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Chapter 2350: Wait for More News

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Before long, they finished the work so the man holding the torch went in first.

He was nervous and anxious, but he had to protect his leader by going inside before them.

Moreover, with him having the torch, he should be the first one to go into the chamber.

Therefore, the man carefully went through the hole into the chamber.

Although there were some snakes, rats, and small animals, they all moved away once they saw the light.

They didnt dare to attack the man.

Seeing that, the man was relieved.

The others outside didnt follow him in, but waited for him to make sure that there was no danger.

“Boss, its safe inside.

Come on in now, but I dont see an exit.

It seems to be a closed chamber,” said the man after glancing around the cavern.

Ma Shibiao didnt move right away, but turned to look at Gu Ning.

He needed her advice, because it was just a closed cavern.

At this time, Ma Shibiao already took Gu Ning as the leader, so he asked her advice all the time.

“Lets go in first.

We need to be careful.

There might be traps around.

If there is nothing inside, I dont think this cavern would exist.

Its even separated by a wall.” Gu Ning said, “Anyway, the wall is already broken.

We must go in to have a look.”

They hadnt carefully observed it yet, so Gu Ning couldnt jump to conclusions.

Ma Shibiao agreed.

No matter what, the wall was already broken so they should go inside to have a look.

In addition, it was also possible that there was another chamber behind to the wall of this cavern.

After that, they climbed inside one after another.

The next second, they began to observe the cavern.

The cave wasnt big; only being about ten square meters.

The four walls were made of bricks, and there was nothing special about it.

They couldnt see any differences, so they hoped that Gu Ning, or the monster fox to be specific, could find anything different.

The monster fox had no idea what it should do, but it listened to Gu Ning and walked around the walls for a while as if it was observing something.

Gu Ning directly used her Jade Eyes to see whether there was another chamber next to this one.

Without surprise, there was indeed another cavern.

Although it was also empty, there was a grave tunnel leading from it.

Gu Ning didnt know what was at its end; they needed to go inside to figure it out.

“There should be another chamber,” said Gu Ning.

“Dig the wall!” Ma Shibiao made the order at once.

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He had three subordinates.

One was injured and one held a torch, so only one left to dig the wall.

Although it took some time, it wasnt tiring.

After Gu Ning separated from Tao Lin, it had been one and a half hours, so Tao Lin had already arrived at Huafu Hills.

Before he arrived, Xin Bei and the others had been waiting for him for a long while, but they didnt lose their patience.

They were only worried that Tao Lin might encounter some trouble on his way.

Xin Bei remembered Gu Nings car, so he recognized it once it approached.

Tao Lin came back, so he should be fine.

In the distance, Tao Lin saw three men standing at the gate of Huafu Hills, recognizing Xin Bei and his other comrades.

He stopped the car at Huafu Hills, then got out.

“Tao Lin, are you alright”

Even if they knew that Tao Lin was fine, Xin Bei and the other men still asked him with concern.

“Im fine.

Im just a little worried about Gu Ning,” said Tao Lin, feeling guilty.

Because of him, Gu Ning went to the wilderness late at night.

She had rescued him and even went to chase the criminal.

She was just a girl!

Even though Leng Shaoting agreed to let Gu Ning carry out the task which proved that Gu Ning had the abilities, Tao Lin was still worried about her.

“Relax, shell be fine,” said Xin Bei to comfort him and themselves.

“How was the situation when Gu Ning found you,” Ai Weishun asked.

Gu Ning only told Xin Bei that she had found Tao Lin and Tao Lin would soon be back, she didnt tell him more details.

“When Gu Ning came, I was unconscious in the car.

The criminal was gone.

I heard they found an ancient grave and left to dig it.

Gu Ning told me to leave before her with her car, while she left to chase the criminal on her own.

I didnt want to leave before her, but she put pressure on me with Shaotings authority.

I had to listen to her and came back first,” said Tao Lin, looking very guilty.

“Alright, dont be guilty.

Its Shaotings decision.

We must obey his order.

Lets go back and wait for more news.

Shaoting is coming here, and should arrive in a few hours,” said Xin Bei and took them to have a rest in Cao Wenxins place.

Cao Wenxin agreed because it was very late now.

This time, the wall was half as thick, so they soon dug a hole through it.

Because a bat had attacked them last time, the man who went to dig the hole was much more careful this time.

When the wall was about to break, he stood aside in case there was anything rushing out.

Once he walked aside, the man holding the torch walked closer.

When he saw nothing, the man continued to dig.

After a while, a hole which allowed a person to climb through was ready, and the man holding a torch went in first again.

After he was in, he only saw snakes, rats and other small animals.

He wasnt attacked.

“Boss, there is a passage.” Upon seeing the passage, the man reported it to Ma Shibiao.

Ma Shibiaos face lit up at once.

He felt they could soon find the master chamber through the passage.

When they got into the chamber, they indeed saw a passage, so they went ahead together.

Gu Ning still walked at the front.

She didnt need a torch because the night-luminescent pearl was much more useful.

All the snakes, rats, and other small animals didnt dare to approach her..

She only needed a torch when she needed to burn something.


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