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The next moment, the man took out a gun and shot Qiao Ya in the stomach.

Because Qiao Ya used her hand to protect her eyes, she didnt notice what the man was doing and was hit by the bullet.

After being shot, Qiao Ya became slow and began to lose the advantage in the fight.

Before long, she was caught and taken away.

Although Qiao Ya became much stronger after working for Gu Ning, she was an ordinary woman, so there were many people who were stronger than her.

Even if she was very strong, she could make mistakes sometimes.

Therefore, even though the man was no match for Qiao Ya, Qiao Ya was still caught by him.

The man wasnt that much weaker than her, so it wasnt difficult to make Qiao Ya make mistakes.

After Qiao Ya was taken away, she was put into a black MPV without a license plate, then it drove in a certain direction.

With the message, Gu Ning immediately went in that direction.

In order to know where they went, Gu Ning kept talking with K on the phone.

Afterwards, Gu Ning took out another phone to call Gao Yi and told him where Qiao Ya was taken.

As soon as Gao Yi learned where they went, he got in his car and drove.

Whether he could catch them or not, he wouldnt stay at home and do nothing.

At least he had hope when he chased them.

Qiao Ya was tied up after she was taken away, and her wounds werent dressed at all.

Because she didnt expect accidents to happen when she went out with Gao Yi, she didnt bring power crystals with her.

As a result, she was weak after losing so much blood.

Luckily, the gunshot wasnt fatal, so she would be fine after a while.

Tolerating the pain, Qiao Ya asked, “Who are you Why did you catch me”

Qiao Ya also believed that they might have been sent by the killer organization she had worked for before.

Although K had helped them remove their names off the wanted list, they didnt think they could live a peaceful life afterwards.

If members of the killer organization met them by chance, their lives would still be in danger.

Therefore, they were very careful after they escaped.

“Of course we came to kill you.

Do you think you can survive just by removing your names from the wanted list” said the man.

He didnt bother to hide their purpose.

It wasnt beyond Qiao Yas guess, so she wasnt surprised when the man admitted it.

“Why didnt you directly kill me since you found me,” asked Qiao Ya.

“We havent caught the Flying Eagle yet.

We need to use you as bait.” The man said, “And we know your new leader has something.

Our head wants to draw her over to our side.

I wonder how important you are to her.”

He was talking about Gu Ning.

Since they heard of Gu Ning, they had done thorough research.

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Qiao Ya got mad once she heard that they had actually targeted Gu Ning, and she blamed herself for dragging Gu Ning into trouble.

“If you want to draw her over to your side, do you know her background” Qiao Ya asked mockingly, as if she was saying that they were merely nobodies.

She was aware that they had already collected information about Gu Ning, but she wasnt sure how much they knew about her.

Therefore, she said that to test them.

“Well, since we know her, weve done research.

Shes the chairman of the Shengning Organization.

She has connections in many industries.

Shes also excellent at fighting.

I have to say that shes very outstanding, or our head wouldnt pick her,” said the man.

He didnt keep it a secret from Qiao Ya.

However, they had no idea about Gu Nings relationship with the Leng family and the Tang family.

They only knew that Gu Ning had a relationship with many important figures.

They didnt know that Gu Ning was the Leng familys granddaughter-in-law and the Tang familys granddaughter.

If they knew, they wouldnt dare to cause Gu Ning trouble.

They werent afraid of the Leng family and the Tang familys influence in politics and business, but they were scared of their status in the military.

Although their organization wouldnt give in to power, they would yield to the army.

“Do you only have me as leverage Dont you think its not enough” Qiao Ya laughed at herself.

She knew that Gu Ning wouldnt abandon her, but it was impossible for Gu Ning to work with them.

Qiao Ya understood that Gu Ning was dragged into trouble because of her, but she had no intention of committing suicide at this moment.

If she was dead, they would lose the leverage to threaten Gu Ning, but Gu Ning didnt need to negotiate with them at all.

Given Gu Nings abilities, she could rescue Qiao Ya without giving up anything.

“We do not only have you, well also harm her business if she doesnt agree.

I dont think she can fight back,” said the man.

He didnt bother to hide their plan from Qiao Ya, because he had confidence that Gu Ning couldnt stop them.

In other words, he had great confidence in their organization.

He felt that Gu Ning couldnt stop them even if she knew what they were going to do.

Qiao Ya didnt ask further about that, but she knew that Gu Ning would totally ruin their organization if they dared to mess with her.

It was easy for Gu Ning to do.

They didnt leave the capital, but went to an abandoned warehouse.

After that, they would contact Gu Ning and make a deal with her.

They didnt lure Gao Yi there and catch him before contacting Gu Ning, although they could hold the two of them hostage by doing that.

They thought that Gao Yi would tell Gu Ning after he noticed that Qiao Ya was caught, so it wasnt a smart move if they tried to lure Gao Yi out now.

Accordingly, they chose to directly contact Gu Ning and carry out their plan.

However, what they didnt know was that Gu Ning was already aware of their whereabouts, and she was coming closer.

Because of that, they didnt drive fast.

They only drove slightly faster than normal.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, drove as fast as possible.

Therefore, even though Gu Ning was twenty minutes later than them, she still got close to them when they had almost reached their destination..

In order not to be noticed by them, she didnt continue to go closer, but she could watch them with her Jade Eyes now.


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