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If she took out a raw jade material without any jade inside, it would seem as if she was making fun of Kang Shaojie.

Although Kang Shaojie might not know it, Gu Ning didnt think he was a bad man so she had no intention of teasing him.

Kang Shaojies raw jade material was cut out first, and everyone was surprised when they heard that it contained jade.

To their surprise, there was really jade inside.

Afterwards, everyone turned to look at Gu Ning to see her reaction, especially Zhao Rong.

He wanted to see Gu Nings anxiety and worry.

However, he was disappointed, because Gu Ning looked extremely calm.

Kang Shaojie wasnt too excited, because it wasnt the final result yet.

In addition, Gu Ning stayed calm so he believed that she might be better than him.

Or she didnt care about the result at all.

Kang Shaojie was confident about his opinion of Gu Ning, and felt she was confident rather than arrogant.

If Gu Ning could really cut out three pieces of jade from five raw jade materials, she must have more ability than just good luck.

Gu Nings raw jade material had a thick outer layer, so the jade didnt show up until the third cut.

Right as everyone thought that it was just a stone, the stone cutter shouted that he saw jade, astonishing the crowd.

Zhao Rong was also amazed and couldnt accept it because he wanted Gu Ning to lose.

Now Gu Ning had jade too, so she wasnt very likely to lose.

Kang Shaojie was surprised, but wasnt nervous or jealous.

Instead, he hoped that Gu Ning could defeat him and cut out three pieces of jade from these five raw jade materials.

Why did he think Gu Ning could cut out three instead of four pieces of jade Because in his opinion it was impossible to cut out so many pieces of jade from just five raw jade materials.

Gu Ning had set a record of three before, so he thought she could do it again.

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However, he didnt think that he could do the same thing.

If he could cut out two pieces of jade, he would be very fortunate today.

Why did Kang Shaojie want Gu Ning to win He had his own purpose.

Upon thinking of what he suffered, Kang Shaojie was in a bad mood, but he couldnt show his feelings on his face right now.

When jade was cut from Gu Nings raw jade material, Zhao Rong still expected it to only be a thin layer.

However, he was disappointed again.

Gu Nings jade wasnt just a thin layer; it was of better quality than Kang Shaojies.

Kang Shaojie felt relieved when he saw that.

Gu Ning cut out a piece of middle-level jade weighing about five kilograms, which aroused everyones envy and jealousy.

Jewelers immediately bid for it, but Gu Ning refused temporarily.

Gu Ning said, “Im sorry, the competition between me and Mr.

Kang isnt over yet.

You can bid for it after the result is out.”

Because it was a piece of jade of the middle level, Gu Ning didnt plan to keep it for herself.

She didnt lack jade at the middle level, so she would only keep jade at high or top level.

Hearing that, the other people said nothing further and waited patiently.

Zhao Rong also wanted to take part in the auction, but he didnt know whether Gu Ning would be willing to sell the jade to him after he picked on her.

Now he slightly regretted doing that.

Was it the right move to find fault with her due to jealousy

At this moment, Zhao Rong was a little irritated.

After that, both Kang Shaojie and Gu Nings raw jade materials were just stones.

As for the fourth one, there was no jade in Kang Shaojies, but there was in Gu Nings.

When Gu Ning cut out jade once more, everyone was surprised again.

It turned out that she really had some skills, because she had gotten two pieces of jade from four raw jade materials now.

Everyone turned to look at Kang Shaojie to see his reaction.

Kang Shaojie seemed very calm, as if he didnt care about the result at all.

Even Gu Ning was a little surprised.

However, seeing this, she was sure that Kang Shaojie did not compete with her to win.

“Miss Gu, youre really impressive.” Kang Shaojie complimented Gu Ning with a smile.

He said that sincerely.

“Thanks, Mr.

Kang, Im flattered.” Gu Ning thanked him, saying nothing further.

Although Gu Ning successfully cut out two pieces of jade, she still stayed calm, which impressed Kang Shaojie.

He didnt feel as if she was just a young girl who was about twenty years old.

She seemed very mature, and filled with social experience.

It was true that Gu Ning was sophisticated, but no one knew about it.

She had lived for two incarnations.

So it was impossible for her to be naive.

Because there was jade, the stone cutter slowed down to prevent damaging the jade.

Kang Shaojies raw jade material was just a stone, so they quickly cut the last one.

When Gu Nings fourth raw jade material was half open, Kang Shaojies last one had been cut twice, showing jade.

It was at the same level and size as Gu Nings jade, but Kang Shaojie still lost the game.

Before the jade was completely cut out, some people still had the thought that Gu Nings jade might not be as large as Kang Shaojies.

Or that Kang Shaojies jade could be at a higher level!

After all, it was possible that jade at higher levels was hidden inside.

However, no matter what they thought, they couldnt change the result, because it was up to Gu Ning.

Kang Shaojie understood that he lost, but he wasnt in a bad mood at all.

He couldnt talk about it with Gu Ning right now, so he decided to have a private conversation later.

Kang Shaojie was just a bit disappointed that Gu Ning had only cut out two pieces of jade which were both at the middle level.

It made him hesitate to do what he wanted to.

Gu Nings jade was cut out first, so the jewelers hurriedly shouted to bid for it.

Because they were too excited, they forgot about what Gu Ning had just said.

Therefore, Gu Ning reminded them to be patient again.

They could have an auction after the competition was over.

Although the result was already out, they still needed to finish the bet.

“Miss Gu, you won.

If you want to sell the jade, you can do it now,” said Kang Shaojie.

Since the result was already out, he thought that it was unnecessary to stop Gu Ning from selling her jade.

“Sure!” Since Kang Shaojie accepted the result, Gu Ning could do what she wanted to do next.

“These two pieces of jade are open for bids.

The starting price is ten million yuan.

Whoever wants it can bid now.”


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