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Chapter 2462 Thank You, Boss


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Ordinary people might not be able to find the evidence, but Gu Ning and K could.

They wouldnt be kept in the dark.

However, if it didnt cause a big loss or serious trouble, Gu Ning would let it go after they solved the problem.

Only when it caused serious trouble would she get back at their enemies.

Gu Ning never treated others the way she didnt want to be treated, but she wouldnt hesitate to pay her enemies back if anyone dared to hurt her.

Sometimes, she was merciful and a light punishment was enough if she didnt suffer a great loss.

Gu Ning stayed in her company till 5 pm before she was ready to go home, but she received Pan Ziruis call right after she stood up.

They hadnt contacted each other for a while.

Due to Gu Nings influence, Pan Zirui had turned into an entrepreneur with some achievements after being a

good-for-nothing rich heir.

“Yeah” Gu Ning picked up his call.

“Um, boss, I need a favor.

Can you…” said Pan Zirui with difficulty.

He always called Gu Ning his boss.

“Since you call me boss, you can tell me what trouble youve run into.

Ill help you if I can,” said Gu Ning.

She understood that he must have encountered something he

couldnt deal with, so he turned to her for help.

“I dont know how to say it to you on the phone.

Are you free this afternoon Can we share a meal We can talk about it then,” said Pan Zirui.

Pan Zirui was aware that the Cao family just held a wedding yesterday and he knew that Gu Ning was in City B, so he directly asked her whether she was free.

In fact, he wanted to call Gu Ning yesterday, but he knew that she had to be at the wedding, so he didnt bother her.

Moreover, he also hesitated to turn to Gu Ning for help,

because he didnt want to drag her into trouble.

“Sure, where” Gu Ning asked.

“How about the Huangdeng Hotel in the city center I havent booked a private room yet.

Ill tell you the room number in a while,” said Pan Zirui.

“Great,” said Gu Ning, then hung up.

After that, Gu Ning called Tang Haifeng and said that she wouldnt eat at home because she needed to deal with something.

Then she called Qiao Ya and asked them to pick

her up at her company.

Gu Ning wasnt sure whether Pan Zirui was alone or with other people, but she didnt want to cause any rumors, so she took Gao Yi and Qiao Ya with her.

At 5:30 pm, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya arrived, so Gu Ning left her company and at about 6 pm, they reached the Huangdeng Hotel.

A few minutes after Pan Zirui called Gu Ning, he booked a private room before sending Gu Ning a message.

When Gu Ning took Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to the private room, Pan Zirui had already been waiting for about thirty minutes.

The appointed time was about 6 pm, so he came

earlier and was willing to wait.

After Gu Ning came, Pan Zirui immediately told the waiter to give him the menu.

They would order first, then have the conversation.

an Zirui didnt open his mouth again until he finished ordering and the waiter was out.

“Boss, the thing is that some people keep causing trouble in my clubhouse and Im

barely making money now.

I dont know whether its just business competition or whether Im the target.

I dont know who the mastermind is either.

I just know the bunch

of people are from the Kirin Gang.

I know you have a relationship with them, so can you help me If you cant, Ill think of another way.”

an Zirui was aware of Gu Nings relationship with the Kirin Gang, but he didnt know how close they were.

After all, it didnt mean anything even though Gu Ning had a

relationship with the Kirin Gang.

The Kirin Gang was an illegal gang after all, so it wouldnt do a favor for a random person.

Even though the Pan family had a high status in City B, it was an illegal gang which was causing them trouble.

An illegal gang was afraid of nothing if it wanted to do bad


Besides, he was reluctant to let his family know about it, so he could only turn to Gu Ning for help.

Most importantly, he believed in Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Gu Ning slightly frowned and asked, “Is your clubhouse still open”

“Yeah, but I already lost a lot of customers.

They didnt cause big trouble, but they wont stop! They just come every day and smash things,” said Pan Zirui.

“How much did you lose” Gu Ning asked.

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“Theyve damaged about five hundred thousand yuan worth of stuff.

Added to the business loss, it should be around a million yuan,” said Pan Zirui.

Because Pan Zirui had many friends in City B, whether they were real friends or fair-weather friends, they were willing to spend money in his club.

Therefore, his club was

very profitable.

He would give them a discount.

In addition, he provided good service and environment, so he had many loyal customers.

Therefore, it wasnt surprising that his peers got

jealous of him and started a malicious competition.

“Dont worry, leave it to me.

Ill help you get back the money you lost,” said Gu Ning.

If it was the Kirin Gang, she could easily solve the problem with a call.

“Thanks, boss!” Pan Zirui was cheered up at once.

Actually, he didnt expect to get back the money he lost.

He just wanted to continue doing his business and for those

people to stop causing him trouble.

Anyway, if Gu Ning could help him get the money back, it would be for the best.

After all, it wasnt easy to make money, so he didnt want to lose it.

After that, Gu Ning called Qi Tianlin, but his phone was turned off.

He should be dealing with something.

Gu Ning then called Yu Hao, but his phone was also turned off.

She thought that they might be on a flight, so she decided to wait for an hour.

“I cant get through to them right now.

Ill contact them later.

If 1 still cant get through to them after we finish this meal, Ill go spend some time in your clubhouse.

If those

people come, Ill handle it,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure, thank you so much,” said Pan Zirui.

At this moment, he was greatly relieved.

After that, the food was placed on the table, and they began to enjoy the meal.

After they finished eating, Qi Tianlin still hadnt called Gu Ning back.

Gu Ning called him again, but his phone was still turned off.

Therefore, they decided to go to Pan Ziruis



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