in the He familys place at 4 pm.

Originally, He Hongjie planned to invite Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to stay in the He familys house, but Gu Ning declined, because she was unwilling to bother them.

It wasnt convenient either.

He Hongjie understood, so he didnt try to persuade her to come.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt feel that they needed a rest, so they went to change their clothes in the room and put back on their real appearances before hanging out.

Right now, there were already cosmetics departments of Kouzi in HK, which were set up by Kouzis business partner, so Gu Ning decided to have an inspection.

She mainly wanted to see how they were managed.

She didnt want the reputation of Kouzi to be damaged.

HK was known as a shopping paradise, because the goods here were cheaper than those sold at the cosmetics department in the mainland.

They were tax-free.

Even Kouzi became cheaper here and only cost several hundred yuan.

In the shopping malls of HK, the flow of people was almost half or even two-thirds higher than that of the shopping malls in mainland, especially at the luxury department.

The saleswomen were always occupied, and there were long lines before the checkout counter.

However, not every brand was very popular, so the number of customers differed at different cosmetics departments.

Not many people were visiting Kouzi, because it didnt have much fame here yet, but it was gaining popularity.

Once consumers used Kouzi products, they would find out that they had great effects, so they were willing to buy them again.

They also shared Kouzi with their friends, so Kouzi gradually obtained loyal customers.

Its cosmetics department had been set up for only two months, so it needed time to promote its sales.

When Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at the Kouzi cosmetics department, they casually walked around.

Many people were attracted to this beautiful couple and complimented them.

Although there werent many customers around the Kouzi cosmetics department, there were about eight of them while there were only three saleswomen.

As a result, not every customer was served.

A saleswoman asked Gu Ning what she needed and Gu Ning said she just looked around, then the saleswoman told Gu Ning to enjoy herself.

If she needed anything, she could call the saleswoman.

At one side of the cosmetics department, two girls were hesitating to buy Kouzi.

They were afraid it might be useless.

Kouzi wasnt cheap, and not everyone could afford it.

They were unwilling to waste money.

If Kouzi wasnt effective, it would be a total waste of their money.

After hesitating for a while, the two girls gave it up.

They felt they needed more time to think about it.

Seeing that, Gu Ning said, “Miss, Kouzi is a very effective skincare brand.

You can look at my skin.

My skin got much better after I used Kouzi.

Im not wearing any make-up now.

If you dont believe it, you can put on a facial mask right now.

Remove it in fifteen minutes, and half of the acne on your face should disappear.

If it doesnt disappear, you can decide not to buy Kouzi then.

Ill pay for a facial mask for you.”

Because the girl had acne on her face, she didnt wear any make-up.

It was convenient for her to put on a facial mask.

The girl came precisely because she heard that the facial masks of Kouzi had a great effect on acne, but a box of facial masks wasnt cheap, so she hesitated.

If it was effective, it would be worth the price.

If not, it would be a total waste of money.

Gu Ning talked to the girl because she wanted to seize this chance to promote Kouzi.

Other people didnt know that Gu Ning was the founder of Kouzi, so they, especially the saleswomen at the counter, felt it was strange when she promoted Kouzi.

They were surprised that a strange girl would be so willing to promote Kouzi.

Anyway, since she said that, she must be a loyal customer of Kouzi, so they were happy to see her promote Kouzi.

They didnt stop her.

However, they couldnt believe that Gu Ning really wasnt wearing any make-up.

The saleswomen at the Kouzi cosmetics department were greatly surprised too.

In fact, they clearly knew that Kouzi was very effective and their skin got much better after they used Kouzi.

They didnt have acne and freckles problems now.

Even if they went out without any make-up on, they werent afraid.


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