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Chapter 2339: Proposal

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Even if he would take responsibility, she would still be sad if he was unhappy to hear the news.

“What is it Im listening,” said Xin Bei.

Hearing Cao Wenxin stammer, he was afraid that it might be bad news.

“Um, Im pregnant,” said Cao Wenxin.

“What” Hearing that, Xin Bei was amazed.

He abruptly stood up from the chair, too shocked to believe his ears.

“D-Did you just say that youre pregnant”

“Yes!” Cao Wenxin said.

She was very nervous, because she wasnt sure whether Xin Bei was happy or unhappy to hear it.

“Oh my, youre pregnant.

Youre pregnant! Im a father now! Im going to be a father! Im so thrilled! Xinxin, will you marry me No, you must marry me.

Ill marry you right now.

Just give me some time,” said Xin Bei excitedly.

He loved Cao Wenxin so much that he couldnt wait to marry her.

Actually, since Cao Wenxin became his girlfriend, he decided to marry her, especially after their relationship became stable.

He always wanted to propose to Cao Wenxin, but they hadnt been together for a long time.

So he didnt want to scare Cao Wenxin if she wasnt prepared.

However, since Cao Wenxin was pregnant now, he didnt have to worry.

It was time for him to make a proposal.

Cao Wenxin was surprised for a second, then felt greatly relieved.

She was excited too, because the baby was welcome.

He loved her and wanted to marry her.

“Xinxin, give me some time.

Ill go to ask for leave from Shaoting right now.

Just give me some time,” said Xin Bei.

“Sure,” said Cao Wenxin.

After that, they hung up and Xin Bei immediately went to see Leng Shaoting.

Because they didnt have a task now, Leng Shaoting let him go as soon as he heard the reason.

Leng Shaoting wasnt prepared to be a father now, but Xin Bei had gotten a girlfriend later than him and became a father earlier than him.

Most importantly, he was going to be married soon.

Leng Shaoting would be lying if he said that he wasnt jealous of Xin Bei.

However, he could do nothing about that, because Ningning was too young and didnt reach the age of consent yet.

If she reached the age of consent, he would definitely take her to get the marriage certificate as soon as possible.

Afterwards, they would have their baby.

With Leng Shaotings permission, Xin Bei went upstairs to pack up at once.

Because he ran upstairs, he almost knocked Si Ming over at the turn of the stairs.

Seeing Xin Bei running in a hurry, Si Ming asked, “Xin Bei, did anything go wrong”

Xin Bei said excitedly, “No, Wenxins pregnant.

Im going to propose to her!”

“What” Si Ming was astonished, and got jealous at the same time.

He had been together with Qiu Yuxin for a longer time than Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin, but Cao Wenxin got pregnant before Qiu Yuxin.

He wasnt blaming Qiu Yuxin, because they were very careful.

Qiu Yuxin and he were occupied with work now, and they seldom spent vacations together, so it wasnt appropriate for them to marry or have a baby.

He wanted to marry, but he respected Qiu Yuxin.

He wouldnt force Qiu Yuxin to stop working just because he wanted to get married.

He was very respectful of Qiu Yuxins work as well.

Although he was envious of Xin Bei, as Xin Beis close brother, he still felt happy for him.

“Congrats! We must celebrate it after you settle the date.”

“Of course, Im going to pack now.

I cant wait to propose to her!” said Xin Bei, then was about to run away, but Si Ming stopped him.

“Do you plan to propose to her like that Its too simple.

I dont see your sincerity.

Look, you must make a good plan, and we all must be present.

It must be a grand proposal!” said Si Ming.

Although he wasnt romantic, he knew that a proposal must be grand to show the importance of the girl.

Xin Bei was taken aback, then realized that it was indeed too simple and abrupt if he went to propose to Cao Wenxin like that.

He didnt want Cao Wenxin to think that she wasnt important in his heart.

“Well, everyone is busy now.

Can you go with me” Xin Bei said.

“Even if not all of us can be present, at least a few of us could go with you.

There isnt much work these days.

Shaoting will let us go.

You must make a proposal in front of your close brothers.

As for the setup, Im afraid you can only turn to Shaoting for help if you want to propose today.

Although you better do it on your own, its a special situation.

We need to treat it differently.

If you decide to propose tomorrow, you can do the setup by yourself today.”

As an outsider, Si Ming could clearly see the problem, but Xin Bei was too excited to think about details.

Xin Beis anxiousness could easily ruin the big night!

“I want to propose today.

Ill ask Shaoting whether he can allow a few bros to go with me.

Oh, I also need him to help me with the setup,” said Xin Bei.

Without delay, he ran outside.

He couldnt wait a moment longer to go back to City B to propose.

Si Ming was free now, so he followed him.

When Xin Bei ran downstairs, he almost knocked Xu Jinchen over.

Luckily, Xu Jinchen avoided him quickly.

“Where are you going” Xu Jinchen asked.

“To see Shaoting.” Xin Bei didnt tell Xu Jinchen that Cao Wenxin was pregnant and he was going to propose in case Xu Jinchen stopped him and asked for details.

Xu Jinchen indeed let him go.

It was true that if he learned about Cao Wenxins pregnancy, he would certainly stop Xin Bei and ask about the details.

The moment Xin Bei ran away, Si Ming came downstairs.

Even though Si Ming didnt rush out as hurriedly as Xin Bei, he also walked fast.

“Why are you also in a hurry Are you going to see Shaoting as well” Xu Jinchen asked.

“Come on, lets go.

Ill tell you on the way.

Xin Beis girlfriend is pregnant.

Hes going to propose.

He rushed to leave, but I stopped him.

A proposal is very important.

He must take it seriously, so I told him to ask Shaoting for help.

Some of us must go with him and make a good setup for a romantic proposal.

He must show how much he loves his girl by doing that.

He accepted my advice, so hes running to see Shaoting,” said Si Ming.

Xu Jinchen was surprised and had mixed emotions.

Xin Beis girlfriend was already pregnant, but he was still single.

Anyway, his close brother was going to be a father and get married, he surely felt happy for him..


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