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After a few minutes, their car disappeared from the surveillance cameras, because they went into a narrow road without any surveillance cameras.

However, their car was still in Gu Nings sight with her Jade Eyes, so she didnt need K to watch them now.

She could follow them by herself.

Gu Ning followed their car into the narrow road.

After driving for another two kilometers, Gu Ning saw their car stopped at an abandoned warehouse.

When she was still two hundred meters away from the abandoned warehouse, she stopped the car by the roadside.

She decided not to drive closer.

It would make noises if she drove closer, which would attract their attention.

At this time, Gao Yi hadnt arrived yet, so Gu Ning told him on the phone to stop behind her after he came.

She also told him not to go over without her.

She planned to go there alone, not because she was afraid that Gao Yi would be a drag on her, but because it was more convenient for her to do it alone.

She could give them a surprise attack.

Gao Yi was anxious, but he listened to Gu Ning because he was unwilling to hold her back.

After that, Gu Ning got out of her car and was ready to walk over.

Before that, she let the monster fox out.

She wasnt sure whether they had helpers.

If they did, their helpers might fight against Gao Yi.

Gao Yi was alone, and it could be dangerous, so Gu Ning left the monster fox to help him in case any accidents happened.

There was a distance of two hundred meters between her and the warehouse, but Gu Ning got over there like lightning.

She stopped outside the warehouse and didnt rush inside.

Instead, she used her Jade Eyes to check Qiao Yas condition.

Qiao Ya wasnt in too bad a condition.

She was shot, but her life wasnt in danger.

She had just lost a lot of blood, so her face was a little pale and she was weak.

In addition to Qiao Ya, there were also three men in the warehouse.

They were those strangers who went to Century City and caught Qiao Ya.

After that, they gathered and left together.

When Gu Ning had just arrived, one of them took out his phone and was about to call her, but she didnt know that.

She only saw that they and Qiao Ya were on different sides now, which was a good opportunity for her to take action.

Gu Ning moved very fast.

After hearing a loud crash, they saw Gu Ning standing in front of them.

The next second, she directly attacked them.

They were scared and immediately fought back.

They only knew that someone was attacking them and didnt have time to see the person clearly.

However, Gu Ning used her magical energy to attack them, making her extremely strong.

Therefore, even though those men realized that they should fight back, they were hit before they could do anything.

The powerful force hit them, like a hundred kilograms of gravity sprinting towards them, directly knocking them several meters away.

Then they hit a pile of scrap iron behind them, and fell heavily to the ground.

The hit seriously injured them and damaged their internal organs.

Two of them had broken ribs, and one was stabbed by a steel bar which was lying under his feet.

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The three of them vomited blood and could barely get up.

They might even die because of the serious injuries.

All of them were stunned by Gu Nings strength, because she easily kicked them away with a single movement and badly injured them.

Besides, this person turned out to be Gu Ning.

They knew that Gu Ning was excellent at fighting, but they didnt know that she was this strong!

After injuring them, Gu Ning left them aside and started to untie Qiao Ya.

She took out a power crystal and told her to take it.

After taking the power crystal, Qiao Ya felt much better and was filled with strength again.

However, the bullet in her stomach had to be removed as soon as possible.

Because the three men couldnt move now, Gu Ning started to remove the bullet for Qiao Ya first.

Gu Ning knew that Qiao Ya was shot, so she had prepared tools for that when she came here.

They were in her backpack.

She couldnt take the tools out of her telepathic eye space right here.

If she did that, her secret would be exposed.

The three men were surprised, but Qiao Ya soon accepted it.

Gu Ning was very efficient and professional.

Within a minute, she removed the bullet.

She didnt stitch the wound, but directly took out liquid power energy to deal with the wound.

In an instant, it stopped bleeding and quickly healed.

The wound stopped bleeding and healed after the medicine was applied once.

However, if they wanted to remove the scar, Qiao Ya had to continue to apply it, so Gu Ning handed the rest to her and asked her to apply it once a day.

After taking the power crystal and removing the bullet, Qiao Ya recovered a lot and could move freely now.

Without delay, Gu Ning called Gao Yi and asked him where he was.

Gao Yi had just arrived and stopped his car.

In fact, Gu Ning was only a few minutes earlier than him.

Since Gao Yi arrived, Gu Ning told him to come to the warehouse.

After hanging up, Gu Ning asked Qiao Ya, “Do you know who they are”

“Yeah, they were sent here by the killer organization I worked for, but they didnt aim to kill me and Flying Eagle.

They actually targeted you.

Their head has heard of your abilities, so they want to draw you over to their side.

So they caught me first and tried to use me to make you give in.

They also said that they will harm your business if you dont agree.

They said that, but I dont think theyll really do it,” said Qiao Ya.

Hearing that, Gu Ning was displeased.

Did they think she was easy to bully How could they try to make her yield and even harm her business

Gu Ning immediately turned and walked towards the three men.

“Is that true”

She wasnt doubting Qiao Yas words, but she needed to make sure.

Otherwise, she lacked a good reason to punish them!

If it was true, she needed to ruin their organization before they harmed her.

Anyway, the killer organization must have done many bad deeds, so it would be good if it was ruined.

“So what I know that you are strong, but our head always gets what he wants,” said a man.

Although they were very scared of Gu Ning, they didnt think that Gu Ning would dare to kill them, so they wouldnt beg her for mercy for the time being.


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