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Chapter 2482 Where Is Your Last Comrade

Normally, the stronger the zombie was, the farther it could jump in one leap.

Even the weakest zombie could jump just slightly slower than an ordinary persons highest running speed.

However, Jing Yunyao was a strong cultivator, so the situation was totally different.

Although the zombies werent injured after she hit them, they lost a little of their energy.

Once they lost all of their energy, they would become normal dead bodies, but that wasnt easy.

Jing Yunyao had to beat it for a long time to make it return to a normal dead body.

Therefore, the heavy hit didnt stop the two zombies from attacking her.

Without delay, they continued to fight against Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao summoned up her magical power and hit the zombies again.

This time, the zombies smelt it and quickly avoided it with a leap.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao had to fight against them at a short distance.

Given the zombies acute sense of smell, they could avoid her attack whether she hit them with magical power or objects.

After a few rounds, although Jing Yunyao was at an advantage and the zombie could hardly touch her, she still couldnt get rid of them.

If she wanted to make them return to normal dead bodies, she had to continuously beat them for a long time.

She had only beaten off one tenth of their energy after fighting for several minutes.

Xu Jinchen and the others successfully found the three people who were trapped in the grave.

All of them were scratched by the zombies.

If they werent treated right away, they could be affected and become zombies.

Jing Yunyao knew that they were already injured, so she had given Xu Jinchen some power crystals.

So when Xu Jinchen found them, he told them to take a power crystal at once.

Gu Ning gave Jing Yunyao the power crystals, but they didnt come to use, so she put them in her Qiankun Bag.

The three people werent relieved until they saw Xu Jinchen and the others.

They felt that they had finally been rescued, so they didnt doubt Xu Jinchens words, and took the pills he gave them.

They were soldiers, so they believed that they wouldnt harm them.

Once they were rescued, they repeatedly thanked Xu Jinchen.

That was all they could say


Because it was a dangerous place, Xu Jinchen helped them get back to their feet after they took the medicine.

They had to leave as soon as possible.

They didnt leave through the passage next to them, because it was unknown, so they returned from the original way.

Back in the grave chamber where the zombies were, the three people were amazed when they saw that Jing Yunyao was fighting against the two zombies alone.

They thought that the zombies had already been destroyed, but unexpectedly they were still alive.

Moreover, there was only one woman who was dealing with them.

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Nevertheless, they didnt think it was wrong that Xu Jinchen let a woman do that alone.

Since this woman was fighting against the two zombies on her own and she was obviously at an advantage, she must have the ability to handle it well.

“Take them out.

Ill burn them then,” said Jing Yunyao once she saw them coming out.

“Sure, but be careful!” said Xu Jinchen.

Although they felt a little embarrassed that they left Jing Yunyao to deal with the zombies alone, they had to listen to her.

Since Leng Shaoting was absent, Jing Yunyao became their head, and it was her order.

After that, Xu Jinchen and the others escorted the three injured people out.

The two zombies wanted to attack them when they smelt more humans, but Jing Yunyao stopped them.

It was impossible for them to hurt the other people.

As soon as they were gone, Jing Yunyao used her ace in the hole.

Before they came here, Jing Yunyao got two Taoist magic figures to freeze the zombies, because she couldnt spend hours fighting against the zombies.

However, the Taoist magic figure could only stop the zombies from moving around.

That was all it could do.

If Jing Yunyao wanted to destroy the zombies, she had to use fire, or strong flames to be specific.

She first froze the zombies so that she could take the next step.

After Xu Jinchen and the others left, Jing Yunyao took out the two Taoist magic figures.

During the fight, she seized a chance and stuck the Taoist magic figures to the foreheads of the two zombies.

The two zombies immediately stopped moving.

Without delay, Jing Yunyao blocked the other passage to the grave chamber to prevent them from running away.

Then she took out iron chains from her Qiankun Bag to tie them up.

Once she burned them, the Taoist magic figures would be burned to ashes and the zombies would be able to move again.

Therefore, she had to tie them up with iron chains, so that they wouldnt be able to move freely.

After they were tied up with iron chains, Jing Yunyao took out gas out of her Qiankun Bag, then she poured it onto them before burning them.

In an instant, the two zombies were engulfed in strong flames.

Before long, the Taoist magic figures at their foreheads were burned completely, and they started having reactions.

The burning flames consumed their energy so they screamed in fury.

Their sharp screams filled the whole grave.

Xu Jinchen and the others were terrified when they heard it.

“Can she really get rid of the two zombies alone” one asked with concern.

He didnt want Jing Yunyao to sacrifice herself for them.

However, because he was scared by the zombies, both his body and voice were trembling in fear.

“Of course!” said Xu Jinchen determinedly.

He believed in Jing Yunyao.

The fire would continue to burn for a long time, so Jing Yunyao couldnt leave right now.

She stepped back and waited at the entrance of the grave chamber.

The two zombies struggled badly, but they were tied up tightly with iron chains.

They tried to jump towards Jing Yunyao, but Jing Yunyao immediately knocked them back with her magical power.

Afterwards, she continued to wait and watch in silence.

People outside the grave were very nervous, hoping that they would be fine.

“Theyre out!”

When they saw Xu Jinchen and the others were finally out, they got excited and walked to them at once.

However, when they saw Jing Yunyao was absent, they were worried.

“Senior Colonel Xu, where is your last comrade” asked Regimental commander Liu.


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