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The woman was hurt much more severely.

Her wound was on her shoulder near the chest, and the blood also soaked through the wet bandages.

Her face was extremely pale, as if she could die at any moment.

However, what shocked Gu Ning wasn\'t the fact that they were badly injured, but their faces.

Gu Ning recognized them, or to be specific, Tang Aining, as she was called in her previous incarnation, recognized them.

Although they weren\'t familiar with each other, they had a very close connection.

They were professional killers like Tang Aining.

The man was called Flying Eagle, while the woman was Flying Bird.

They didn\'t serve the same organization as Tang Aining, and Tang Aining had met them during training in the Amazon Rainforest.

They had also worked together in a grave situation.

Flying Bird and Flying Eagle were a couple.

They had told Tang Aining that what they wanted most was to live a life like an ordinary person, but it was almost impossible to get out of their organization.

Their organization planned to kill them in case their dirty secrets would be exposed, so they had to avoid being caught by the organization.

They had been hiding for a long time, which wasn\'t better than it had been before.

At least they had free time when they had been in the organization.

However, once they escaped, they would never go back.

If Gu Ning guessed correctly, they were probably in the middle of hiding.

Boss, I got you one more, and she\'s a beauty! The driver said to the man who was sitting on the chair.

Hearing that, the man opened his eyes, looking over.

He was apparently stunned when his gaze fell on Gu Ning\'s face, then he leered at her, throwing the cigarette in his hand onto the floor before he stood up, walking towards Gu Ning.

This one is truly beautiful! I don\'t think I\'ll sell her.

The man stopped in front of Gu Ning, reaching out his hand to touch her face.

Gu Ning didn\'t avoid him, but while his hand was still in the air above her face, she grabbed his wrist and broke it without hesitation.

The man immediately shouted in pain.

Afterwards, Gu Ning kicked the man\'s abdomen heavily, and the man was kicked off knocking into the wall before he fell down on the ground with a loud sound.

Having been through so many agonizing injuries, the man could barely utter a word, but he was still conscious.

Gu Ning had finished it within seconds so that all the muscular men around didn\'t realize that she was so good at fighting until their boss was beaten down.

They were annoyed and they all began to attack Gu Ning.

Although these men were all bulky and muscular, they were barely comparable with Gu Ning who was a master of kung fu.

Within minutes, they were all punched down lying on the floor, moaning in pain.

It was beyond their imagination that a teenage girl could be so excellent at fighting.

The driver was regretful now.

If he had known, he would never have brought her here.

Stand up and leave now! Gu Ning said to those who sat in the corner trembling in horror.

They immediately got their mind back and thanked Gu Ning before quickly running out of this warehouse.

Gu Ning picked up a rope, tying them up.

However, she immediately didn\'t drag them away, but walked towards the agglomeration at her right side.

Flying Bird and Flying Eagle panicked a little seeing Gu Ning walking to them.

They knew that they had been discovered and unconsciously prepared to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, they were badly injured now, and the girl before them was apparently powerful.

If she really wanted to hurt them, they wouldn\'t have any chance to escape.

Gu Ning didn\'t appear before their eyes abruptly, but stopped when she was almost there.

I smelt the blood, and I know someone\'s injured and weak.

If you want to survive, you have to trust me because I can cure you.

Flying Eagle and Flying Bird were both astonished by her acute sense of smell, but after she said that she was able to cure them, their first reaction wasn\'t excitement but worry.

Gu Ning hit right on the point because Flying Bird was in great danger now and would soon be dead if she didn\'t get care, but they had been shot by guns, and it was sensitive, so they were afraid that it would cause them more trouble if Gu Ning found out.

In fact, they didn\'t dare to go to the hospital either.

As killers, they could cure basic injuries, especially removing bullets, but the problem was that they lacked tools and medicines.

It would only be worse if they touched their wounds rashly.

Nonetheless, they were about to die and the most important thing now was to survive.

Can she cure gun wounds Both of them had doubt, but they were willing to give it a try.

Flying Eagle then asked, Could you please keep it a secret among us

Of course, I won\'t tell anyone else about you, Gu Ning replied with sincerity.

Great, we trust you, the man said.

After that, Gu Ning walked behind the agglomeration.

There was a scalpel, painkillers and hemostatic drugs, and anything else useful she could think of in her telepathic eye space.

They could be of great help when she needed them.

Gu Ning immediately took the small medicine box out of her backpack and squatted in front of them to open it.

Seeing what were inside the medicine box, Flying Eagle\'s and Flying Bird\'s eyes lit up.

Before Gu Ning continued, Flying Eagle said to her, Why don\'t you lend this medicine box to us I can cure her myself.

He was still worried that Gu Ning would find out that their injuries were gunshots.

Gu Ning understood their worries, but Flying Bird was severely injured.

If Gu Ning didn\'t cure her with her power, she would die.

Are you sure that you\'re able to remove the bullet as fast as you can Gu Ning asked, but she apparently didn\'t believe that he could do that.

The two were surprised and alert.

How could she know that they were injured by guns

However, before they asked, Gu Ning opened her mouth again.

I\'m very sensitive to smell, and there is a faint smell of saltpeter on your body.

Don\'t worry, I won\'t tell anyone else about you.

She is in great danger now, and there is no time to waste.

You lack strength yourself, so how can you remove her bullet


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